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Ron Bromberg

26 April 2019

If you’re looking for an atmosphere that’s fun with great instruction on practical and realistic self defense while getting a great workout with an awesome group of people this is the place for you.


Candice Yu

26 May 2018

I take KJD training under the instruction of Sifu Andre Tosado. He is an awesome teacher with incredible patience. I really enjoy and appreciate the supportive atmosphere during each class.


Galila Bartolucci

26 May 2018

Coach Andre runs a fantastic program. He is great with kids of all ages and you can tell how much he loves teaching by just watching a class. Your kids develop physically and mentally under his direction and it is a great way for children to burn some energy and have fun doing it. The discipline and focus is a wonderful bonus. :) More...


Kyle Brown

26 May 2018

I am a relatively new student to Sifu Andre Tosado but he has taught me a lot so far and I am excited to continue training. He makes it correlate to real life events and how each technique could be used to protect yourself. The classes are fun and informative and I definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning self defense. More...


Meeky Hwang

26 May 2018

Andre is truly amazing. I started to take lessons with him both in class and private. He will take his time to learn what I would want to learn and trains based on that. Just the other day, I was so impressed at the fact that he was observing my movement and showed me how to work based on my ability. There are so many fantastic things about his teaching and trainings that all I can say is that HE IS AWESOME! More...


Tony G

26 May 2018

I study Jeet Kune Do/Kali under Andre Tosado, he is an excellent instructor who has the ability to teach his incredible knowledge and skillset to his students. He brings a practical approach to martial arts and self defense, and he takes the time to explain the "hows and whys" of techniques as well as when and how they can be used. I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to get a real education in self defense! More...


Durlandy Cubillos

26 May 2018

Great training environment with a competent coach that knows his stuff and finds a feasible way to instruct you. Overall great experience


Nick Karter

23 January 2018

My son has been going to Andre for almost a year and loves the sessions with him and the rest of the students I can see the development in his self defense techniques when he spars with me


Talehia Traverso

26 May 2017

I take person training sessions with Andre and the difference in just 1 month is amazing! His training style is supportive and encouraging and everytime we train, I notice how much stronger I am getting. Andre is super knowledgable and really cares about his clients and their development. He's an excellent trainer!! More...


Mari Mesce

26 May 2016

My daughter attends class at DefensiveFit and loves it. Andre is patient and is teaching her how to defend herself, as she approaches college this year. I will soon have my youngest take classes, too. The best place to learn self defense and have fun at the same time. More...


Rose Sterling

26 May 2016

Andre is an AMAZING trainer! I got engaged last year and made it a goal to get back in shape for my big day. I did a search for personal trainers on Thumbtack and came across Andre’s profile, which was very comprehensive in regards to the type of fitness and self-defense training he offers. Additionally his rates were very reasonable, so I was solid. At our first scheduled meeting, Andre arrived on time and did a thorough intake inquiring about my fitness goals, eating habits, etc. From there, we did a workout, which seriously kicked my butt! Throughout the entire workout, Andre was very patient, encouraging and funny. I was completely sold and hired him as my personal trainer for 10 sessions. Based on the information I initially provided during our consultation meeting, Andre was able to customize an awesome workout program suitable for me. He taught me a LOT, and challenged me in a way that really motivated me. Overall, Andre is a wonderful trainer. I highly, highly recommend his services, and know that anyone who works with him will gain serious fitness results. He’s AWESOME!!!! More...

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