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i provide psychotherapy with adults between the ages of 20-75. I have worked with people from many backgrounds and with a multitude of professions from steelworkers, IT professionals, artists, writers, students, teachers and the list could go on.



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I really enjoy the process of helping people make changes in their lives that will allow them to live the life they really want. I consider it an honor and pleasure to help people go through this process.
Clients of mine have improved their relationships, left toxic relationships and found partners that were healthy choices and didn’t repeat their former old destructive patterns . Many people I’ve worked with have found the courage to leave bad jobs and find ones that met their need.

I wanted to have the chance to accept clients not based on the agency I worked at financial needs or hours of operation. I worked at agencies these decisions were never mine to make . In private practice I have evening hours and I charge clients based on our discussions not a rote formula.

I am honesty and authentically concerned about my clients. I want the best for them. I also have a lot of experience in the field. I have been on the field for more then 30 years and I have both a PhD and a psychoanalyst certification. I have lived a life with many facets to it thus I can empathize and enjoy working with many kinds of people.
Of course it isn't until I meet with you that you can tell if we will be a good fit. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you


refer to my website Therapyinchicago.com