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Carole Townsend

26 April 2019

Friendly and very helpful. Now does phone repairs. Quick reliable service. Highly recommended


Mike Davies

25 February 2019

Vape! Family run Cobbler. Friendly service. All the usual shoe repair and key cutting but as a side line they sell the best vape kit and liquid for miles around.


Sean Grace

30 June 2018

Friendly local business, they cut the key and fixed my belt very quickly (they also didnt charge me for the belt adjustment!- it was a small change). We had a good chat, and as im new to the town it was refreshing to get to know some local people and hear about whats going on in town. I would choose over a chain anyday and recommend their service to everyone very enhusiastically. More...


Natalie Lee

26 May 2018

After wanting to give up smoking, I went to see John at the cobbler, he was knowledgeable with all vapes, after experiencing a few teething problems from my behalf I contact the shop several times via going in, phone and Facebook, I’m sure anyone else would of been annoyed but they was so helpful and nice and always went above and beyond! I work in retail myself and I was one of those annoying customers but they was honestly amazing, after a week or so I ran out of Jucie (my own fault) after a panic message to them and my son going into hospital, John offered to deliver it for me. Honestly words can’t describe how genuinely nice and helpful these guys are. More...


Richard Willoughby

26 May 2018

Excellent local service. A**


David Bliss

26 May 2018

Friendly place

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