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28 September 2018

We hired Dorian for our wedding and he was AMAZING. The dance floor was always full because he gets to know the couple he's working with and knows how to read a crowd. Not only is he talented, he is a wonderful person. It was a pleasure to work with him. More...


Michael Holmes

30 July 2018

Dorian is truly AMAZING - both as a person and dance instructor!!! In one week, he was able to have both my wife and I, neither of which have any dance experience, comfortably completing a ballroom dance to our first dance song! According to our family and friends this should be considered a miracle! He also was the DJ at our wedding and did an AWESOME job! The dance floor was packed the entire night! He is the guy you want if you are looking for an actual DJ who can read crowds and keep the party going. He had people singing in their seats during dinner and still belting out the lyrics during the last song of the night. Almost every single good-bye from guests at the end of the night included some comment on how awesome the DJ was.Beyond being a fantastic dance instructor and DJ, both my wife and I loved working with Dorian because of his personality. He is extraordinarily positive and an extreme pleasure to be around. We were both excited to go to our lesson each day during the week. Both sets of parents even came to one lesson and both left after one hour saying they wanted more time/lessons with him and immediately had great feelings about him. If we lived in the area we both agreed we would continue taking lessons from him. You will be glad you took the time to meet and learn from Dorian if you ever have the pleasure. More...


Taylor Kidd

26 May 2018

Had an absolute blast at our lessons with Dorian and we left feeling truly confident in our wedding first dance. We're no experts, but we learned enough to impress ourselves! Mostly, we now have the confidence to have FUN while dancing rather than worrying what we look like/feeling self-conscience. Would definitely recommend! More...


Taylor K.

5 July 2017

Had a wonderful experience with Dorian -- he was a patient teacher and we had so much fun at every session! We felt confident doing our first dance at our wedding -- it was a blast! Now that the wedding's over, we can't wait to learn more from him in future lessons. More...


Juan Luciano

26 May 2017

Dorian is a true miracle worker; with only 5 lessons and 2 weeks before our wedding, he was able to take us from stepping on each others feet to bona-fide dancers! His knowledge on a wide variety of dance styles is truly extraordinary, and he helping us choose are song and match it to the right dancing style. His friendly attitude and infectious natural energy really bring you out of your shell, even if you don't think of yourself as the "dancing type." I would recommend him 100% to anyone working on their special wedding dance. More...


Marji Hunnewell

26 May 2017

Dorian was the DJ for my daughter's wedding. Dorian is an excellent DJ! He could read the crowd and tailor the music to what was wanted at that moment. I would strongly recommend him for your next event! More...


Anthony Kaltner

26 May 2017

Dorian was a great dance instructor. He was able to teach us the basic in just a couple of weeks for our wedding.


Beth Sadow Kirsch

26 May 2017

Dorian is the BEST! We came to him with 2 weeks until our wedding, and in 5 classes, we had a full wedding routine. He was patient, kind, and constructive in feedback in making sure we understood our dance steps and made them our own. He let us know his goal was to make it "our dance, not just the dance Dorian taught you" and he gave us the support and skills to make that happen! Our guests were WOWED on our wedding day! He has a great studio in his home that is spacious and easy to get to. TOTALLY recommend if you want a wedding dance that isn't the usual 'swaying'. More...


Kristina Hamilton

26 May 2017

We came across Dorian through the DJ we booked for our wedding. We went to a free lesson (due to booking with the DJ) and I was hooked. I've always wanted to take dance lessons and this was the perfect occasion. If I lived closer I would FOR SURE go see him again. The lessons leading up to the wedding were 100% beneficial to us EXCEPT my wedding dress made it nearly impossible for my husband to maneuver around BUT that we expected (not Dorian's fault). Thank You DORIAN! More...


Gayle K.

19 November 2016

Dorian is honestly one of the kindest, most genuine humans I have ever met! We were referred to him through our wedding venue-we were interested in a DJ as well as someone who could choreograph a wedding dance. In Dorian, found so much more than what we were looking for. He has the ability to not only "teach us to dance" but he taught us how like relationships, dance is all about "listening" to your partner. We got so much more than we ever expected. He also DJ'd our wedding and since we had spent several months learning to dance with him, he really played music that spoke to us and to our audience. The evening was absolutely magical and I'm afraid without Dorian, the memories of the evening just wouldn't be the same! We also have a friend for life! Thanks Dorian for everything -but especially for being YOU! Your gifts are endless!!! More...


Christina M.

5 November 2016

I was absolutely dreading my first dance lesson with Dorian! I am wildly uncoordinated and didn't think any amount of lessons could help. After one hour with him, I have completely changed my tune! My future husband and I left feeling inspired, motivated, and so much more excited for our first weeding dance! Dorian was patient, optimistic, and a true teacher. We started at the very beginning and worked our way up. We purchased 10 additional lessons, all of which can be used for our wedding dance, or others that they offer. He has a gorgeous studio in his basement that feels very professional. His experience shines through in every interaction and I really look forward to continuing to work with him. More...


Ebenezer's Anni L.

5 November 2016

All I can say is WOW. This man knows his stuff. A few years ago, my then-wife and I took a rec and ed course on basic ballroom dancing that was taught by Dorian. He has clear passion for dancing and for sharing his amazing gift with others.  He also has the right ATTITUDE to be an effective instructor.Patient, understanding, knowing how to work with "room temperature IQ" types who are "legends in their own minds", and effectively dealing with Fred Astaire wannabes with two left feet, Dorian gave all the people in the class COMPETENCE and CONFIDENCE, when it was clear that he was so, so, so much better than those in the class.I simply cannot give a stronger recommendation to this outstanding teacher. He is a fabulous dancer with loads of talent but makes everyone feel that they are making good progress.If I had to select just one person to teach me ballroom dancing for an important event (holiday party, wedding, etc.), I would entrust that awesome responsibility to Dorian Deaver. It is similar to recruiting Michael Jordan or LeBron James to teach a basic high school basketball clinic. Damn! You simply cannot do better.Recommend heartily!--------------Disclosure: I did not receive anything (not even a pair of stinky socks) for submitting this review. Other than being a former student, I have no connection with Mr. Deaver. Good luck! More...


Whitney Begeman

26 May 2016

My husband and I took 10 private lessons with Dorian in preparation for our first dance at our wedding. Although I have a background in ballet and my husband is athletic, neither of us had any experience with ballroom dance. Dorian took us under his wing and gradually showed us the ropes of the Latin Hustle. While our dance skills certainly improved from week to week, even more importantly so did our connection with one another. This is because Dorian's teaching style helps couples learn to dance (and communicate) through touch and feeling one another rather than through memorizing a predetermined arrangement of steps. Dorian did indeed help us have fun and look great on the dance floor but more than that, our dance lessons with him brought us closer together as a couple. Dorian is truly a gem and a very talented dance instructor. We can't thank him enough! More...

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