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* Overcome Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Anger & Relationship Problems
* Get to the Root & Core
* Achieve Up to 3 Months Worth of Therapy in Each Session
* Find & Fix Hot-Buttons, Trigger Points & Emotional Baggage



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One of the things that I like most about doing the type of intensive work that we do is that I get to see people come in with painful experiences and emotional baggage that has crippled them for years or decades and see them go from a ’10' all the way down to a ‘0' in just a few sessions,. This is great and fantastic and it makes it really easy to get up and go to work in the morning. I look forward to being the baggage handler who specializes in helping you lose your baggage. You know how some McDonald’s restaurants have a sign outside showing how many billions of burgers have been sold. I have a McDonald’s counter in my head that counts the amount of baggage that I help people lose. This is how I measure my success and the success of my practice. This is my true bottom line, if we have gotten rid of a lot of baggage and moved the McDonald’s counter a lot in a week, then we had a good week.

Years ago, I went through a career crisis. I had become a psychologist so that I could help people make life altering changes – but I wasn’t seeing those kind of changes in my clients or in my supervisor’s clients. I gave myself 2 years to find what really worked or I was going to have to find another field of work.

I traveled across the country, getting different trainings and looking at different models. I took the most effective therapies and blended them together to get to the core in a fast and focused way, to resolve problems at the root instead of just putting a bandaid on them.

At first, I tried to squeeze everything into standard 45-minute sessions. That worked for some clients but many were still stuck. I started scheduling my clients who weren’t making real progress at the end of the day so that we could go over if needed. I found that just about all of my previously stuck clients started making real progress with 90-minute or 3-hour sessions.

So I reorganized the practice into what it is today – 90-minute sessions where we help you achieve up to a month’s worth of counseling in each session, 3-hour sessions where we help you achieve up to 3 month’s of counseling and ‘mental health days’ (a 3-hour session in the morning and another 3-hour session in the afternoon) where you can achieve up to 6 months of counseling in a single day.

I am here to do whatever-it-takes to help you to get get rid of your emotional baggage and to get you to the other side of your problems as quickly as humanly possible.

* Double major in math and psychology, Swarthmore College
* Masters and Ph.D. in clinical psychology, Rutgers University
* Fellowship, Yale University

* Graduated with distinction in psychology
* Highest score in state on licensing exam for psychologists

* Director of outpatient counseling, Klingberg Family Centers
* Clinical instructor, Yale School of Medicine