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Cloud Computing – the silver lining for business
Virus Prevention, Protection and Security
Data loss – it can be a business disaster!
Data backup – it’s not an option
Data recovery – for when the chips are down


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When I go out to to visit people in their homes or offices I know it's going to be a technical challenge; a chance to meet delightful and interesting people and to see what they do and how they use the technology.

I kept finding that corporate policy got in the way of solving problems in the best way. Working round office politics often seemed to mean slowing down and not offering the best or fastest solution.

It's probably best to ask my existing clients but I offer a combination of in-depth technical knowledge; an awareness of what it means to rely on equipment and the reliability so you know you are in capable hands and I won't leave you in the lurch. http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ianbutterworthdaubeneysit/