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Going through a divorce is hard! Everything you know of life to be "normal" is changing to a "new normal."
Are you feeling lost, ashamed or even embarrassed that your marriage isn't gonna last? Do you feel like you are carrying the weight of this all on your own?



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I love that people get better, and are inspired to find their passions in life!
It is rewarding to watch people grow and develop into the individual they want to be. Seeing people’s transformations is so worth the challenge of doing this type of work!

I like the independence, and the ability to make my own decisions. Knowing, I could make my own choices & choose the direction that would allow me to serve clients as individuals and this is my passion.

I have an extraordinary amount of experience with a very diversified practice. With over 35 years experience I know what works and how to help those that are struggling. I can utilize many different types of treatment approaches depending on the needs of the individual.

“One size does not fit all.”


So lately it seems as though you have been fighting a lot. Or you are simply not talking and doing everything you can to avoid your spouse. Things just aren’t how they should be or used to be. It doesn’t feel right or good. It may be time for some couples counseling. Deborah Karnbad | Counseling & Therapy | Couples | Forest Hills NY Sometimes when couples fight, they lose the “art of communication” and the longer it goes on without help, the hard things get. Does the sound familiar or have you recently been struggling in this area? I want you to ask yourself a few questions. These questions will help to determine if you and your partner have lost that art… Do you know the difference between a disagreement and a fight? Are you looking to improve communication and more in your relationship? Do you know what Red light and Green light communicate is? RED light communication – where nothing gets through – it’s all just “noise” GREEN light communication – where connection and intimacy happens Green light communication takes hard work but the results are well worth the time and effort! If this is what your desire is for your relationship then it is definitely time for couples counseling. Working with couples for over 30 years and successfully improving relationships to grow and thrive has been my passion. Often times we react without being mindful of ourselves and how we communicate. By not being aware of how we “authentically” feel and think, we REACT in ways that hurt us and our relationships. Through the use of mindfulness techniques, you will learn to use your own “personal energy” skillfully, and adopt new ways to communicate to and with your partner, therefore improving your relationship. Are you ready to have that marriage that thrives? Call today and schedule your appointment to take your first step of the journey to have the marriage you and your spouse deserve and long for.

Going through a divorce is an emotional hardship. Everything you know of life to be “normal” is changing to a “new normal.” Defined as dissolving one’s marriage – just the very words hurt and go deep. You have been feeling lost and confused about what just happen to your marriage. Maybe it came as a complete shock. You feel as though you are carrying the weight of this all on your own. You can’t talk to family or friends. Let’s face it, they just can’t understand what you are going through. Divorce is the NUMBER ONE stressor in life. Not only does it affect you and obviously your spouse, but the kids can possibly get the worse end of it all. Then there is work, social circles, church, and more that are affected and it’s hard to function. Maybe there are groups you have been a part of that will no longer be in your life. You may lose friends and even family. Yep, even the extended family will feel the loss and grieve about your divorce. Maybe your mother-in-law treats you like her own. Now she may feel as though she has to choose between you and her biological child. Or the family will feel the difference when gathering for holidays or celebrations. Learning to adjust and handle the stress and changes is a lot to do on your own. Getting the right support is critical. Many will try to go on with life on their own, going to work, taking the kids to school and soccer practice. But the truth is you will come to a point where you feel so alone and you can no longer go without help or support. If this makes sense, think about doing something for yourself! Research shows support groups help people during difficult times. Being with a group of people who have been down this road can honestly say “I know how it feels”. The group can help to teach you the ropes. They understand and can point you in the right direction. Research also proves that seeing a therapist will help you through this rough time. You will learn tools to move through the days that are harder than others. Tools to help you with the kids, family, and friends. Tools to learn how to move through a new life and navigate in ways you are unfamiliar with. By reaching out today and scheduling an appointment, you have taken the most important step in your healing. Let the journey begi

What is Trauma? – I am glad you asked. Often we experience things in our lives and think we just have to “deal” with the trauma on our own. We think eventually this pain or these feelings Deborah Karnbad | Trauma Counseling | 718-997-9536 | Forest Hills | NYwill go away. This is further from the truth than you may know. Because trauma won’t just “go away.’ Webster defines Trauma as – a deeply distressing or disturbing experience or a physical injury. Because it is thought of as an emotional or mental incident, many believe it is mostly a mental injury. However, any type of physical injury can and should be included. Some of the most obvious would be sexual or physical abuse. Trauma is experienced by those who are permanently disabled and life-altering. Trauma doesn’t limit itself to a single incident. We can experience multiple repetitions and become much more impacted. As a result, we must effectively resolve and reverse its effects. Traumatic occurrences must be treated along with the connecting the links between them. When trauma is experienced, negative energy is imparted to the person along with feelings and thoughts. Scientists have found the mind and the body is interrelated. An example of this is the well-known fact that stress can cause headaches and ulcers and manifest itself multiple ways in the body. As an AIT Certified Therapist (Advanced Integrative Therapy), I work with the negative energy from the trauma stored in the various Energy Centers of the body. When moving it out of the body, it changes thoughts and emotions. AIT uses a variety of protocols to resolve the thoughts and emotions by identifying the sources. In addition, this method seeks to resolve negative core beliefs replacing it with positive beliefs. Therefore, this is one-way trauma counseling can help. Here is a quick article/guide that can help you identify the symptoms. https://www.helpguide.org/articles/ptsd-trauma/coping-with-emotional-and-psychological-trauma.htm If you are currently or have experienced any type of Trauma, I encourage to reach out today and start your journey of healing and replacing the negative effects with positive thoughts and actions to move forward in your life. Contact me today to schedule an appointment for Trauma Counseling.