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I have a passion for digital photography and Photoshop editing. I’m a good listener, patient, well practiced in the art, and get great joy from sharing my passion with others - that makes me a great camera coach and an experienced photographer with the knowledge and equipment required to turn a client's vision into a reality.


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11 April 2019

David was very welcoming and low-key. Posing for photos is one of my least favorite activities, but David made it easy, with precise instructions. After he took about 50 pictures, we looked at the results together and narrowed down our choices. The entire operation lasted a little under an hour, I received the link for the pics within hours. The pics came out much better than I anticipated. Also commendable are the availability of the photographer and quick turnaround time, as well as the fact that David's rates are quite reasonable. More...



29 March 2019

Professional work at a reasonable cost. Would use him again. Thank you, Bark.


Tonya Jaramillo

20 March 2019

I would highly recommend David Hood, he took the extra time to scout out locations and that really helped me out a lot!! I have great senior pictures of my two boys and couldn't be happier. Thanks More...



6 November 2018

David Hood is an exceptional photographer. His pictures are amazing! He takes time to make the subject feel comfortable and at ease. He took photos or my special needs child and his best friend. The boys had a great time.

His business practices are fantastic, he prices are well below what I would have payed at any other studio. He releases the rights to all pictures allowing me to make prints any where I would like.

Great guy!!!!


First, have the right equipment for the job ( camera, lens focal length, and off camera lighting as required). Second, understanding the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) and how to adjust these camera settings to create the image envisioned. Third, practice and experience leads to confidence and confidence leads to creativity. In addition always shoot in camera raw and take the time and effort to learn Photoshop editing techniques. Last, understand that you will never know it all and endeavor to learn from your mistakes and consistently improve your craft.

What is the client's "vision" for the desired photo and does the client have any inputs or suggestions? What is the location of the photo shoot, and for non-studio shoots is the client looking for suggestions from the photographer? What is the timeline from photo shoot to delivery? What happens in the event of rain outs or last minute location changes? What is the deliverable (print, digital file, etc.)? What are the client's rights to the delivered product - will the professional retain copyright, or will the client be free to copy, print and share as desired? What is the client's understanding of payment terms? How will disagreements be handled?

My business mantra is "Capture the Wonders Found in Travel and Life". I love meeting new people and sharing my passion for photography and providing memories that will last for generations. This recent comment from a client meant more to me than the fee I was paid: "David, I want to thank you again for the pictures. My dad passed away on April 22nd. What you did for us will never go unappreciated. All of us girls have been so close since that day. You did more than shoot pictures. You brought our family closer together. Thank you."

Photography is a rewarding but expensive pursuit. It occurred to me that I could share with others in a short time what took me years to learn. So I obtained the required licenses from the city and county in August of 2015 and began business as a sole proprietor. Soon thereafter I signed an agreement with an on-line major commercial real estate firm and began shooting for residential real estate brokers as well. I did a lot of pro-bono work taking team and individual photos for our grandsons' sports teams and from that began doing head shots and portraits (graduation, engagement, and maternity). I've since expanded into a variety of special events such as reunions, birthdays, grad parties, and quincineras.

My pricing is reasonable, I have the right equipment for a wide variety of photo venues, I'm patient and flexible, I'm a good listener, I have the maturity, knowledge and experience to produce a quality product, and I have a genuine interest in pleasing the client.



Commercial property photographs used for marketing, web, and brochures.

Small intimate weddings, corporate and association conventions/conferences, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions, festivals, engaged couple and maternity photo shoots, and quinceaneras.

Indoor and Outdoor sports photos for basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, track, rugby, swimming, etc. Includes action, individual and team photos.

Studio and on-location photos of children, family groups and individuals.

Headshots in studio or on-site for company/corporate website, professional use, and social media.

Gain the confidence to take your DSLR off "auto" mode and control aperture, shutter speed and ISO to produce photos that will amaze your friends and family.

Everyone with a smart phone is a photographer, but it takes quality photos with proper colors, inviting composition, balanced lighting, and distortion free horizontals and verticals to add that "edge" to your MLS marketing and attract more buyers to your listing.