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Neri C.

22 July 2019

Best customer service. We bought my daughters Piano here and Mateo was very helpful and so was the guys who delivered. We went back this weekend to purchase 2 more books for our daughter the again Great customer Service and very helpful!! Will continue to support this Store. More...


James M.

5 June 2019

Denis is spectacularly honest, and a master at his craft in a way that one doesn't see so much anymore. After hearing what my cousin was looking for in sound and action, he brought her to a less-expensive piano that fit the bill, even though she was ready to purchase a considerably more expensive one. When my mother was fighting cancer and wanted an instrument with which she could escape her sickness, he brought us from the showroom to a piano in the back that hadn't even had the child stickers pulled off it yet, and that's the one she fell in love with (and enjoys to this day). They move it, tune it, and guarantee it for a year. And especially for those with kids who might upgrade in the future, there's a 100% trade-in. They've got a wide range of used and new, upright and grand (and grand upright and baby grand). We never felt any kind of sales pressure, though they made themselves available to answer questions. Truly, a dream of a piano store. More...


Sunny T.

1 June 2019

I came into this store looking to buy cleaner for an electric piano. An older gentleman showed me what they had available but also gave me tips on how to clean it with some household items. I appreciate any business who would look out for my best interest instead of making a quick buck!I'll be sure to come by here in the future if I'm ever in the need of a new piano or guitar strings/accessories. More...


Janet M.

9 April 2019

We had an awesome experience purchasing a used grand piano from D C Piano Company. Their customer service was excellent throughout the entire process. The owner and salespeople were exceptionally friendly and helpful during our initial visits even when we made it clear that we were simply gathering information and not at all ready to make a purchase. After months of combing through Craigslist ads, checking D C Piano's website for inventory updates, several visits to D C Piano's store, and visiting a couple other stores, we finally chose to purchase our piano from here.The price was reasonable and included professional delivery (a huge plus compared to Craigslist). It was scary watching the delivery as they brought the heavy piano down our curved staircase, but they did it without incident!We are highly satisfied with our piano and happy that we purchased from a reputable business instead of Craigslist. More...


Lamma F.

19 March 2019

Good People!!! They should take pride in their excellent tune up work they do.  I always leave this place with a smile on my face. Very good customer service. I recommend all of my friends to shop here. More...


Eric T.

11 December 2018

We purchased a used grand piano from DC Piano. Long story short, I am very glad I made the 40 minute-drive and looked and tried the pianos in person. The store may feel very relaxing and the experience with the sales may be various depending on who you really talked with, but I have a feeling they all have more or less passionate about music, or music instruments. That motivation makes difference. Personally I enjoy reading the About Us section on their website about their history.Throughout the process to place order, I feel the price is fair and most importantly they are quite honest and straight-forward to communicate, besides, they have the complete shop so you can see what they are normally doing. I would recommend to do business with them. More...


Christina S.

17 November 2018

Update: I spent two weeks on Craigslist looking for a tutor to help me through the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 and was unable to find anyone to agree to help me---- called DC and they directed me to the mentor of my dreams. Kudos to DC Piano for helping me with my craft since I moved out here ten years ago.  Lub you guys. More...


Miranda B.

12 October 2018

As a pianist who makes a living through teaching and playing, it's so important to find a tuner and technician that you trust to care for your instrument. I'm so grateful to have found Matteo and DC Piano Company! Matteo has kept my piano sounding beautiful and serviced some things that other technicians could never seem to fix (such as a mysteriously sticking key and correcting the action to fit my preference). I truly love my piano even more after Matteo's tuning/technician prowess and passionate eye for detail. I highly recommend DC Piano to anyone who is looking for a tuner/technician, the service is excellent and you can trust that your piano will be extremely cared for! They also are an amazing family owned storefront run by great people, specializing in piano restoration. The store has an impressive selection of both new and used pianos; they are also happy to help you trade-in if you're looking to upgrade. More...


Calvin H.

6 October 2018

Very nice experience browsing and trying pianos. The people here are very nice and never pushed you and never tried to educate you and challenge you. You ask them when you need them. Although we didn't end up buying that day, but I feel we will come back if we decide to bug the piano. More...


A Z.

3 October 2018

Dennis and crew helped me move a piano. They showed up on time and moved the unit with no issues. Cost was 50% less than what others quoted. All in, great experience.


adrian l.

13 July 2018

I had a remarkably positive experience buying a Kawai digital piano at DC Piano.  I grew up playing a Kawai upright and have been researching digitals for over a year, which means that I've visited DC Piano sporadically for many, many months.  On different visits, I've spoken with Sam, Marlon, Dennis, and some other guys, and they've always been patient and knowledgable, letting me play the pianos for as long as I wanted and happily answering all of my questions, no matter how ignorant. Finally, Kawai hit the sweet spot of affordability and key action with its new CA models, and I pulled the trigger.  The delivery guys were careful, competent, and cheerful.  I wished I could join them and make a few deliveries. More...


Guoli Li

4 July 2018

Good place


Matt Crudo

4 June 2018

Great selection of piano, and no sales pressure.


Barbara McDonald

4 June 2018

I bought my circa 1980s piano there about 7 years ago and i love it. Not only have they helped me mive it three times, but when someone broke a key, they gave me a free replacement. Matteo is very knowledgable and I highly recommend this place for a wonderful, used piano. More...


Royce Rippere

4 June 2018

Dennis sold me a used piano with excellent tone and honestly appraised the work it needed. His movers delivered the piano the next business day, up 16 steps with two turns to get into the house and the piano was in position within 30 minutes, no damage to it or the house. Excellent service.



4 June 2018

Played piano for years & years when I was a child, moved away from it like a moron, but wanted to get a new piano again and take playing more seriously again.I did a lot of research and found that the Kawai ce220 would be a great piano that wasn't too expensive and not too cheap, but as with any musician shopping around I started playing all the different pianos that were there, and fell in love with a Kawai CS10. Was twice my budget, but it was a total match.Staff was really helpful and let me browse around not bugging me for about 45 minutes. I went to another store to try out some Yamahas & found I liked the Kawai more. I went back and played on it again for 20 minutes before I made up my mind. They even gave me a significant discount on the piano I got because of a few very small nicks and it was a floor model. The movers were fast & relatively on time.Fantastic experience here, tons of different pianos from digital grands to traditional grands to any uprights, used, new, and more. Don't think they are a Yamaha retailer so they didn't carry the clavinova I was considering, but I found I liked Kawai more.If you're looking to buy a piano, consider this place. It really is great. More...


Fortunato R.

28 March 2018

We bought our first piano from Dennis when he was still restoring pianos in his garage about 25 years ago!  It's an upright beauty that still pounding out tunes ranging from Chopin's Minute Waltz to today's Con Brio's Paradise!Today, Dennis' crack team of piano movers at DC Piano relocated our 1896 Kranich & Bach parlor grand from our cottage house up to the main house without breaking a sweat - or anything else in its path!  Can't wait for it to settle in so we can have it tuned in a few weeks!Thank you again, Dennis!  Your work brought much music into our home over the years. More...


Karen P.

5 March 2018

I went in distraught about having to give up my piano because of a pending move.  Dennis helped me figure out just the right solution and I can't be happier with the outcome.  Great service from someone who really understands.  Also, the two piano movers were prompt, friendly, efficient and made the whole process so simple.  Knowledgeable with a great selection instruments, I highly recommend DC Piano. More...


Shirley K.

11 September 2017

Great piano store from every dimension. Super affordable prices; and a nice selection of pianos to meet everyone's needs.


David R.

16 June 2017

Checking in. 5 months later I can safely say this was an excellent purchase. My Yahama U1 is an absolute beast.Got my free tuning the other day, as simple as it gets. These guys are king.


Sarina L

4 June 2017

Many nice second hand pianos at this location! Friendly staff Sam offered me professional advice, patiently helped me worked on the prices and choices of the pianos. Free delivery, free in home tuning as well, highly recommend! More...


Matthew Hardesty

4 June 2017

Very easy-going environment. No pushy or annoying sales people like you'd find at other shops.


Chandana Ramesh

4 June 2017

Lots of inventory, lower interest rates available for new piano purchases compared to walnut creek area.


Tom Barton

4 June 2017

Great selection, wonderful and insightful/friendly staff and owner, no pressure and reasonably priced. Free home delivery was awesome!


Martin H.

26 November 2016

Dennis came out personally & professionally, with his staffs to transport the new K-400. No damage was done to either the piano or my apartment on 2nd floor. My son and I really love Kawai and no regret purchasing it from DC Piano. My dad, who loves piano music, is extremely happy with the beautiful sound while my son plays the K-400. Excellent customer service and reasonable price! There was no pressure while I was in the store. Very friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended this store and the service you can rely on!  I have recommended my friend to visit here. Thank you much Dennis and will come again! More...


Jasper C.

31 October 2016

I'd like to great thank Dennis and Sam for our smooth and pleasant purchase experience.  They are so wonderful and kind people that my son received his brand new Kawai GX-2 just before his birthday this weekend.  DC Pianos is a place you can absolutely trust! More...


Wendy T.

11 June 2016

Great service. They even waited for us since traffic was bad and we came from Fremont area. They have many used piano selection, upright, grand, baby grand rnging from $49 to 40k!! I loved Sam who served us! He played and he was so good and friendly! I wished they would tuned and cleaned tge pianos better so people are more attracted and inclined to buy. Go DC! More...


Simone Pagan Griso

4 June 2016

I went there looking for a digital piano on the middle-price range. I found the staff helpful and they allow you to play and feel what fits best your needs without pressuring you. They seemed to have their stronger selection on regular acoustic upright pianos and I'd certainly recommend visiting this shop if you're interested in buying or renting one. More...


Jane H.

27 May 2016

Yet another happy customer here!  Every step of our piano acquisition was positive.  DC Pianos has a very wide range of nice, used pianos (as well as new), and everyone we encountered on our multiple visits to the store was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful.  There is no slick showroom, and there was no pressure to make a quick purchase -- these are piano guys, not sales guys.  Pricing was very fair; delivery was included.  We had to postpone our delivery, and they were very accommodating about that, as well.  Our piano arrived and was set-up today, and that process was as friendly and competent as all the previous interactions.  It was a pleasure to do business with Dennis, Matteo, and Sam.  Don't hesitate to make the trip to DC Pianos.  (Parking is easy, too!) More...


Philip C.

5 March 2016

The staff here is so nice, And I don't feel any pressure to try out the piano here. The price is reasonable and I hope I can get the piano from them one day. Also, they have the collection of scorebook that I need. More...


Alfred K.

27 December 2015

Good customer service and Dennis is very helpful. Price is very competitive or better. Free shipping, better then another piano store I went at San Mateo that quoted me a delivery fee to San Francisco.


Christopher R.

7 December 2015

I just got off the phone with Dennis, owner of DC Piano and I want to add my 5 star review to the 60 others who have likewise reviewed the business at the highest rating. We purchased a piano from Dennis 15 years ago when my young children were taking lessons. Both of them are musicians, playing in bands to this day. However, they are out of the house and the piano has become a piece of furniture. Dennis told me how much he would pay to buy back the piano and then he told me my alternative would be to place it on Craigslist and how much I should ask for. Great guy. Great business. No wonder he has 61 reviews at 5 stars. More...


Jeanette S.

26 October 2015

DC Piano is fantastic. I've dealt with them several times and each time it's been a great experience - in and out of the store. One of the things I particularly appreciate is that they are completely devoid of attitude and dedicated to letting you take your time. If you want to come in every week for months and check out the same or different pianos, that is just fine with them. They know their pianos very well but again, without any attitude about it. They want you to fall in love with a piano - if there is no love connection, no sale, no pressure. Who could ask for anything more? Also, they are open every day. May they never close their doors!!! More...


Binger C.

25 August 2015

What the other 5-star reviewers say is true- the selection of pianos is great, the atmosphere casual with no pressure to buy, and the people super super nice, and knowledgeable.  Ironically, I never read a single Yelp review before setting foot in this place. I am lucky enough to live nearby and have walked past it a million times, and walked in a few times before. The place is so casual and inviting, it feels like walking into any normal retail establishment where you can browse at will. But it is also boutique in that they sell both new and high end instruments, as well as refinished/refurbished older/antiques. In a testimony to how friendly, open, and modest the owner is, I started chatting with him (which is not normally my nature) not knowing he was the owner and learned that they do all the reworking themselves, and that the business started in his garage as a hobby some 25 years ago. Now his son co-owns with him, but I am convinced they are not "in it for the money" in the traditional way most businesses are. I think they are in it for the love of pianos, and the art of working on them. Plus they like to make customers happy- which I certainly am after buying my first piano here after many years of not having one even though I grew up playing. Their policy of free moving, free first tuning, and open trade-in for upgrade is a huge plus, and icing on the cake. There is no reason I wouldn't go right back to them the second I am ready for an upgrade. More...


Daniel Schobel

4 June 2015

Very helpful staff that guided me to a less expensive piano than I came in wanting but which matched my needs and skill level better.


Sandy C.

1 June 2015

We just bought at Kawai electric piano. It will arrive tomorrow. My husband hasn't played professionally since his days at Cambridge, but since he has to play at my sister's wedding in a couple months, we decided to purchase a transportable, high-quality electric piano. I liked DC Pianos Co. because they didn't push us to purchase anything and did not make us feel uncomfortable for testing out each piano. They understand that buying a piano is a big decision and it's not cheap. Interestingly enough, I think it was that that hands off, no pressure mentality actually made us (subconsciously) want to purchase a more expensive piano. (We had originally wanted something under $1000 but ended up spending $1700.) We highly recommend checking out this place, even if you don't plan to buy a piano. Also, they sell guitars, ukeleles, sheet music, kazoos ...maybe a few other instruments as well. More...


A.D. M.

29 May 2015

Had a piano moved from one location to another. Excellent and professional. The movers were on-time. The driver was also thoroughly knowledgeable about DC Piano Company's services (I asked about tunings, repairs, etc...) and about instrument-related specifics. Highly recommend. Thank you, DC Piano Company. Definitely earned our continued business, future tunings on this instrument and the purchase of our next instrument. More...


Sofia B.

21 May 2015

Received the best, low-pressured customer service here. They aren't salesmen, and don't offer a pressurized sales pitch.  I experienced a real joy for music and piano expertise. I won't hesitate to return when it's time to upgrade the gently used piano we bought for our kids. More...


Thermo S.

17 April 2015

Customer service is superb! Came here because of a used grand piano that was advertised but ended up buying a brand new Pearl River baby grand for about the same price. The piano has a nice mellow sound. Dennis was very helpful. The shop was nice enough to hold the piano for a month as we closed on our new home. Delivery was on time as scheduled and the piano was set up without a scratch. The piano also came with one free tuning and it was done with no issues. Very happy with my purchase! More...


Megan T.

17 April 2015

Better experience second time around.  Ended up purchasing a Kawai digital piano, and had good help from the employees there.


HaiYing S.

19 March 2015

DC Piano Moving Company did a superb job moving our 500 lbs Upright piano from downstairs to upstair's room; it was an impossible task at times with first not being able to pass through the narrow door and the the narrow side of the house; couldn't be more awkward! One of the Spanish speaking guy talked nonstop all the way giving instructions and he even cleaned the back of my piano before setting up in the new location. Such conscientious effort and service are hard to find these days! Thank you! More...


Rebekah H.

2 March 2015

Contacted this place today about SELLING a 1902 Chickering and Sons baby grand piano. Call was picked up on the first ring (gasp!) and was greeted by a cheerful voice asking how he could assist me. I told him my problem, needing to sell a baby grand piano, and needing to sell it fast, March 2nd to be exact. He told me that Chickering and Sons aren't really selling right now, but that they would be willing to have a look at it, to see how much it would cost to restore it. Emailed them pictures, and am crossing my fingers hoping they buy it, otherwise it will end up on the street. Very professional, polite, and willing to answer any questions I had. All in all, great experience, and great customer service! More...


Mark D.

14 February 2015

DC Pianos is the store from which you want to purchase your piano. We have been visiting the store on and off since late December, and purchased a piano just last week. Customer service is top notch at DC Pianos. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. There is no sales pressure at all and you are free to browse and play any of their pianos at your leisure. We finally settled on a wonderful old Lester upright piano that was built in 1912. The Piano was beautifully refinished and plays and sounds wonderful. The piano was delivered yesterday. Everything went off without a hitch. Matteo and his partner had the piano off the truck and in its new home in 20 minutes, including having to remove a door for a bit of extra clearance. Once in place the piano was wiped clean of any fingerprints and tested. Everything was fine! Did I mention delivery was free? Did I mention the free matching bench? Did I mention the free in home tuning within 90 days? Did I mention the upgrade policy? DC Pianos gives you 100% of your purchase price towards the purchase of a new piano should you decide to upgrade.There is really no reason to look any further than DC Pianos for your next piano purchase. Read the competitors reviews on Yelp and compare to DC Pianos, Then buy your Piano from DC Pianos. You will not be disappointed. More...


Anna K.

8 December 2014

I visited DC Piano with my 2 children a few months back because they were both starting piano lessons.  Sam recommended that we start with a rental (you know, just in case the kids don't want to stick with the lessons).  Wow, who does that?  These are NOT your regular pushy sales people!  We got a great sounding rental and I had already told Sam that I would return to buy one if my kids decided to continue.I took one star off because I had requested an adjustable bench.  I was at work when the Piano was delivered, and it came with just a regular bench.  Called back and spoke with Sam again, and he apologized for the oversight, and promised to deliver next time.  Well, it's been a few months and I'm still waiting.  I understand it's just a rental but... More...


Andrea A.

1 October 2014

5 stars all the way!  I wish there were more stars to award DC Piano. Everyone there is so nice and knowledgable. I can't emphasize enough-- REALLY nice and EXTREMELY knowledgable.  There's a piano at DC Piano for everyone regardless of budget, space, or whatever your situation. The staff gently guides you through your selection with no pressure. Found one you like on the floor with some scratches and dings?  Not to worry, DC Piano refurbishes old pianos and makes them beautiful again in terms of both aesthetics and sound.  Their selection is solid and the pianos are downright babied. You can't go wrong here. A piano is a big purchase. I know I couldn't have hoped for a better experience. More...


johnfromberkeley h.

25 August 2014

What can I say that hasn't been said? I wanted a piano. They had a good one. They delivered it on time. The first thing Sam played when demo-ing the piano was "you've got a friend in me". Apparently, that is the store motto.So, it appears to be true: DC Piano is a pleasant, low-risk way to buy a piano. We bought an inexpensive piano for our daughter to learn, and I won't hesitate to buy a new one from DC Piano when we upgrade. In fact, I can't imagine doing it another way. More...


Qiqi L.

21 August 2014

I bought a used YAMAHA in D C Piano Company. I could try every piano freely in their store and take as long as I want. They were friendly, helpful and offered me a good used YAMAHA in reasonable price. At last they even gave me several music sheets as present. For moving, they arrived on time and didn't complain at all even though my home has two narrow stairs to go up and also a sharp and narrow corner to turn. I think they have tried their best, but after moving, there is a small but obvious scratch on the piano.The tuner Brian came today(after two weeks when I bought the piano), it is such a pity that I haven't tried the piano before he left. After he finished tuning and left, I tried a piece of music but there is still noise in the bass. I think I need to find another tuner in the near future. More...


Chili M.

2 June 2014

We recently bought a Kawai digital piano and it was a very pleasant experience.  One of the staff personnel 'Sam' was very friendly, knowledgeable and easy going.  Absolutely No pressure sale tactics.  The owner 'Dennis' is a professional in this business.  He knows how to relate to various customers in a positive and respectful way.  He has great patience and is willing to work with you so that both parties come away completely satisfied.  I definitely give this place 5 stars and would highly recommend anyone looking to buy a piano to come here only. More...


Fair R.

17 May 2014

Brian came and tuned both my pianos, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Reasonable rate, will definetly use him again.


Bianca G.

26 February 2014

I love this place.  LOVE IT. After taking piano lessons for three years as a kid, I didn't touch a piano until I heard Moonlight Sonata as my hold music while on the line with some customer service.  I thought, "huh, I remember playing Moonlight Sonata.  It would be fun to take piano lessons again... maybe".  Fast forward a few weeks later when I mention it to my husband, fast forward to the next day when he gets a free piano from someone at work who is trying to get it out of their garage.  I play that piano every so often  for 3 or so years until I decide to take lessons.  I take lessons for only a few months before I decide it's time for a REAL piano.  My tuner tells me repeatedly that 'pianos are everywhere! and for next to nothing!' but let me tell you- this is NOT true.  Crap pianos are available everywhere.  NICE PIANOS are not.  Certainly if I was a technician I might be able to distinguish between crap pianos with no hope and crap pianos that would sound incredible with a little attention.  But I am no technician.I went to DC pianos and had the best experience.  Very helpful staff, NO sales pressure.  Tons of great customer service.  Free delivery in most of the bay area (plus they will take away your old piano!!!), free initial tuning. I'm sure all of these things are included in the price of the piano, but's it's great to just pay for the piano and not worry about the rest.The best part was I wasn't thrilled with the initial tuning and when I called, they set up an appointment for the next week and one of the owners came and fixed the issue himself (for no extra cost).  He assured me if I heard anything else, he would come over the following week and deal with that issue too (all without any extra cost).  Luckily, after he stopped by the first time, my piano played as beautifully as it had in the store. It's a beautiful piano that sounds beautiful and the owners and staff are honestly awesome.  SUCH A PLEASANT business transaction.  Honestly, I feel like half the time you hand over money for anything you feel like crap- you know it's eventually lining the pocket of some scum bag CEO/shareholders etc. etc.  It feels amazing buying something nice (and recycled as my piano is second-hand!) from decent people who you honestly want to succeed and be successful.  And thereby ends this epic review. More...


Eleanor F.

16 December 2013

What a find!! Yes, terrific pianos  of all sorts. (I love the review here of the 20-something who  gets what I'll call temporary pianos here, or what fills even a temporary need.) it seems they rent, too. They have beautiful small drums of different sorts, some tall congas, and $2 "shaker eggs." Another Berkeley gem. Easy street parking, too. More...


Debbie C.

14 December 2013

Knowledgeable, helpful, friendly staff, a wide variety of instruments for all tastes and budgets, and even a small but very interesting collection of sheet music: I love this place.  With sheet music stores all gone belly up (remember Byron Hoyt in SF?  Tupper and Reed in Berkeley?), it's almost unheard of to find a place that sells sheet music.  While DC's scores are mostly piano literature, it's remarkably diverse, ranging from theory and lesson books (hooray for Piano Adventures) to concert repertoire.  They have a fascinating collection of used scores as well, from "recital pieces" for beginners to 4 hand arrangements, very reasonably priced.For a family or individual seeking to buy their first piano, DC is a gem.  Honest salespeople will help you find the instrument that suits your needs, without trying to pressure you into buying more instrument than you need.  Their rent to own program is a boon for those who don't have the funds to buy a really nice instrument outright.  And if you need that really nice instrument, you'll have a lot to choose from- and do ask those lovely salespeople about the instruments, because they know their stuff.I have used DC Piano's rental services, renting pianos 2-3 times a year for library programs.  They are very courteous and professional, delivering good instruments for use and then picking them up later the same day.DC Piano also has a small but nice selection of other string instruments friendly to novice musicians, notably ukeleles.AND- they're open 7 days a week! More...


P S.

27 October 2013

Don't let the sidewalk appearance of DC Pianos fools you.  This is a fantastic piano store and everybody in the store is knowledgeable, honest, and trust worthy.  The fact that this is a family owned family, you don't deal with salesman who just wants to sell you a piano because of his/her commission.  Dennis truly puts his hearts into the store, provides valuable advices, doesn't push for business, and extremely patient with his clients.  We ended up buying a Kawai grand there simply because of the service and the trust we have with Dennis and his stuff.   And of course, you will get the best pricing.  It is a company that everybody works there with a passion and caring. More...


Janelle D.

29 September 2013

I ordered a piano to be delivered last minute and talked to Dennis and Erik. They were able to accommodate ASAP. Service is excellent and the product is sold at reasonable price! Thank you!


Richard F.

15 September 2013

Had a really great experience here buying my first piano! I got a great price on a new Kawai K3, and they have an upgrade program so when I can finally afford a house and grand, I know I'll be coming back and in good hands.I didn't know too much about pianos and went in there expecting to buy a used Yamaha U1. I wasn't rushed at all in and allowed to play on them as long as I wanted. He didn't mind that I play on pianos I clearly couldn't afford either which as a real treat. They have a good selection of Kawais, but I kind of wish they sold new Yamahas as well. Still, they have lots of pianos for you to choose from, especially used, and I would strongly recommend going there. I drove there from Mountain View and felt like it was well worth the trip. More...


Ben W.

27 August 2013

Dennis is very knowledgeable, truthful, and friendly. My wife and I not only got honest advice regarding various pianos, but we even got a tour of the workshop where he and his team repair and maintain older pianos.One day later we came back to DC Piano and purchased a used model that was held for us. Two days later, two very polite and helpful men delivered the piano into our living room. It sounds and looks great, and the entire process was a breeze.For future piano purchasers: there's nothing wrong with getting a used piano instead of a new one. You'll get much more for your money. Especially when Dennis' used pianos look, feel, and sound like new ones. More...


Foodie F.

20 August 2013

It's been my dream since childhood to have a baby grand piano, but unfortunately, finances were such that I could not get one.  Finally, a few weeks ago, I took a day off and was hoping to do some serious baby grand piano shopping.  Went to a couple stores and was less than impressed by the car-salesman-like experience.  I was looking into a Yamaha at a particular store and was close to buying it then I decided to look at DC Piano because I saw their great Yelp reviews.  By the time I got there, it was just after closing time, but they stayed open so I could take a look.  I usually don't buy impusively, but I decided on a Kawai baby grand and paid for it.  Was happy with my purchase but a couple days later changed my mind and decided to go with a different Kawai baby grand.  Then a couple days later, I yet again changed my mind and decided to go with yet a different Kawai baby grand.  I was glad that they were patient with me and allowed me to change my mind (twice!).  Matteo and Erik and Dennis were a pleasure to talk to and do business with.  I like their upgrade policy, where I can upgrade to another piano at any time and just pay the difference.  I felt like everyone was honest with me and that I could trust them.  The piano was delivered a few days ago, and I'm very happy with it.  I had ordered a rug to put the piano on (to dampen the sound a little bit) but unfortunately the timing just didn't work out, and the rug was only delivered today.  Dennis was kind enough to tell me that when he's in the area again, he and his helper could help move the heavy piano onto the rug.  Very impressed.  Thanks again. More...


Josh T.

7 August 2013

Nice guys. They don't do mobile tuning- but referred one to me.


Andrea D.

1 July 2013

I am so glad that we ended up coming to DC for our first piano purchase. They were upfront and honest about a piano that I had and ultimately ended up getting rid of. They gave me a great deal on a piano that I've had for two years and love. They took the old beater away and delivered the new one so very smoothly-piano movers and tuners I am in awe of you.I love all the detail and fascinating specifics Erik shared with us when discussing the internal workings of our old piano (I completely second Calvin H.'s review of Erik's work-he is beyond helpful!) and I feel like he really tried to hook it up for us and find us a piano that we could afford and would make us happy. I love that they will let you trade in the piano you bought from them and give you credit towards your next purchase! I have no idea if this is an industry standard or not but it sounded amazing to me. I've also went in for little things after that like new ukulele strings and he put them on for free because he remembered me. Its nice, having a store and interactions like this in your life. I feel like the people there are all knowledgeable, helpful and very genuine.  I can't speak well enough about DC piano. More...


Russel H.

14 June 2013

We recently bought a Kawai RX-5 from them and it was a great experience.  I always saw their old pianos sitting outside and didn't think they would be a good place to buy a new piano, but I was completely wrong.  They have a great selection of new Kawai's, other brands, used pianos, as well as restored pianos.Dennis and the staff there are very honest.  He didn't use any silly salesman tactics, play games, or talk my ear off about the competition.  He allowed me to play on his pianos without interruption.  I told him I fell in love with his RX-5 and was honest about my situation and my budget.  He gave me a very, very good price that none of the other dealers in the area could match.  They delivered and tuned the piano with no problems at all.  I would love to do business with him again, but I probably won't need to upgrade this piano for a long, long time, if ever.If you're in the market for a new piano I highly recommend you check them out More...


Calvin H.

25 April 2013

Eric Siu is the best.  He's extremely knowledgeable plus very customer service oriented.  I've done a lot of research and shoped around piano stored all over the bay area and none comes close to their honesty, expertise, and customer service. Eric was so patient with us to help us find the right piano that met our preference and needs. He played for us several songs on many pianos to help make our own decision and because if Eric we absolutely made the right one.  The entire experience was extremely pleasant and educational.  I would not shop piano any where but here.  Eric has made me a permanent loyal customer.  This is the store I would recoommend in a heartbeat. I think Eric deserves a raise also. More...


Cody P.

7 February 2013

DC Piano is fantastic!I had originally contacted DC Piano to move our grand piano from Kensington to our new home in the Berkeley Hills.   I had scheduled the move for the first of the month.   Our escrow, however, closed a day earlier than expected, so I called (at the very last minute) to see if they could move the piano a day earlier.  Even though they had a full schedule, they shifted their schedule to accommodate mine.  Moving is a chaotic and stressful time and it was such a relief to hear "Yes, we'll make it work" instead of "sorry, there is nothing we can do" I heard from so many other companies was a refreshing change.  Not only did they shift things to help me out.  They called to confirm when they were on their way, they were professional, friendly and just all-around-great to work with. I highly recommend DC Piano.   Cody More...


Dave G.

26 January 2013

Ok, wow - how rare is it to see 5 stars on yelp? I want to take the time to read these other reviews, but I don't have the time (I have a 2 year old, and an 8 month pregnant wife). Clearly these guys don't need my review - having said that, I STILL feel the need to write a review. Purchasing from DC Piano Company has been one of the best retail experiences I've ever had.I worked with Erik, and from the first day I met him he was kind and extremely helpful. My wife and I purchased a 1971 Yamaha U1 from DC in November, 2011. Actually my wife original rented the piano as a gift for my 40th birthday. 5 months into the rental we decided we wanted to purchase the U1.  Everything about the transaction went smoothly. Erik and I kindly negotiated a more than fair price. He made me feel like he was on our team and truly interested in helping us purchased the U1.Everything about DC Piano Company is completely genuine. At first I was hesitant to believe that I could be getting such a good deal (with such good service). Was it too good to be true? Did I buy a lemon?Well it's been 15 months since this U1 arrived at our house as a rental. I love this piano more every day. It really is a wonderful instrument, and everything Erik told me about it from day one has turned out to be true. Why am I writing a review 15 months later? Just today Zachary Baron (a piano tuner they use) came to tune our U1 on DC Piano Company's tab. Erik was so kind to allow us to take advantage of the FREE tuning you receive when you first purchase a piano from them - 15 months later? That is AMAZING customer service!Needless to say, if you're looking for a real instrument and real advice, look no further - these guys will hook it up! That's my story.-DaveG More...


Nancy T.

6 January 2013

Nice sales experience and the best customer service.  I wanted to buy a piano for my daughter to begin piano lessons, and also someday plan to take lessons myself.  After doing a lot of research talking to friends, going  online and reading The Piano Book by Larry Fine, I decided on an upright, most likely Yamaha or Kawai.  I went to various local stores and searched Craig's List.  A friend of mine also wrote a very good summary of his experience buying a piano and recommended DC Piano for Kawai. whofongpaid.blogspot.com… Although it is a bit of a drive for me out to Berkeley, it was worth the drive.  Erik was very knowledgeable and helpful.  He showed me through their crowded store (many beautiful pianos they have restored) and played a bit on several pianos. No sales pressure at all. You can tell he has a real love for pianos that goes beyond the sale.  A "piano geek" (in a good way) if there is such a thing (search Erik Siu on You-tube to hear him play).  They happened to have a beautiful Kawai that was purchased but returned when the buyers decided to get a baby grand.  I was able to get it at a good price with full warranty.  They also include a free tune-up within 3 mos. of purchase.Delivery was on time and smooth.  Matteo and another helper did the delivery.  Within 2 mos. of purchase, while I wasn't looking, my 4 year old decided it would be a good idea to sit on the piano.  He managed to crack the attached music stand.  Yikes!I showed the damage to their contract piano tuner Brian when he came out for the free piano tuning. He had me take pictures of the damage and e-mail them to Erik.  After a little phone tag, Erik offered to get the part and replace it for free. Yay!Once the replacement part came in, Matteo came out and replaced it and now my piano is as good as new.I can say enough about how happy I am with their service. More...


George L.

21 December 2012

I love DC Pianos!  Conveniently located right in Berkeley, this place is only 15 mins from my place in San Francisco. They have an excellent selection of pianos and other instruments, too. Guitars, Ukeleles, Percussion, sheet music, they have everything. It's my go to place when I need a great deal on a new instrument. I brought my friend there to buy his first guitar and the staff was super friendly and helpful. Dennis, Matteo, and Eric are all very knowledgeable and eager to help their customers. They are also very talented musicians, so they really know their products. If you're looking for a new or used instrument at a great price. Check out DC Piano, first. They're the best music store in the bay area. More...


Scott K.

26 June 2012

These folks did not invent customer service, they just perfected it. Great experience at a fine shop with polite knowledgeable folks who are clearly artisans. They work on each piano themselves getting them in to tip top shape. They guarantee you 100% value on your purchase as a trade in/up 1, 2, 3 or 10 or more years later. I live over an hour away and they delivered the piano at no charge and later, delivered a new bench at no charge. Customer service has not died, it just went to this fine shop in Berkeley to hang out. More...


Joe H.

24 June 2012

Great place to buy a piano or any other instrument they carry for that matter.  The owner was very knowledge and patient with our questions.  Erik and Mateo was also very help when owner Dennis is away.  They answered questions without pushing us to buy, and were very reasonable with negotiating the price.  Of course the great deal with the Kawai pianos they had also helped.  We end up buying a Kawai baby grand and several drums at the store.  We had to leave the piano in the store for a couple of month as our house is going through some renovation, but the owner was able to store it without charge.We had been to a number of piano companies around the bay area.  This is the one store we are happy with the owner, the store staff, and the deal we got.  This is absolutely the place to come if you are looking for a piano store.  Reminds me of why I love to live close to Berkeley so much. More...


Lothar M.

11 June 2012

My experience with the friendly staff, free delivery, and tuning mirrors that of other yelpers, so I won't repeat that here. Suffice it to say it's a great experience on all of those fronts. I was shopping exclusively for a used piano. I found that many other stores were limited in their used selection, because it's probably easier to sell new pianos than take on mystery items and spend the resources to evaluate/refurbish them. Many of the used options at other stores were instruments that were taken in exchange when another customer bought a new piano. As castaways, many of these used pianos were in need of repair or were relatively low-quality instruments to begin with. DC is one of the few places around that both carries an excellent selection of reasonably-priced, good-quality used pianos, and if necessary is willing to do the wrenching to bring a former clunker up to snuff. Unlike many other stores, which at times seem to be warehousing old orphans, DC gives the same care to used pianos as I assume they give the new ones. And, even though I spent a fraction of the cost of a new piano, I got the same great service that others have mentioned here. Now, if only I had kept up with those lessons.... More...


Stephen H.

3 June 2012

We were looking for a family piano for a long while, both used and new.   My wife and I play, but we have 2 young kids, so we wanted something nice but durable. After several months of looking about, I think we finally hit the saturation of analysis paralysis... we couldn't make up our minds on exactly what we wanted, and how much we were willing to pay by simply looking at Craig's listings online.  A couple of weekends ago, we decided to check out DC Pianos in Berkeley, based on their very good Yelp reviews.   I'm pleased to report we had a very similar (i.e. excellent) experience as everyone reports.   We told the staff what we were looking for, how much we could approximately spend, and he proceeded to give us all the best options he had, including a great price on a new piano.  Plus - they give 100% trade-in credit down the road, so we could get the piano best for us today, but as the kids grow up and our requirements change (I'm expecting at least one of them to be a concert-level pianist), we can always trade-up.Finally, as the parent of two young kids (1.5 and 4), they were extremely patient with the running / playing / singing while we were trying to hold down a real conversation.  They even gave my 4yr old son a little toy ukulele that day, since he was so excited to be getting a piano, and kids aren't good with 3-day delivery, even though we thought it was excellent.  So we concur with other reviews - it was a great experience with very knowledgable and helpful staff. More...


Charles C.

16 November 2011

I have to agree with all the glowing reviews on yelp about DC Piano.  I was in the market for a piano for my daughter.  I knew nothing about pianos when I started my search.  The employees at DC Piano were incredibly helpful in assisting me find a high quality piano at a wonderful price.  Delivery and a follow up tuning within 3 months are included, plus they will give the full value you pay towards an upgrade in the future.  DC Piano is a no brainer choice if you are in the market for a quality piano, at an excellent price, with fantastic customer service. More...


Kelly A.

16 November 2011

These guys are THE BEST!!  I spent a few weeks searching for the "right" piano, and finally settled on an upright from D.C. Piano in Berkeley.  They were very patient with my repeated visits to make sure it was the right piano for my family, and they answered all my questions without making me feel like I was being hustled into a purchase.  When they delivered the piano, I was worried, because like most East Bay houses, there is a significant hill and some very tight turns involved.  Matteo and his crew were so professional and handled it beautifully, with no scratches or dings to the piano or my home.  They offer a follow-up tuning and even went the extra mile to find a beautiful matching bench for my antique piano.  I couldn't be more pleased, and recommend them highly to anybody considering a piano purchase. More...


Rajeev K.

23 October 2011

I bought a Yamaha grand piano from DC Piano and the experience was terrific. We live in the South Bay and there are several piano stores around here, all of which I visited over the period of a couple of months to try out both new and used pianos. It did not go well: in every case I was dealing with a salesman who had almost no knowledge of the instruments he was selling and was just looking to close the deal. It was even worse than trying to buy a car. I found DC Piano on Yelp and decided to make the hour-long drive to Berkeley to check it out. Either Dennis, the eponymous owner, or Matteo, his son, are usually in the store. The first time I visited, Matteo spent quite a bit of time answering my questions about voicing, explaining how they work on the hammers to adjust the brightness, etc.. On another visit, Dennis took me to the back of the store and showed me the guts of several instruments that they were working on.  They clearly know their pianos, and love their work. Over the period of about 3 weeks I made four trips, and worked with both Matteo and Dennis to find a great instrument. The piano was delivered last week -- Matteo, along with a helper, is also the mover! I cannot think of another time when I have enjoyed the process of buying a big-ticket item and been so happy with the result. More...


Jinny N.

19 October 2011

Initially wanted to buy a used piano, but ended up buying a brand new one reasonably priced.  Very down to earth people-and no pressure!   Reasonably priced, free piano tuning, free delivery, and excellent customer service..what more can you ask for?!Forgot to replace with the adjustable bench, but delivered to us later, and best of all we didn't have to return the other bench and got to keep both!  My daughter loves the adjustable bench.Thanks, D.C. Piano. More...


Moira l.

8 October 2011

Wonderful experience shopping with courteous, respectful service.They have a very broad selection of pianos; new, old or excellently reconditioned.The purchase, financing and delivery all within hours.Free tuning, too!I am a happy camper.Thanks, guys.:-) More...


Lisa D.

1 June 2011

Wow! What can I say about DC Piano that describes how excellent a business this place is?  I happened to stumble upon it and am so happy I did.  I had been looking to purchase a piano for a very long time and had made the decision to make a purchase soon.  After checking craigslist and a couple other piano stores, I decided to drive out to check DC Piano out after reading the reviews here.  Let's just say I walked in thinking I was going to do some comparisons and checking but I walked out a piano owner!My first exposure to DC Piano was an e-mail inquiry about some pianos I had my eye on to see and hear.  I received a prompt reply from Dennis.  That was a good sign.As soon as I walked into the store, I was greeted by two young men.  Erik and Matteo (I think).  After assessing my needs, Erik took me around showing me various pianos and played each one for me so I could hear the subtle variations in sound.  We talked about all the questions I had and I had him play several pianos again for me.  His knowledge about each piano is excellent and he was able to help me focus on an instrument that would provide what I was looking for.  I decided on a piano that had the sound I preferred only to find out it was above my budget.  After a couple of minutes of talking, Erik told me he could sell me the piano I wanted and would bring the price down so it would be within my budget.  Add to that the fact that he adjusted the price to include tax so it came within my budget too!  Not only did I end up with a fantastic piano, I also received a new piano bench (my choice of two styles), delivery of the piano, and tuning before it left the shop as well as after it arrives at my house.  Those three things right there saved me hundreds more.  I also was given several sheets of music for free.Fast forward to delivery:  amazing!  I received a call from Erik letting me know the piano would be arriving around a certain time.  Indeed it did!  A few minutes after the time, I saw the truck outside my house.  The driver (whose name I didn't get) came and looked at where the piano was to go and within fifteen minutes, he had the truck positioned, the piano out and up the stairs and in place.  Both of the fellows were so professional.  They got the job done flawlessly, polished any smudges off the piano, checked all the keys, made sure the bench was fine, removed all debris and didn't leave me one thing to vacuum up.  I should add this happened on a rainy day.So, this review may be long but I wanted to let you readers know what a great business this is.  It's a shame more businesses do not operate like DC Piano. Added details include:  100% trade-in value and 5 year warranty (parts and labor).  I received an outstanding deal and met some very nice people in the process.  They receive the highest recommendation! More...


Eileen T.

18 May 2011

We were buying our first piano for our family and ended up getting it from DC Piano Co.  We are so glad that we did.  We live in Menlo Park and are relocating to SF and it was a little out of the way for us but well worth the trip.  Matteo helped us find the right piano that not only fit our house but our needs for beginner players.  The price beat all other stores in the bay area.  If you want a great piano dealer without the sales pitch that is only in the dealers best interest I highly recommend this store! They also did an amazing job with delivery of our new baby grand. More...


Jo See C.

12 May 2011

Diamond in the rough....in more than one way!The Store:  Don't let the "down to earth" look of the store front fools you!  It is NOT one of those upscale, high-end "appearance" looking store ready to gouge your hard earn money as soon as you walk-in.  Right in the heart of Berkeley, the store fits right in the neighborhood with a rather large show room floor.  They carry a large selection of great quality used pianos, as well as, a full line of new Kawai pianos.The Staff:  I usually spot the staff at a piano store by looking for people dressed in shirt and tie.  However, the staff at this piano store dress casually.  It actually made me feel more at ease and indeed these are not high pressure sales people. Erik was AWESOME!  He was very knowledgeable with all the pianos and gave us very candid advice on our purchase.  He was a straight shooter and did not waste a second of our time during the purchase.  Their prices were fair to great WITHOUT the back and forth hassle.  If he can do it, he will do it. If he can't, he will tell you straight up without any B/S.  Besides his attitude, I was very impressed with his knowledge.  Rather than making up stories to step on the competitions and trying to impress the customers, he told us exactly why one should consider a particular type or a particular brand or a particular class of the piano based on their requirements.  The Price:  As I said, prices were fair to great without the back and forth haggling. We had our eyes on a new Kawai K3,or a K5.  We ended up buying a K5 after discussing our needs with Erik.  The price included a great K5 piano with a matching height adjustable bench, delivery, tuning when un-boxed and a follow-up tuning in 90-days.  Not to mention a 100% trade-in value of our piano.The Delivery:  The delivery of the 500lb piano went smoothly without any hiccups.  Chris was one of the staff members helping with the piano delivery.  He was very helpful and was very patient with our requests. He made sure our wood flooring is fully protected before and during the move.  He took the time to understand where we want to place the piano and made a number of fine adjustments to make sure all our requests were met.  He carefully explained to us the details of the warranty, how to maintain the cabinet, as well as, the importance of the next tuning.  The Result:  We couldn't be more pleased with our purchase.  We feel like that they really care about our needs on this major purchase.  Erik was right, the K5 fits our requirements best!  I am sure the K3 is a good piano too.  We are so glad that we stepped up and got the Kawai K5, instead of the K3.Bottom line:  I will highly recommend anyone to stop by at this "Diamond in the rough" before making their purchase....especially if you are looking for a new Kawai piano. Spend a few minutes with Erik and he will guide you to make the right choice based on your needs! More...


Dani P.

27 April 2011

We come here for all of my son's guitar lesson books.  The guys are super helpful and don't let you wander around lost for more than a minute or so before asking if they can help (sometimes not even that!).  We've gotten tuners, picks, and additional sheet music here too. More...


Meghan B.

13 March 2011

I went in here to get some books for some of my piano students.  I ended up getting a digital piano at an amazing price and will continue going here to get all the books I need for my students.  The gentleman who helped me was friendly, I even left my checkbook there and they called me and held it for me.  This place is just awesome. More...


James P.

23 February 2011

I purchased a new digital piano here and have been as thrilled with the piano as with all the help and service I received. I visited many stores around the bay area, read reviews and feedback on piano forums, etc. in trying to find the right digital piano for me (my primary piano is a steinway B.) Erik helped me over a period of months in my quest. I can't say enough good things about every aspect of my experience here. Honest, capable, well-versed in the differences between the digitals and totally committed to a satisfied customer. The price I paid was as good as any price I was able to find anywhere (including Portland, Oregon.)I give this store (and Erik) the highest possible rating. More...


R M.

22 January 2011

There are those high sales pressure piano stores, and then there's DCPianos. We purchased a used Yamaha upright from them that they delivered the next day, sent a tuner to tune it gratis 1 month later, and were a pleasure to work with. No quibbling, no "you'd better buy or the price may change" action that you find at do many other stores. 100% satisfied. You won't go wrong by shopping here. More...


Cindy H.

27 December 2010

Last I went to this store was 7 years ago, and today I went for a piano tuning...I still love it!!! The people are great, they are happy to help you with anything, and are also happy to help you find the best prices for you. I wish I could vote 6/5 XD


Matt O.

10 November 2010

== Summary ==- Their first asking price was lower than other store's 'special-deal' price- Proposed highest trade-in value to my old piano.- very focused to the sound and piano itself. Provide very comfortable air to play many pianos. No sales push. Extremely honest. == My Story ==I've been to maybe more than 10 piano stores to select the piano I like. I've been to DC Piano twice to see if there's a good piano  under $10,000 budget. First day I met a young person (forgot his name) and I played many pianos there. He really wanted to talk about how I felt about the piano and wrote down my comment saying that it will help him fine tuning the piano. Very pleasant experience. A few weeks later, I visited there again with my 5-year-old daughter. Dennis greeted me and gave things like small guitar to my daughter so she is not board. He was also very kind and talked about the piano / sound / keytouch itself while I was playing this and that piano. This store had new Kawai pianos, and I asked the prices for a few. I immediately noticed that their first asking price was almost 10% lower than some other store's only-this-week-special final price. Their used piano price was $1000 lower than other japanese gray market piano stores' final price (although it is relatively hard to prove that their piano was in the same condition with the other store's piano, but I felt at least it is not in bad condition)Unfortunately I bought the piano from other place. Later I have a few issues and called Dennis. He provided really in depth advice in a long phone call, although he knew I bought it from other place. I was impressed.Very pleasant experiences. If I buy a new Kawai or any used piano, I would definitely go to this place. More...


Noah D.

6 November 2010

This was such a pleasant buying experience. The shop is spacious with a wide selection of pianos, both upright and grand. The gentleman helping me spent about half and hour explaining everything I wished to know about pianos. Then he let me play by myself for a long while. I never felt any pressure to purchase; very different from the sweating, used-car salesman at most other piano stores I've been to. Highly recommended! More...


victor r.

24 October 2010

Just bought a piano from these guys.  They are very nice, very low key, not at all saleman-y -- the total opposite of that horrible R Kassman, where I also shopped and whom I also Yelped although at the other end of the star range.  Good selection of used Yamahas, and a ton of other interesting old pianos.  Not the slightest bit pretentious. More...


cheryll t.

16 June 2010

Finally made it to DC Piano!!!!  Ever been driving around and you see a storefront that catches your eye but because you were headed somewhere else you couldn't stop by?  That's me when it comes to DC Piano.  I always see it when I am driving by on my way somewhere in Berkeley and only now because I was walking around getting my car have an oil change that I actually made it to DC Piano.  Anyhow, this is PIANO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The customer service here is above par!!!  No pushy sales ppl, no evil eye for tinkering on their pianos or that stare that you know follows your back as you look around the store....NONE of that!  Exceptional don't you think So, there are 2 used on sale pianos on the sidewalk that I tinkered with.  Then inside- lots and lots of brand spanking new pianos, grand pianos, upright pianos, a few keyboards...some of which I again tinkered with.  Friendly staff who answered my quesions.  He thought I was interested in a piano and I said NOOOOO not this time, but a fullsize keyboard definitely.  They had two on board another one on it's way.  Unfortunatley they don't sell used keyboards because I wanted to get rid of my not fullsized keyboard and get a 88 key one.  However, the sales person recommended that I sell it on amazon, ebay, etc.  How helpful is that?  He also suggests since they didn't have many keyboards to check out Best Buy and Costco Perhaps,....Addiitionallly- this place has also other instruments but not as many as the pianos, some guitars, a few brass instruments, bongo drums and a large selection of music books, and rare sheet music...wow!  I could spend hours here!  As I was leaving I also noticed in the back pianos that were being resotored, pianos that were being brought from movers- so this place is also a restoration site, I only which I can fly my parents piano over here and get the some of the keys unstuck.  So 5+  star for quality and affordable pianos (mainly Yamaha and Steinbeck, bus others too), customer service, music books, and other instruments.  I will be back- they do take music books that are used and sell them, and I have some I want to get rid of, plus I do want to look again thru their selection of music sheets that I didn't have the time this time do to getting back my car before the shop closes More...


Nancy S.

4 June 2010

I found this place via Yelp.  I wanted to pick up some sheet music for someone learning how to play the piano.  Very helpful and insightful staff -- I found what I was looking for!


Ernie M.

29 November 2009

DC PIano stocks sheet music and music method books, which is very rare these days. I send my music students there to purchase their music books. They also stock a number of small items that musicians need. Their prices on refurbished pianos are great!! They also stock some guitars and other instruments. They have always been very friendly and helpful to me. By the way, did you know that a good used piano will hold its resale value over time? I would definitely check them out if you are serious about buying a good piano at a decent price! More...


Hayk H.

29 September 2009

Very nice store! Had a chance to discuss a couple of options with Eric and am very pleased with my experience. They are not pushy, very knowledgeable and friendly. Eric spent a lot of time explaining differences between two baby grand pianos I was interested in. Great customer service. More...


Julie P.

18 November 2008

I needed to get a guitar for my 5 year old. I had looked around a bit without much success. We were looking for a decent quality 1/2 size guitar that was under $100. I asked a musician friend of mine and he recommended DC Piano. We called and they said they had them. We got there and found exactly what we were looking for. It was the same import guitar I had seen online, only it was less expensive. They even sold us a case for half the cost because we were purchasing a guitar. Cool deal. For about $75 we were out the door with all we needed. The two sales guys, Erik and Dennis, were very nice. It felt good doing business there. Now, we'll just have to see what the 5 year old thinks of lessons! Thanks DC. More...


Mary F.

23 April 2008

This is where you buy a quality piano, get great service and have peace of mind.I bought a very reasonably priced rebuilt Steinway 3yrs ago and had it delivered to my home in Sacramento. The action was all new. Dennis came out personally and no damage was done to either the piano or my home during transport. When the note holder fell off because of rambunctious kids, Dennis offered to fix it reasonably. He also offers 6 months no interest financing or negotiates a great bargain with a cash sale.He also extended a discount on a second piano I bought for my goddaughter. You will get the best piano for your price range. My Steinway was 9k and the second piano was 700 dollars. Both were beautiful, had good action and appraised for much more.During a recent local funeral, when the mortuary did not have a piano, Dennis promptly rented out and delivered a beautiful upright Yamaha for a reasonable price without any huss or fuss.There is no sales pressure and all questions are thoroughly, thoughtfully and honestly answered. He has lower priced solidly built pianos for the beginner and more costly works of art. You can even trade in a piano purchased from there for what you paid towards the piano of your dreams- they restore to your specifications, or pick something already finished.This is the only place I will buy a piano. If you want a high quality piano from a knowledgeable staff with good business practices, you can do no better than DC piano. It does not matter if you spend hundreds or thousands- you will leave with a great piano for your music:) More...


James K.

18 June 2007

You know when you go into a piano store and the employees give you that "who's this asshole/I hope he doesn't try to steal a piano" sort of suspicious look? I hate that. And I need a piano.D C Pianos sells new and used pianos. They fix pianos. They are family owned and operated. They have a range of pianos from free junkers through that grand piano you can't afford. Their selection tends toward slightly expensive, but I mean, these are pianos after all. They have cheap sheet music and are among the few bay area music establishments that seems in the business of providing actual (poor) musicians with actual instruments.And they won't stare at you like a freak when you enter the store or (gasp) sit down at a piano to play it. More...

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