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Deborah Labbate Business Solutions

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

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Deborah Labbate Business Solutions

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire



Deborah Labbate Business Solutions helps SMEs achieve their ambitions, develops business owners, works with Employee Engagement and can act as your Non-Executive Director.

With a straightforward, no nonsense approach I work with business owners and their teams to drive growth using the tried, tested and proven ideas I've worked with myself.


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23 October 2019

I started working with Deborah about 6 months into my new business journey after meeting her through a regular event she held in Nottingham. Deborah has a very similar professional background to me so was a perfect match for the support I needed early on in my business. I had little clear direction with my business and needed support figuring out where I was going. The program we worked through has given me a huge increase in confidence, helping me find a clear direction and helped to shape a brand new product to launch in the near future. I was given tools at every hurdle along the way. Thank you for your support Deborah, I have no doubt that your help & guidance has been an invaluable part of my start-up journey. More...

10 August 2018

A true professional with a heart of gold. Alicia X

10 August 2018

Deborah is a true gem! I attended a Workshop a few months ago. I saw things in a different light, mainly on a personal level. Which completely shocked me. The workshops show you how to focus and truly believe in yourself, once you have achieved that, the world is your oyster. I would definitely recommend Deborah to everyone, well I was hoping she was going to be MY secret weapon - but it's important to share. More...

10 August 2018

I met Deborah a few weeks ago at an event about the art of Networking. Deborah’s speech and tips about pushing your business forward, developing your skills and confidence, really inspired me to take that leap and push myself out of my comfort zone. If I get the chance again, I will definitely attend another event where Deborah is speaking. Thank you Deborah for your advice, you have given me the confidence to move forward and explore new avenues. More...

10 August 2018

Deborah is, simply put.....Fantastic!
I cannot recommend her or the workshop I attended highly enough.
As busy business owners, we work day and night in our business and rarely take the time to evaluate our goals and visions.
This workshop really had a 'WOW FACTOR' for me. It allowed me to take stock of what I am doing and more importantly what I would like to achieve. It was a superb session to gain clarity and focus ahead of the coming year.
Deborah's approach is outstanding, she is very welcoming and organised. She injects an element of magic into what she does. I came away from this workshop feeling highly motivated, clear and focused. I would urge anybody in business to take the time to attend this. No matter what line of business you are in, it is a highly worthwhile workshop to attend. I will look forward to attending other workshops by Deborah Labbate. She brings out the best in people, you really cannot ask for more. Thank You Deborah for helping to give me focus and clarity, I believe this will help my business to reach new heights.

I shall certainly be attending more training sessions with Deborah in the future.

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I love seeing people grow and achieve what they want from business and life.
I love keeping it simple because helping people and businesses go further, faster really doesn't have to be over complicated.

After taking a career and business break to have my two children I was a little lost as to what to do next.
I hired a Coach who helped me gain the clarity I was seeking and soon I was on my way!
I trained as a Coach myself 2004/2005.
It was a bit scary at first (as lots of new things can be) going back to 'school' and studying, but I'm so glad I did!
After qualifying I did some volunteer mentoring with a local Enterprise Agency working with small businesses.
I set up Star Coaching in 2006 and ran this part time alongside gaining a part time contract with the enterprise agency working as a business adviser.
This really consolidated for me what I practically knew about business and the benefits I could bring to someone starting out in business themselves, running a more established business or working towards an exit. I've exited from two myself.
After qualifying as a business adviser and Mentor as well as doing my NLP training I fused all the best elements of this with my practical business experience and Deborah Labbate Business Solutions was born. Helping business owners go further faster is what I do!

I believe this question is better answered by people I've worked with.
You can check out my recommendations on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahlabbate/
Here's some examples:
'Conversations with Deborah'.... well there have been many over the number of years I have known this energetic, super well connected business professional! Be it a bit of research for my business or a client of ours or briefing her on helping us with a project (the launch of the Nottingham Bierkeller comes to mind!!) Deborah always comes good. She offers a different approach - another angle for our thinking which helps things move forward. It is good to know her! Nigel Rowlson. The Dairy Creative Agency

Deborah's coaching has resulted in the acquisition of what Daniel Goleman described as 'in the flow' for personnel, leading to the ability to manage higher work demands and greater productivity. Thanks Deborah. Denis Tully CEO Emmanuel House

I had been invited to speak in front of a hundred people at a pharmaceutical conference in the US. I'm used to making presentations but for some reason this one had me literally paralysed with fear. I had a total block and couldn't think rationally, or prepare properly for the talk. I spent an hour with Deborah the day before I flew to the US, and she taught me a simple technique which I put into practice straight away. On the day, I was looking forward to the talk rather than dreading it, and I know I delivered a fantastic presentation because of the feedback I received afterwards, along with the business leads! The technique is a powerful confidence-booster and I know I'll use it forever. Thank you Deborah! Louise Righton Global Marketing Operations Manager

If I knew then what I know now...'
I attended this seminar run by Deborah in autumn 2012. I have been to many training/ personal development/ business development sessions over the years. This has to be amongst the most interesting, fun, vibrant and inspiring sessions that I have ever attended. Deborah really knows her stuff and if you have any doubt about that, the amazing diverse range of speakers that she lined up to talk about their fascinating business experiences only served to underline that. I came out uplifted and feeling that if they could do it, then so could I. Gill Stevenson Senior In House Lawyer

I can highly recommend Deborah's work. She has been mentoring me for the past twelve months and the results have been considerable. I run two businesses in the UK and a third in Eastern Europe , so demands on my time are very high. Deborah has helped me refocus and manage my multiple objectives and put them in order. She is also very good at helping at relationship building and clarifying values which become the most effective way of driving behaviour and achieving results. I have been very pleased with the outcome. Charles Wood Managing Director at Baltex

Deborah has the ability to view things differently to most and have an answer (or more accurately give you the ability to find the answer in your own mind) for the most complicated issues you face.
She has been there with me when things could have gone better with blusource and managed to pull me through the wreckage and move forward without any baggage or criminal convictions!
She has been there when things have got better with excellent challenging advice.
She is an incredibly intelligent person with real life experience.
She is the secret weapon and a great friend. Graeme Dixon CEO at Octopus

When I finally had to face the end of an amazing career in public service helicopter flying, Deborah, in just one coaching session, helped me realise what really motivated my work choices. She helped me see my future could still be be one of adventure, uncertainty and excitement. Deborah Labbate is a STAR! George Phillips

I think the sign of someone who is good at what they do is they make something that is difficult appear seamless and easy. Deborah is definitely in this space as a coach and mentor. I've known Deborah for nearly 2 years and she takes the time to understand you as a person, using her real-world experience to guide you on your journey, whether this be through tips on how to focus on what's important or making decisions, providing a sounding board and generally making it "less lonely at the top".

Deborah is rare in that she really cares about people and is selfless in understanding "who" you are and helping you “become who you will be”. She is also one of the few people that is more positive than me, a true positive optimistic realist, trying to bring out the best in all. Deborah uses a combination of what I would call coaching by osmosis as well as sharing tips and tricks to help get you where you need to be. I've learnt a lot from Deborah and hope to continue to for many years to come. Steve Weston Senior Technology