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Jamie Simon

8 July 2017

He can make your creative ideas into everlasting timeless images!


Marianne Lindain-Carpio

7 July 2017

I was blown away on how great his works are. Deano has the ability to capture raw emotion, real and heartfelt moments. A very good artist indeed!


Dee Dee Mason

15 October 2016

I've been in awe for 30 years! I continue to admire his artistic approach to his work. Also his commitment to his local farmers market in Hollywood. He also has a wide magnitude of refinements; beauty, culture, nature, sports, travel, food, music, art and more.....I love his insight and always look forward to the next picturesque photo inspired by Deano's mode of expression...Brillance!!! Keep it up D.❤ More...


Olivia St Pierre

13 October 2016

Deano Mueller is PHENOMENAL! Such a great personality & makes you feel comfortable when being photographed! I have already recommended this company to several other clients for he is amazing to work with!


Bill Britt

14 September 2014

A gift for painting pictures with light!


Linda Mariano

3 July 2014

Deano is a brilliant photographer and amazing to work with!

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