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I am a highly accomplished, award winning, Company Director, Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Motivational Speaker. I’m passionate about helping others succeed and driving businesses forward to achieve their full potential.

I Co-founded APC Solutions Group when I was just 18, it is now a leading global specialist in Wireless Communications & Network Infrastructure.



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APC Solutions is a leading worldwide specialist in wireless communications, network infrastructure and mobile computing. Founded in 1996 by David Bell and Chris Lynch, APC’s original focus was on commercial IT equipment. However, as wireless technology began to mature, the company began to develop particular expertise in this area and network infrastructure. APC deployed its first wireless link in 1999, and went on to add mobile computing to its core business. APC now has offices in four continents around the world. London, England in Europe, Cape Town in South Africa, Fremont, Ohio in North America and Qatar in the Middle East. David is proud of what APC has achieved — as a Motorola Premium Partner, it's the only supplier in Europe that carries the company’s whole product range — and it jealously guards its excellent track record of looking after its clients.

I am offering mentor and coaching services to all types of businesses including newly formed start-up companies. I am looking to work with great people who have great ideas, but just need some guidance and mentoring to help them along the road to success. I want to help grow you from an ordinary to an extraordinary leader and individual. I am a member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IoEE) (MIoEE) and run my own successful communications business, which I built from scratch from the young age of 18. Over the past 17 years I have made mistakes and learnt from these errors, but to succeed in business and life you must also learn to fail. If you are not making mistakes you are simply not dreaming big enough. I have developed and enhanced my business skills, but more importantly I have learned a lot about myself and how to achieve your goals. Little steps each day will certainly result in greatness and achieving your dreams over time.

For over a decade, I have delivered keynote presentations for business meetings, conferences, awards evenings and training programmes. Providing inspirational and motivational speeches to fun and informative seminars.

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I work with businesses to gain clarity and enhance their vision. With over 20 years experience in the Technology Sector running business, I am able to guide and work with companies to achieve success.

All businesses and individuals require training, whether it is one on one training, team training or specialised training, whatever the requirements Simboc can help. Simboc can tailor the training to the needs of the individual or business.