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Lynn-Paige Jeffrey

9 February 2019

Insightful views from remarkable people living and exploring life and our planet!


Kristine Milkovich

13 October 2018

We love this site and articles! Thank you for inspiring us all!


Portland A Reed

18 August 2018

I'm not a blogger and I rarely read blogs, so this was a leap for me. :-) But getting to know a person goes beyond personal interactions. It includes understanding their driving force through the love they have for other places, people and things. Reading about their travels through the Pacific Northwest has been a great way getting to know Tim and Deborah, two people I respect for their awesome philanthropy and golf games. haha But seriously, two people I respect for willing to risk blossoming in front of the world! Authenticity rules! I still want more heart stuff, but I see it happening more and more. Keep it up! More...

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