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DNAsix® is a unique business consultancy system designed for today’s increasingly digital world.

DNAsix® provides bespoke digital strategies for a range of organisations who want to embrace change and engage with modern methods of communications.



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I've spent the past 25 years in the communications world and I am utterly passionate about helping businesses of all shapes and sizes use all the communications channels effectively to ensure long term success.

Every client I work with teaches me something - whether they are an SME or multinational. This helps me to learn and ultimately makes me an even better consultant. That's what I really love - learning and helping others to learn too!

I set my first business (2010media) up in 2009 as a response to the changing marketing environment. This grew successfully until I joined a major membership organisation to carry out a major digital transformation project. DNAsix was born out the need to help all organisations transform to meet the needs of an increasingly digital world.

Whilst no one is totally unique, there are very few people like me. As well as an encyclopaedic understanding of communications, I have worked with sales, HR, PR, IT and internal comms teams. I offer a totally holistic approach to business, built on training over 3,500 people to use social media and digital channels. I have written two books, trained all over the world and have developed my own trademarked business model which I use in all my consultancy, training and workshops. If you want someone who totally understands today's business environment, then I'm your man!



As well as creating bespoke digital strategies for clients, I can then coach or train them to implement these strategies using my DNAsix® six-step model as the foundation.