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I offer 1-1 personal training catering for all fitness levels. I specialise in kettlebell and functional fitness training.
If Kettlebells are something that you’re interested in, then I have a high degree of skill in this area.
I could get you proficient in the use of this fitness tool in a short time frame.



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I will meet you initially in a local coffee shop or somewhere of your choosing.
Here we will establish goals, aspirations, barriers etc to try to get together a plan.
Depending on your current fitness level and experience, I will then put together a training plan. I make accountability a big part of the process to keep you on track.
I can take stats if you wish but this is not necessary if you think it’s a little invasive.

There are no secrets. In fact, I don’t like that word. It wraps things up in a way that suggests there’s some mystery into getting into shape. There isn’t.
Just plain old common sense and a willingness to step outside of tour comfort zone and pay attention to calories.

Meeting new people and helping them achieve a level of wellbeing that they have never experienced before, or at least not in a long while

I practice what I preach. Always have done
I have been training in one for or another since 1980.
I love what I do and feels it’s my true vocation in life.

That’s a good question.
Why indeed?
There are many great trainers out there.
Some have qualifications up to their eyeballs, some not. I will say that if Kettlebells are your thing, then you will not find anyone better suited to this role in the UK
I have a lot of life experience being as I am 53.
I don’t have a weight loss story myself but can certainly empathise with those that do.
I would not call myself a weight loss specialist and in fact if clients choose ‘weight loss’ as their primary goal, I despair somewhat.
I like to make increased strength, cardio fitness and overall conditioning the goals
I can provide this. If you can create a moderate calorie deficit, then the weight loss will happen as a consequence of getting fitter.
This is the correct way of looking at weight loss in my opinion.