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I'm a self employed personal trainer / functional fitness coach. I primarily train athletes, I have trained paralympians, athletes for triathlons, marathons, team sports, and competitions too. I am currently a personal trainer at two gyms in North Shields and specialise in functional training and strength and conditioning.



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I initially do a postural assessment, a physical analysis and fitness test. Based on the results I cultivate a nutrition plan for the client and typically train them 2-3 times per week with a routine based on their goals and abilities.

Consistency is key. Develop good habits in both nutrition and exercise and it will change your body in a positive way.

Changing people's lives. Ironing out and demolishing body image issues. Making people happy by helping them achieve their goals.

Fitness is a keen hobby of mine, it's something that I found myself doing daily. Do what you love. I love inspiring people in fitness and I'm blessed to train the amazing clients that I do.

My training is fun, it's never the same thing twice. It's functional too, it will prepare your body for the future and prevent injury. It's the quickest and most optimal way to train for fat loss, and muscle tone.