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Tyrease Phillips

31 August 2018

Ok so let me first say Dr. Fugate is the truth. He understand your needs and give complete informative advice. He understands that he is not there to be against you but to have a safe environment that better fits the community and yourself. So, if you are a pilot and needing a evaluation he is your man. If you are someone who really needs a Doctor who will be able to diagnose then by all means give him a call. He does not accept insurance per se, but will give you the paperwork to bill your insurance. He is well worth the time and effort to get an appointment with him. And soon to be and pilots alike $600 for the two hour appointment and paperwork to follow. He is your man. Ex- Navy. He serve us now let’s show him our respect. Book an appointment your psych is worth it. More...


voice from the shadows

2 July 2018

Was in severe treatment resistant clinical depression. The absolute darkness and overwhelming agony made it look pretty certain I was too far gone. My old doc didn't know what to do as I failed just about all treatment. I remembered Dr. Dunner because I got to see him years ago, his skill set seemed elite. It only seemed logical that Dr. Dunner is extremely selective and will only work with the 1% of the 1% in his practice.In a last and desperate effort I thought I'd see if I could get an appointment there just for the hell of it. I actually got one. Dr. F brought me back and saved my life. He's the kind of person I'd like to be one day. More...

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