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The SMIT Method is the end result of over a decade of experience in the gym shaving away inefficiencies and wasted effort to ensure rapid results through a specific taylor made plan for the individual. Every person is different and must be provided for specifically to his or her own needs, wants, goals, etc.


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A thorough individual assessment questionnaire is completed and goals established. Then the process of The SMIT Method can be applied!

A keen evaluation of all aspects of a person from physical ability to mental fortitude, to adherence to certain principles are all important. But at the end of the day it boils down to consistency and practical application of tried and true methods that are both healthy and effective!

Showing others that they are capable of far more than they imagine. Watching those changes take place is the most rewarding paycheck of any occupation and to be a part of those changes is an honor.

Not only working for myself but working for each individual client is both to be my own boss and also have a plethora of other bosses! Never a dull moment!

Clients of mine will encounter a professional and objective trainer with a medical and linguistics background who will put their needs first and deliver 100% each and every time. I am extremely well rounded and easy to work with. I will encourage and urge, not break down or belittle. The clients' goals and needs are paramount. I work for you.


I design diets and training regimen to prepare physique athletes for shows. This includes extreme fat loss and final prep week water manipulation.