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I offer Hypnotherapy to help with a whole range of issues including Stopping Smoking, Weight Control including virtual Gastric band, Stress, Phobias and Fears, Depression, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Examination and driving test nerves, and much much more.


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20 February 2020

I visited Dr David on 30th December. I wanted not only to lose weight, but mainly I wanted to curb my huge appetite for cakes, chocolate and all things sweet. I was put into the most amazing relaxed state, feeling wonderful after the session. After a couple of weeks, my appetite for sweet foods totally disappeared. Now six weeks later and 1 stone lighter, the results have been amazing. I really don't ever crave anything sweet, it has been truly amazing. I would recommend David to anyone. More...

21 November 2019

David was very nice he made you feel at ease and understood what you were hoping to get help with
My thing was to stop smoking and I would recommend David to any one

Thank you Carol, feedback is always appreciated! Welcome to the world of non smokers.

25 September 2019

very professional and reasuring.

18 September 2019

professional and courteous , felt very comfortable and able to talk freely.After one session with this amazing man for the first time in years i got the feeling of total relaxation and was able to sleep well that night . thank you so much .

15 February 2019

Quit smoking with the help of Dr David. Amazing service. From nearly 40 a day to nothing and done it with ease. Highly highly recommended

28 October 2018

Helped me to overcome anxiety! Professional and at a reasonable price!

8 August 2018

Very professional and felt very positive

23 July 2018

Helped me to stop drinking. Very good service at a very good price! Would definitely recommend

26 May 2018

I visited David in his Gateshead practice, he told me he could help me stop smoking in just one session. I must admit I was rather sceptical as all the other therapists were quoting me at least 5 sessions and many hundreds of pounds. David charged me only £65 which to be honest is less than I would have spent in a week as a dedicated smoker!It is now three months since I visited David, I have never wanted or needed a cigarette, what can I say ...truly amazing! More...

22 May 2018

I went to David to help stop smoking. He told me  that it would only take one session. I have to admit I was sceptical as I had telephoned other hypnotherapists and they were all telling me that it would take up to 6 sessions and were quoting between 500 and a 1000. Here was David quoting only 65. But guess what went to see him in February, walked out of his door and never smoked since. More...

18 May 2018

I visited David in his Gateshead office, he promised me That he could help me stop smoking in just one session. The session cost me £65, which was less than my weekly spend on cigarettes, I have to admit that I was somewhat Sceptical! Well that was three months ago and I am happy to report that I have never smoked again....truly amazing. More...

26 May 2017

Absolutely amazing and truly professional, stopped me smoking with just one session!

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Having used Hypnotherapy myself and finding the positive benefits I enjoy sharing the experience.

I came into Hypnotherapy when my marriage broke down, I was severely depressed and as a last resort I turned to a Hypnotherapist. I was amazed at the change it brought about in my life and now I enjoy bringing changes into other peoples lives.

I may not appear to be the lowest price, indeed some therapists will appear to be charging a lot more than I do! However what you have to ask yourself is thee two questions:
1) How many sessions will I need, I know some people have told me that they have been quoted multiple sessions which ends up costing a small fortune. In almost all cases I can help you with just one session.
2) How experienced and qualified is the therapist? Unfortunately Hypnotherapy is not legally controlled and anyone can set themselves up as a therapist, there are some very dubious qualifications about. I have a PhD and a BSc in Psychology. I have been in practice for 27 years and have a success rate of over 96%.