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Darrolls Attorneys is a one-man practice that dedicates itself to a limited range of legal services, namely: commercial and general contracts; ante-nuptial contracts; notarial contracts; property transfers; employment law;


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Yakkity Smn

Hi Darroll

I just wanted to say a big, big thank you from myself and my partner Joe for your article on preparing for a disciplinary hearing. Joe had has hearing today and I helped him to prepare for it using the advice from your blog. He won I am happy to say! If he had lost his job today it would have probably ended up with us being homeless, as we are having to move flat at the end of this month and you can’t rent in London without a job, so this victory means everything to us!

The company he works for is so evil, they didn’t even have an option for “no action taken” on their hearing decision form; they had to go away and get HR to rewrite the form for them just for this case!

Joe has seen about eight colleagues dismissed for various reasons in the two years he’s been there, after being dragged through their just-legal-enough-to-cover-their-asses disciplinary procedure. They rule by fear but I am happy to say that they didn’t win this time so thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this article!! We truly “stuck it to the man”! You rule!

Lots of love,

Sarah & Joe : )

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1. Solving a client's problems. 2. Leaving a client better off than when he came to see us.

The wish to be of service to my community. I love that feeling of satisfaction when a client walks out of my office and says to me, "I am glad I came. I feel much better now."

Because it is preferable to work with an attorney who is dedicated to his client rather than with an attorney's firm where one has to deal with a hierarchy.