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Holistic Health Therapies: for Optimum Health & Well Being

Restorative and Balancing Holistic, Nutritional and Energy Therapies that help promote Deep, Physical Relaxation, Inner Peace, Mental Calmness and Emotional Balance

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A healthy diet, is one of several foundational factors that are essential to health and well-being, along with adequate hydration, deep breathing, fresh air, quality sleep and regular exercise.

Today’s food is highly processed, low on essential nutrients and minerals and extensively sprayed or treated with pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, laden with GMO’s, additives, preservatives,colourings and heavy metals .

The culminating and follow on effects of this is to considerably weaken the body’s Microbiome: the Microbiome is the collective name given to the trillions of microbes that live on and in the human body. A healthy and balanced microbiome ensures good metabolic function and an imbalanced microbiome metabolic dysfunction resulting in leaky gut, food sensitivities, IBS, diabetes, obesity and auto immune conditions to name but a few.

The Microbiome Purifying Program I offer is a 3 week supported detox and reset of the gut bacteria that along with the follow on maintenance program can positively transform food sensitivities, cravings, bloating, reflux, joint pain, low energy, excess weight, and much more.

I love working with people to help them access their own inner wisdom, through deep states of mental stillness and physical relaxation. In a peaceful state of being we view life and its challenges with a clearer perspective and one that inspires and empowers healthy life choices.

I love the freedom to choose my own hours and bespoke therapies based on holistic philosophy;which takes into account the whole person, and not just the presenting symptom as in allopathic medicine. Holistic therapies are preventative in nature and address the body’s needs on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Being self employed I enjoy that I am able to offer my clients quality time, care and attention and based within my own practice and therapy room, I can do so without outside pressure and imposed time constraints.

I’ve a passion for inner health and well being with a philosophy of life based very simply on balanced living and conscious choices of what works and what doesn’t. I come from an extensive background in beauty, holistic, nutritional and energy therapies, counselling and coaching modalities and use a synergy of all of these in my working practice to achieve the deepest relaxation of both mind and body.