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DNA fight Science is "a Place of Investigation" which is based on shape shifting and it is perfect solution for everyone also kidz to defend themselves against bullies. The beauty of this system is, it is very simple to learn and very effective to apply!


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Naomi Cantillon

I really enjoy learning self defence with the defence lab. Paul is a great teacher, he is very patient and understanding. The whole environment is very welcoming, and everyone else there is very friendly and really make you feel part of the team. Wish I'd started sooner!!


Charlotte Summers

Defence Lab is a great way to keep fit, learn a new skill, and get to know new people. Paul, the lead instructor, is really welcoming and friendly.


Peter Smith

Friendly welcoming environment where you can grow with confidence in being able to defend yourself and have a great work out at the same time.come along and have a fun


Emma MA

Great class with an awesome instructor. Very friendly atmosphere. Alot of fun as well as learning self defence. Would recommend it to anyone!


Simon Reindl

I discovered Defence Lab Swindon through a friend and love training with the crew. Paul the Lead Instructor has created a welcoming and supportive environment that inspires you to improve. His focus helps prepare you for grading, while building your skill and fitness.
Best of all it is good fun.


Paul Stewart

Great class all round... Paul the lead instructor is patient and has lots of knowledge that he kindly shares and conveys in an easy way. All other class members are helpful and all egos get left at the door. All in all highly recommended! More...


Paul Young

Had my first of two free lessons last night. Great workout, lots of help when needed and a great bunch of people. Looking forwards to my next lesson already.


Frank Gee

I have been to various martial arts clubs over the years and this one is very different and definitely the best in my opinion. Paul is a good instructor and helps everyone be the best they can. If you want realistic defence skills this is the place to come. More...


Mikey Wright

Defence Lab Swindon is simply awesome! A great bunch of people and not to mention the fantastic instructor that is Paul. This system is devastating and exposes all elements of self defence. If you’re looking for an all round self defence system then defence lab is the way forward! More...


Kristina Shears

DefenceLab classes and trading give me confident in self defence and also how to deal with multiply attakers. It is really good if you want to get fit also. Classes are really relaxed and Paul as a trainer is treating us very professionally. Paul has lots of experience and background in martial arts which is also handy in running those classes. I am really proud that u can be a part of the DefenceLab family. I would strongly recommend to come along give it try. You will be blown away. Never seen something like this before.
Thank you so much Paul 👌🏼👌🏼😀


Daniel Espinosa

Really good stuff. Real practical skills and good fun!


John Glusing

I was slightly sceptical when I first joined Defence Lab Swindon, I can now honestly say it’s an amazing group to be a part of. Paul is a great instructor who always explains things clearly and then helps you one to one. I always look forward to the next lesson as Paul always pushes you and helps you develop. I would highly recommended this Defence class and instructor. More...


Reg Bates

It's a very useful form of self-defence there's no doubt about that and I am really glad that I met Paul and decided to accept the free trial offer and I believe there is nothing else anywhere like this that is as good and as practicle. Paul is a great teacher and he treats all students well and has created a great learning environment. I believe that this is the best way for anyone to learn new skills and gain more confidence and help you to become a little fitter. More...


Tim Wicks

Brilliant self defence system that works and a good workout comes with every lesson as well, with the two combined you can't go wrong. Paul is a great instructor who explains things clearly and breaks everything down step by step, making learning become easier and fun. Always looking forward to the next lesson. Highly recommended instructor and defence system. More...


Kate Hookings

On our third week with Paul at defence lab.
My two teenage daughters and I love it, Paul is great and is an inspirational teacher. The classes are so much fun, you do not even realise you are exercising. Though you are learning very important realistic self defence methods. I am 36 years old and have tried many things in my life from Karate, boxing, budo and more, this is the best I have tried and I will continue, this is also a massive reflection on Paul and the way he teaches I great top man top class, thank you so much �� More...


Kai Yilmaz

There are great people and amazing lessons I enjoyed this so much having fun smashing loads I enjoy the workouts and warm ups to and I want to say thank you to Paul for teaching us how to defend our selves thank you Paul for everything


Brandon Jones

Great for improving fitness as well as learning new skills to defend yourself and not forgetting the awesome group of supportive members you meet along the way.


Nathan Lear

Amazing experience, non rushed class. Paul was a brilliant teacher. If i was to struggle with anything (and at some points i did) Paul would slow it down and break it up.

Been to other institutions for other sports but none were as great as paul. 10/5 stars

Would recommend to anyone who would like to try any form of self defence - go to Defence lab Swindon!


Darren Rogers

This has got to be by far the best Martial Arts system I've seen. Paul our instructor is excellent in his teachings, always very patient. He always gives you heads up on what's going to be involved in the lessons. Doing videos to help with the understanding of the techniques.
Schools should adopt this into the PE lessons as a form of defence against bullying.


Richard Curley

Defence labs is an excellent, effective and devastating self defence system for adults and kids weather its for self defence or fitness, and its a lot of fun too. Paul is a brilliant instructor and really pushes you to acheive your best. I would definately recommend it to anyone. More...

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We provide services for everybody that has different goals, and we help them achieve it.

Disciple, commitment, dedication, knowledge and more importantly is to have fun on the way!

Helping and teaching people to achieve their goals.

I am now studying Defence Lab (DNA Fight Science) under Founder Andy Stormin Norman and I can honesty say its a real privileged to train and work with him as its such a phenomenal system. I just love the fact it is very realistic, practical and more importantly functional.

We provide high quality services, we provide more choices of martial arts which people can choose from with great fitness program involved and more importantly we have great atmosphere for people from all walks of life and have loads of fun!