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We are a long and short term dog boarding and training facility. For over 16 years we’ve provided the highest standard of care in the industry!
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Alexious Butler

13 August 2019

My hyper-active dog came back a much better behaved version of himself after 2 months at Dancing Creek working with Sheril! The dogs have a lot of space to run and play. They also send you adorable pics and videos of your fur baby so you can see how well the training is going. Would definitely recommend this place! More...


Steve Keramidas

5 July 2019

Tamara and her staff at Dancing Creek Farm (DCF) have been absolutely fantastic with our female Great Dane, Harley Rose. Harley is normally a little timid around strangers and so we were worried, especially since we were shipping her to Dancing Creek Farm from Japan without us! DCF kept us posted from pickup through the 6 months she was at the farm through very responsive email replies, videos, and pictures on their Facebook page! Love Dancing Creek Farm and highly recommend them to anyone in need of boarding your dog, either short or long term, Dancing Creek Farm will cater to your needs. More...


Heidi Owen

23 June 2019

My family and friends only use dancing creek farm. I know the owner personally and no one will love and care for your fur babies like she does. Highly recommend.


Brianna Chevalier

20 June 2019

Very helpful and intelligent staff!


Carly Capolupo

20 June 2019

Wonderful staff! Knowledgeable and friendly!


Kari Powell

9 June 2019

I've been having problems with my Rottie.. Amanda suggested you. She's helped me so much and I trust in her. Please, Please contact me. Thank you. Sincerely Kari Powell


Michael Cohn

6 June 2019

Due to a series of unfortunate events we were forced to decide whether we to rehome our dog or find a long-term boarding solution. I couldn’t bare losing her, so boarding it was! Deciding to leave your dog in someone else’s care is never an easy decision, but after doing a ton of research on different options I fell in love with Dancing Creek Farms. Tamara’s facility is wonderful and clean with a lot of hard-to-find offerings. It was important to me that our pup got socialization with other dogs and wasn’t kept in a cage. I also wanted to make sure she’d have quality food and one-on-one time. The facility really is impressive, and their mission of providing care and a place for dogs to be during hard times is inspiring. Since our pup was untrained and a bit of a disaster on walks, we added on training classes during to get paws in line, but never did we expect her to make such a transformation! Our girl is also the shyest pup I’ve ever met. It takes a lot of patience for her to open up to you. I was positively delighted when I received videos of her walking beside Sheril (her trainer), sitting for her, and staying! She even became excited for her training sessions and began being a role model for other dogs, never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to see her like that. She was also taught to be off leash, and a few other neat tricks such as stacking treats on her nose and having her wait for the command to drop and eat them. Simply wonderful. We were also fortunate to be able to have Sheril drive up to bring Sadie home and work with us for a few days to ease the transition and make sure we knew how to communicate with her. She took time to work with both my husband and myself separately to correct mistakes and suggest any changes. Since then we have gone on a few walks with Sadie and it’s been great! More...


Abdiel Colberg

3 June 2019

I could not be more happy and greatful of Dancing Creek Farm and the whole team. They took care of my two dogs for almost a full year! Their care, attention and love for my dogs and all the animals there is as true and real as it could be. My dogs where happy and as healthy as they can be the whole time they where there. Although I missed my dogs dearly, I had peace of mind because I knew they where well taken care off and they where happy. Can’t thank them enough. Recommended 200%. More...


Kristin Geraghty Sanders

14 May 2019

We cannot say enough positive comments about DCF! We needed to be out of the country for work but we’re besides ourselves about how we would care for our pups (sadly due to circumstances taking them wouldn’t have been an option for them due to the distance/their ages/personalities (can get stressed)). We found DCF! The staff is amazing! They provide love, attention, exercise and a personal healthy diet for your pup. We were able to take them out for a few weeks during the holidays on a trip back to the US. Our pups were so happy, healthy and well adjusted:-). When we do get back permanently I know they were love to have periodic stays to enjoy all the farm has to offer and visit with their mates ❤️. We love DCF More...


Maggie Snyder

7 April 2019

Just picked up my pup from 2 months on the farm!she came home happy, healthy, and 10lbs lighter!! I can’t recommend DCF enough! I know she had an amazing time there. Best place (for an incredible price) for long term boarding! More...


Erika BK Weathersby

24 March 2019

thank you so much for taking care of our #trooperdcf he is so happy to be home with us. he even lost weight playing around with the other dogs. thanks again for loving him like your own. More...


Kasimir Wnuk

23 March 2019

Picked up Mischa today from a two+ month stay at DCF. She’s happy and healthy. I can’t thank them enough, I had a long transit period between duty stations, and without DCF I think I would have had to re-home my puppers. They respond to email very quickly, and in my opinion the long term pricing is very reasonable. Would definitely use again if I’m back on the east coast. More...


Billy Heaton

26 February 2019

Wow Dancing Creek Farm is absolutely amazing, I was over seas working when my dog sitter had told me that She was no longer able to watch my sweet boys and I had just a few weeks to find a new place for them to stay for the remaining six months of my contract. I contacted Tamara and she said she would love to take Tyson and Apollo for that time. My communication was very limited due to the poor internet quality of where I was working and living and she understood that right away and was able to do majority of the communication with my mother throughout their stay at the farm. During their stay their diets had switched to a great grain free diet with all sorts of natural and wholistic supplements that helped them lose weight and bring out their coats. When I went to pick them up yesterday and got to see the facilities for the first time I was so happy that I had chosen Dancing Creek Farm as the place was pristine and looked like the ultimate doggy camp. With ample room for each cabin pen for the dogs to get up and outside to use the bathroom to the massive pasture that they would run in everyday I couldn’t have chosen a better place. Thank you Tamara and thank you Dancing Creek Farm for your help and for watching Tyson and Apollo. More...


Vern Moody

21 February 2019

Benji had his first boarding this past weekend! Everyone at Dancing Creek farm was so nice and I felt great about leaving him there. When we picked him up he was all groomed and very happy! Definitely would recommend them ! Very attentive to details. Thanks More...


Amanda Finchem

7 February 2019

We needed a place to board our dog for a month and knew that he would suffer in a traditional boarding facility. The cabin like setting with opportunities for him to make dog friends is what drew us to DCF and gave us the peace of mind to travel for an extended holiday. We opted for the 4 week board and train. Brody has always been reactive to strangers and somewhat aloof. He came back to us more relaxed and affectionate. Sheril was fantastic at getting him to focus and follow commands without being distracted. He is now a pleasure to walk and is happy when kids and neighbors come to the house. Overall a fantastic experience! More...


Alisha Diane

26 January 2019

DCF was a godsend as I had to find a place for my dog rather quickly. The process was smooth and I knew that my dog was getting excellent care. Knowing that he was at DCF alleviated so much worry and I’ll be forever grateful for their excellent attention and care to my fur baby. More...


Lisa Doucet

25 January 2019

We live near Washington DC and wanted a good place for our three dogs to stay for several months while we are in the process of moving. We feel so lucky to have found Dancing Creek. Jackie in the transportation group picked our dogs up from our house. She was very sensitive to the fact that we were sad to be apart from them, and allowed us all the time we needed to say goodbye to our pups. She made sure that they were transported safely to the farm. We could tell immediately how well cared for our dogs would be. DCF has so much to offer - from the frequent pictures and videos, the unique cabins, large fenced field to run in and the great staff. Though we miss our dogs I feel comforted in knowing that they are safe and happy. We highly recommend Dancing Creek. More...


Jesse Davis

14 January 2019

Dancing Creek was everything we hoped it would be and more. We live near Atlanta and wanted a safe and healthy environment for our Border Collie mix, to stay for a 2 month period. Dancing Creek was the perfect place. Everything from their quality staff, the unique dog housing, the high quality food provided, to the freedom for our dog to run and play with other dogs, made for a perfect vacation place for our dog while we were away. We also took advantage of the training program offered - and are really glad we did! While DCF is a long way from Atlanta, it is well worth the drive. We highly recommend Dancing Creek. More...


Sharon Davis

14 January 2019

Sheril Carr, DCF's trainer is truling amazing. While Charlie, our border collie/greyhound mix, was being boarded at DCF we took advantage of the Dog Training program they offered. Our dog has a very good disposition, however, being extremely energetic, it has been difficult to take him for walks as well as get him to respond to basic behavioral commands. When we picked Charlie up to bring him home we couldn’t believe how much Sheril had taught him and how well he would respond to commands. Sheril is clearly a professional trainer and very skilled at what she does. Moreover, it is obvious she truly loves dogs and has a passion for training them. More...


Snufiri Luphagus

9 January 2019

WHAT A WORLD of DIFFERENCE! I dropped off "MONSTER" for a 4 month extended stay with training. After working with Sheril Carr, "MONSTER" became a perfect "Gentleman". He is now a completely different dog... His past hobbies were PULL, WHINE, PULL, SPRINT-PULL all the way to the dog park. Now he walks with you, is super chill 24/7 and still loves to play. I can't thank Sheril and the Crew from Dancing Creek Farm enough! More...


Kelli Bay Davis

26 December 2018

Thank you Dancing Creek for taking such fabulous care of our sweet Boston Terrier, Millie! We were very much at ease knowing she was with you all. Millie looks fantastic after her 4+ month stay and we are super grateful! We loved the pics you posted of her on FB and Instagram while we were away. Thank you for caring for her like she was your own. We highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a special place for their sweet pup. More...


Jan Holbrook

30 November 2018

Milo, Willow and Red enjoyed their two week adventure at Dancing Creek! They got lots of exercise and attention, and we had peace of mind that they were safe and sound and in good hands!The staff is very caring! We highly recommend Dancing Creek. More...


Agnieszka Antczak- Michalska

27 November 2018

We have 8months Labrador SKY. She was boarding for one week. I was a bit afraid about her boarding,.... DCF posted pictures and movies of SKY, she was so happy... I know we picked the best place for her. She will be back to DCF for another 3 weeks and some training program. Can’t wait... I see a big change in her behavior after one week, I’m looking forward for more changes in SKY. If you need a place for your dog during your vacation I truly recommend DCF.!!! More...


Janet Davis

24 November 2018

I left my pup, Teddy, with Dancing Creek Farm over the Thanksgiving holiday week. Communication was great, and Teddy was well-cared for. I highly recommend them!


Mary West Howell

17 November 2018

We could not be more pleased with the care after baby got at dancing Creek Farm. The Facebook updates are great for easing human anxieties as well. Definitely reccomend.


Danny Pushkin

5 November 2018

We were out of options with our new 170 pound rescue Efes and up against that wall, but Tamara of Dancing Creek was able to patiently walk us through the process and help us figure out how best to meet his needs and get him the training and support he needed to turn his life around. No exaggeration there: It certainly didn't happen over night, and this stuff took serious hard work, but we placed our faith in them and they blew every expectation away. Efes came with a lot of baggage and incomplete K-9 training. We took the drive down to Dancing Creek as a leap of faith, with no place else to go. Seems like he instinctively formed a special bond with Dakota, and its clear that he was well-loved and taken care of every step of the way. These folks love Dogs, and they know what they are doing. Tamara healed him from the inside out. Full stop. It's a scary thing to place your trust in strangers on the internet. On a frosty November morning we drove down to finally pick our boy up, and were greeted warmly by the Dancing Creek family we had come to know through video clips, photos, and emails that were posted daily, rain, shine, or Hurricane. (Yes you read that right! They communicated their preparations and updated everyone on the status of the storms, and restoration of power, too) The dog we met was a whole new Efes- joyful, agile, confident, focussed, and finally free from the abuse and worry that had haunted him for so long. Sheril is a phenomenal trainer, and their whole staff are dedicated to the work and making serious progress. Efes has now graduated from the Dancing Creek obedience program, and successfully earned both his AKC Canine Good Citizen certification, and Advanced CGC. And his coat looks goood! Can these women handle My dog? Yes. More...


Ashley Foley

30 October 2018

Dancing creek has truly been my savior over the past six months! I have a very sporadic and hectic travel schedule for work and they are able to help me out every single time. The training my dogs received while they were at Dancing Creek was fantastic and has made the time I do have at home with my pups far more enjoyable. The in home training sessions with trainer Sheril were especially helpful with getting my two pups used to city life again, and getting me up to speed fast on how to keep up with their training. I recommend Dancing Creek to all of my friends and am so thankful I know I have a wonderful place for my dogs to go when I am out of town. More...


Jill Garrett

30 October 2018

What an amazing resort for your dog/pet/best friend! Beautiful, clean grounds are exactly where you would want to leave your dog. Heated and air conditioned “cabins” with outdoor access. I love that Hamilton has been carefully paired with one or two other dogs who have kept him company and become his “pack.” Opportunities for training, long runs, individual attention and more. Lots of videos and photos to kept track of our boy. Highly recommend! More...


Louella Young

12 October 2018

They truly love the animals they care for: from the healthy food they feed them, the exercise and training they receive, the loving lavender spa treatment they love.


Brandy Covington

7 October 2018

The staff at Dancing Creek was wonderful. They posted pictures on Facebook so I could check up on them, answered my texts quickly and even offered to let me Skype with my girls. They listened to all my concerns about one of my anxiety prone girls and what I was worried could happen. They took special precautions with her cabin and offered to do sound therapy training to help with her thunderstorm anxiety. The trainer Sheril even called me directly to discuss our needs and to explain the process in depth. I think it has helped a great deal even though they were only there a short amount of time. These ladies truly do care about the animals and it shows! Would definitely board with them again in the future! More...


Jessica Lowther

12 September 2018

DCF took such good care of our pup while we had to be away this summer for work. We were concerned that our recent rescue with separation anxiety would regress while we were gone. CeCe came back to us healthy, more confident, and calmer. I am so glad we found this beautiful farm. I highly recommend training with Sheril! It’s clear that she is good at what she does and truly loves and understands dogs. More...


Natalia Borrego

17 August 2018

Dancing Creek Farm took the BEST care of my dog. I'm a bit of a nervous "dog mom" and was extremely nervous about leaving my dog (Lysander) for three months. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about -- everyone one at DCF was extremely communicative, caring, and went above and beyond to make sure Lysander was a healthy, happy doggo. From finding supplements to improve his skin and joints, to making sure he was getting love and attention, he was under amazing care. More...


Takehito Ikejiri

13 August 2018

After my three dogs staying at the farm for 6 months, I notice they are healthier, calmer, and more relaxed than before. The whole crew is very professional! They are exceptionally well experienced and care dogs very well! I highly recommend the farm for all dog owners. I will certainly come back to the farm w/o any hesitation in future. THANK YOU! More...


Anikka Norton

5 August 2018

Long overdue 5 star review for DCF: My husband and I left our fur baby Tashi in the loving hands of the staff here for 4 months while we were overseas. I was very anxious as we had never boarded her here before and never boarded her anywhere for this long. My anxiety didn’t last long though. As soon as I started to see the great pics and videos of Tashi on FB that Tamara posted regularly I was totally relieved and comforted. I got to see the cabin and outdoor area that was her home there, all the grounds of the big beautiful farm, the staff working with her and loving her each day, see her playing in all the different weather... My stress was gone and I could focus on the business of our trip without worrying about her at all. DCF was like a miracle for us. We researched a ton of places before deciding where we would leave her and none of the places seemed good enough, we started to think we would never find the right place, until we found DCF... Tamara responded quickly and thoroughly to all our questions and concerns, and was totally upfront about pricing for all the options we had to choose from. We were so impressed with what they offered that we drove from Chicago to take Tashi there, a long drive!! DCF is like heaven on earth for dogs, we honestly think she had a perfect life there, the only thing missing was us but she was so happy there I doubt she even missed us! The staff really does go above and beyond any expectations of a boarding facility, from the high quality food/supplements to the daily play time in the big field to the lavender towel treatments at bed time. We did the training program and I have to do a special shout-out to Sheril for the amazing work she did with Tashi and for the hour she spent with us when we picked her up. She showed us the techniques she used and the new things Tashi had learned, and made sure we understood everything so we could continue with that training when we took her home. Thank you Sheril!! There was no doubt in our minds that Tashi was a better dog when we picked her up, the training helped immensely and the diet they use made her lose excess weight, even her coat looked better. She looked so healthy and happy. If anyone reading this is trying to decide on where to board your dog, you don’t need to do any more research, just call DCF right now. You will have no regrets. HUGE THANK YOU to all the hardworking and loving staff at DCF for taking such good care of our baby!! If we need to board her again we will not hesitate to bring her back. It is so comforting to know that there is a place we can trust 100%. Highly recommend!! More...


Danielle McConnell Wild

4 August 2018

We’ve had our dogs here for over a year and couldn’t imagine leaving them anywhere else. The staff is always very responsive whenever I’ve had questions or made requests. When my dogs first arrived they were not eating great (which is not atypical for them), and DCF contacted me to let me know they were making special meals to increase caloric intake. Sure enough they were back to their normal eating patterns. I just can’t say enough positive things about Dancing Creek Farm! More...


Denise Esposito

29 July 2018

Awesome place for your loyal friend. The staff are wonderful. They take such good care of harley when he is there.


Josh Ducey

28 July 2018

We left our two dogs at Dancing Creek Farm while we were out of the country for a month. They took excellent care of them, and our family really appreciated the frequent updates on Facebook. Our strong-willed Husky especially has really shown improvements in his behavior. We will use them again, no question. More...


Kelly-Ann King

28 July 2018

We are a military family that recently relocated from Australia to the US. Dancing Creek Farm were fantastic to work with, helping me arrange boarding for our dog Perry on his arrival in the US. He spent a month on the farm playing and making new friends. We were delighted at the quality of the premises and the staff who genuinely care about the dogs they look after. Perry had a great time and has come home to his new house happy and even healthier �. Many thanks More...


Melissa Duvall

22 June 2018

Dancing creek farm is absolutely beautiful ! Like a vacation resort for dogs instead of humans . I was so impressed , other then the sounds of dogs barking you wouldn’t know dogs were there. Super clean and no smell ! Tamara is super knowledgeable about dogs and goes out of her way to make them not only comfortable but healthy as well ! I highly recommend her and her staff for your pets boarding and training! She also provides them with a high quality food which I also recommend. I say 10 �’s More...


Morgan Washburn

16 June 2018

We did the 2 week Board & Train program for our 11 month German Shorthaired Pointer. The people here were really nice and kept us updated daily with her training through Facebook posts, which we loved! Sheril did an awesome job understanding Bella’s hyper tendencies and knew exactly what to do to calm her down and get her listening to different commands. She is an amazing trainer and understood our dog and did a great job explaining everything to us when we picked her up. I would highly recommend Dancing Creek Farms for people looking to get their dog understanding basic commands and started on a training program. More...


Sharon Campbell

13 June 2018

Everyone did everything to make Heidi feel at home during her 4 weeks boarding. She was underweight when she arrived. They worked with her diet to get her on track. They took pictures or videos most everyday so I could see my girl Heidi. I definitely recommend Danning Creek Farm. Is the best!! More...


Sarah Iseley

11 June 2018

Our Sadie girl LOVED camp while we were away on vacation. Our kids looked forward to checking on her daily on Facebook. We could tell she had a great time playing all week since she is exhausted now! Thanks Tamara and staff for taking great care of our dog—we will be back! More...


Hilary Maxson

8 June 2018

We needed a place to leave our 2 Belgian Shepherd Malinois for almost 1-year for a stint in Hong Kong between 2 longer-term locations (Philippines and France). Our dogs are security trained and can be dog aggressive so difficult to find a place for them. We found Dancing Creek via internet and it has turned out better than we could ever have hoped. Not only are our dogs safe, but they are in a loving caring environment. Tamara and team alerted us to any health issue immediately so we could take care virtually. And the dog training option with Sheril has made this truly a 5-Star service. I highly recommend Dancing Creek for expats, military or whomever needs to leave their dogs for any reason. They will be in good hands! More...


Leticia Martinez

8 June 2018

Great people, facility and I had a peace of mind while in vacation.


Carolyn Byrd

5 June 2018

We just picked up our puppy, Daisy, where she spent 2-1/2 weeks training with Sheryl at Dancing Creek Farm. We are so pleased with Daisy’s progress. Sheryl is absolutely fantastic. Our area is fortunate to have this facility and a trainer like Sheryl. She is a Master Trainer and absolutely “knows her stuff.” Hope to have her come to our residence to continue both Daisy’s and our training. More...


Buzz Scott Johnson

30 May 2018

I have Boarded my dogs, twice now, with Dancing Creek Farm. The staff and the facilities give me great confidence, that the loved members of our family, are well cared for. When my dogs are with Dancing Creek Farm I miss them. I know however, they are in the best of hands! If I were to operate a boarding kennel, Dancing Creek Farm would be my model. Thanks! More...


Garrett Campbell

23 May 2018

My dog is staying there for 4 weeks. They are working with her diet to help her tummy troubles. Also she’s getting lots of attention and love.


Sugenest McWilliams

12 May 2018

Dancing Creek Farm is absolutely amazing!!!! For the past 4 years, Pele’ and Bailey has stayed at Dancing Creek Farm whenever I deployed, went to training and long-term travel...... Tammie and her staff truly cares about my dogs...from the food they eat and by the care given by the staff. I wouldn’t be able to do my job if it wasn’t for them. Having the peace of mind that my dogs that Pele’ and Bailey are in good hands lifts a tremendous weight off my back. Training by Sheril and her team is amazing!!! Pele’ and Bailey are completely different dogs. I was concerned that Pele’ and Bailey would have issues transitioning from the farm to the city. Sheril and her girls worked on Pele’ and Bailey at least 3X a week while I was away. Pele’ and Bailey stay on command, sit on command and does not bark when there are loud noises. They also are now more social with the other dogs in the apartment complex. Thank you Tammie and Sheril!!!! We are all enjoying the city life! More...


Vicki Joyce Goins

9 May 2018

I road by there on a daily basis delivering and, I must say that was the RITZ for MUTTS. Very clean and nice facility for animals...and that was from the road. Thank's for what you do for our furbabie's!! AWESOME!! More...


Cassie West

3 May 2018

Sheril is the most amazing awesome trainer!! Dog whisper. She's great. We own a kennel and raise German Shepherds and she's worked with our babies and been soo much help!! Thank you


Hamid Mahmood

16 April 2018

Great Service - Highly Recommended for Dog Boarding!


Lisa McDaniel

27 February 2018

Took my baby girl snuggles there for the first time. She did such a wonderful job. I will be taking her back. Thank you so much


Amanda Woodward

20 February 2018

Dancing Creek watched my dog Jackson while I was away for three weeks over the winter holidays. They did a great job! I felt like my dog was going on vacation too :) I could tell he loved having time to run around outside and play with other dogs. I highly recommend this affordable boarding option, particularly for longer trips! More...


Edith Herndon

6 February 2018

My german shepherd,Ada, had her first visit with Dancing Creek Farm this Jan. She was so calm and happy when I brought her home. The videos and pictures posted of her during her stay helped me feel that she was enjoying her vacation. She usually shows signs of distress if I have to leave her for more than a day or two, but not with Tamara and staff. I will recommend Dancing Creek and have only praise for the wonderful work and dedication of the staff. Thank you so much! More...


Brittany Callaham

6 February 2018

We are in the process of a PCS and we will be unable to have our dog, Sirius, with us for 5-6 months. Tamara and her staff have been excellent thus far responding to texts, emails, and posting photos of our pup to give us peace of mind. I could not be more grateful that Dancing Creek Farm exists! Pets are family and should be given the best quality of life when they are apart from us, Dancing Creek Farm ensures this. More...


Crystal Trammell Lawrance

6 February 2018

Top notch! The staff is amazing and the facility is beautiful! Very pleased with our grooming service!


Tom Gorman

4 February 2018

We have had our furbabies boarded here at Dancing Creek Farm for 2 years and we could not have been happier. From the staff, the facilities, the level of attention they would receive to the piece of mind they were in great hands. We loved seeing the pictures and videos of both our pups and of the others there. When we talk about our pups we point out the many benefits of what DCF provided over what was available in our local area. Such as the cabin and large personal outside area from DCF they had compared to that of a small concrete slab inside that other places had in the Washington DC area at more than twice the price. They loved their lavender towel treatment which we had not recieved at places before finding DCF. Also at DCF the huge fenced in field that they could run around and play in. I could go on and on, we highly recommend DCF and if you think it is a bit far to drive to they have a wonderful transport service too. Thank you DCF.: ) More...


Mou-Mou Great-Pyrenees

4 February 2018

I am in the farm now! Two paws up!!!


Leslie Toler Powell

31 January 2018

Tamara is top notch. I got my dogs groomed there and they look amazing. I highly recommend this facility for all your dog needs. My dog Rebel looks forward to running around on the farm soon!!! Thank you guys so much for taking extra special care of Lily (she's blind). You spoiled them both rotten. I have such piece of mind bringing them there. I don't trust my animals with just anyone. Thank you so so much!!! More...


Heather Jones Blas

27 January 2018

We work with Dancing Creek Farm on a regular basis by offering Relocation services for the dogs when it comes time for them to reunite with their family. All of the dogs come to us very happy and healthy after their stay at Dancing Creek Farm. It’s a great solution when you need long term boarding for your beloved pet. More...


Marti Yetter Perry

23 January 2018

Just picked up Lady, my 2 Year Old Collie!! Their groomer, Jessica is wonderful, the owner Tamera is knowledgeable and a great ambassador for dogs....and the boarding facility really needs to be seen to be appreciated!! I can’t reccomend highly enough!! More...


Jeanne Martin

19 January 2018

My son has had the best experience with his 2 dogs (his kids) at Dancing Creek Farm. Tamara has such a unique place for boarding dogs for an extended period of time, and an exceptional love for all the dogs in her care. My son's vet told him that Hoss needed to lose weight and last spring while Hoss was at Dancing Creek his diet there was healthy and he came home in July a slimmer and healthier weight....his Vet was very happy. Ziva is a special case in that she is petrified of any loud noises, any storms, thunder, gunshots, etc...they made sure to board up her surrounding area ao she would not hurt herself trying to get out. Staff go and sit with her during storms and put her in a thunder coat to keep her calm. The dogs are exercised, played with, and have their only little home and area. I highly recommend Dancing Creek to anyone who has to leave their dog for an extended stay. It has been a Godsend for my son to have this place for his dogs. More...


Yuko Nozaki Medvigy

6 January 2018

Our two senior dogs have been at Dancing Creek Farm since April, 2017 and I could not be happier with the quality of care Tamara and her team have provided for our dogs. I love Tamara's holistic approach and the amount of exercise the dogs get from running around in large fenced areas which I know my Jack Russell loves! They regularly post pictures and videos of our dogs, which all of us really appreciate and enjoy. I don't know what our family would've done with our dogs without DCF, but I'm so happy we found them! More...


Krystal Page Overstreet

5 January 2018

I really love this place and the staff was amazing. We boarded our dogs for 2 weeks and I was worried about our fur babies but Tamara posted pics of them on Facebook and they looked so happy and healthy! When we picked them up they looked leaner and better than when we dropped them off! I definitely recommend Dancing Creek Farm for boarding your dogs. You will not be disappointed! More...


Olga Monfiston

21 December 2017

I absolutely love this place. It's hard to imagine I can find a better place for my dog. Tamara and her team are the most dedicated, dog-loving and dog-caring people I have ever met. My dog, Luna, requires special attention and care because of her severe anxiety issues. Dancing Creek Farm has truly been a life saver for me. I don't know what I would have done without them. It's a fantastic place for dogs with a staff of people who really care about the animals they have been entrusted with. More...


Smith Mia

30 November 2017

Dancing Creek Farm is absolutely AMAZING! I call it a summer camp for dogs. I left for about 6 weeks out of the country and they put my mind at ease. Originally just 1 dog was supposed to stay. But while overseas I had to make the decision to send my other dog there as well. After speaking to Tamara we were able to arrange for her folks to pick up my dog Bishop. He didn't have all the necessary shots but that wasn't a problem. She was able to take Bishop to the vet for me so that he could still come. Once he got there she noticed that he was overweight and had a difficult time getting around. She put him on a diet, got him exercising, and he's now a young dog again! Its been about 4 days since I picked them both up and Bishop is almost annoyingly energetic. I think he's just so happy he's feeling good again and just wants to play all day long. I spent YEARS trying to get his weight under control. I asked the vet, did research and still nothing. I'm so grateful to have found this place. Also, I was able to regularly check facebook overseas to check out the pictures they posted of my pets. They looked so happy I was beginning to get nervous that they wouldn't want to come home. Luckily they still love me. This place is absolutely the best place to send your beloved pet. They are all genuinely good people!!! More...


Patricia Miller

27 November 2017

The owner founder has a love for animals that surpasses the average.


Jerald T Risner

18 November 2017

Dancing Creek Farms took great care of our fur babies. We entrusted with them for three months while we moved and got settled overseas. Both pups have unique needs and DCF exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the service we received from the staff and owners! We will use them again in the future. The worked seamlessly with the relocation service to make sure all paperwork was ready for the big trip. More...


Ann Marie Bravo

15 November 2017

Tamara and her team and Dancing Creek Farm are simply outstanding. We chose Dancing Creek to board our two large dogs, Maggie and Lulu for ~6months while we transitioned to a new house. Our dogs can be challenging and despite having a rough start, Tamara never gave up on them. We always had an open line of communication with Tamara throughout our dogs’ stay and were always a pic/video or FB post away from an update. We began to see such positive changes in our dogs; their health and their demeanor improved significantly. Maggie, who suffered from constant joint pain and needed regular pain medication, is now medication free; the healthy natural diet and exercise helped her get her into the best shape she’s been in in years. They began to be so much more relaxed around people. It was nothing short of amazing. DCF turned out to be one of the most positive experiences of their lives. Without DCF, we could have lost our dogs; now we are settled in our new house, with dogs back home and they are the best version of themselves we’ve seen in years. Most boarding locations near our home are prohibitively expensive, inflexible and provide a minimal level of care and lack of options. Dancing Creek is over 500 miles away but anytime in the future when a life event takes place and our dogs need a place to wag their tails for a few months, we are going right back to Dancing Creek Farm, their “home away from home” Thank you Tamara and thank you everyone at Dancing Creek; you gave our dogs something we could never have given them during such a stressful, pivotal time in our lives and what you have given them will continue to have a positive impact on them (and us) throughout our lives More...


Nicole M Alford

10 September 2017

I was so incredibly blessed to find a temporary home for my Ellie. Ellie was with Tamara and her crew at the Farm for 17 months, so yes, this was her home away from home. And these lovely people were her family. They loved and cared for her like she was their own. She grew, matured, played and came back her happy, healthy and sweet self. The healthy, holistic approach worked out so well for her and I never once worried that Ellie wasn't alright. When my plans changed, Tamara worked to accommodate me. When funds were tight she worked with me and said, "Pay when u can." I consider her Ellie's second mom and the Farm her forever home away from home. Can't thank them enuf or recommend them any more highly. If you send your dog there, leave your worries behind. All will be well! More...


Julie Anne Hubbard

16 August 2017

Dancing Creek Farm is a wonderful place for any dog to stay if you need to be away. Tamara and her staff are such loving, caring, competent, considerate individuals who bend over backwards to ensure all the dogs in their care happy, healthy and secure. We highly recommend placing your loved doggie here – you will not be disappointed. We were overseas for 7 months and had an unexpected situation occur which required us to find new housing options for our dog immediately and Tamara was the answer to a desperate prayer I threw out to the universe. Her home and farm is what I lovingly refer to as a wonderful doggie resort. The facility is beautiful, well-maintained, extremely spacious, and well thought out for dogs to be dogs. Communicating with Tamara was extremely efficient. We knew if she could not answer right away, it was because she was out caring for our dog and would respond as soon as she could. When we went to pick up Nessie, we saw firsthand just how wonderful Dancing Creek Farm is for dogs and the families who love them. Choosing a long or short-term location for your beloved pet is so difficult because we tend to worry so much about our babies… rest assured if you choose Dancing Creek Farm – your dog will have the best possible time away from his/her family. Thank you Tamara for everything you did to make Nessie’s stay as comfortable as possible and for managing her ”needy” mother so I wouldn’t worry so much! More...


Ashley Helfrich

9 August 2017

This is our second time boarding our two lab-mixes for longer-term deployments. The piece of mind that they are happy, healthy and being so well taken care of is absolutely priceless! We are so thankful for just how thoughtful Tamara and her staff are concerning all aspects of each dogs livelihood and takes the time to pair them accordingly. We love the non-kennel, wholistic boarding approach and could not be more happy, or more thankful for two great experiences sending our pups here! More...


Amira Turner

1 August 2017

Thanks for taking such wonderful care of our baby Ella so far! We can't wait to have her come home to us but we're so happy she's been taken care of so well at Dancing Creek. Thank you so much for coordinating with the vet and pet relocator to ensure she has a smooth journey to Singapore. More...


Healy Baumgardner

31 July 2017

Absolutely amazing! DCF is like a luxury dog resort and Ivy League School in one! Tamara and the staff are truly passionate about each and every fur baby. Heck I want to vacation there! Best place for your dog short or long term! More...


Clint Viliim

27 July 2017

I'm not sure what we would have done without Tamara and the awesome staff at Dancing Creek Farm. It was a long three months without Chip and Sven but we never had to worry about them. Tamara was very responsive to our inquiries and updated their Facebook page daily with videos and pictures. They took really good care of our boys. So good in fact we worries that they would want to come home. The pick up and delivery service was also a huge help. More...


Megan Moore

24 July 2017

I left Athena in Tamara's care for 10 months while I worked on a master's in London. I had never left Athena alone for such a long time and I was absolutely heartbroken to have to leave her behind rather than bring her with me, but all my worries were assuaged when I dropped Athena off at Dancing Creek. She got to run and play every day three times a day, she got fed high-quality food with supplements to keep her joints, teeth, and coat healthy. She shared a cabin that had AC and heating with 2-3 other dogs, and she was moved around until she found friends that she got along with best. If she ever wasn't doing well, Tamara brought her into her home and gave her some extra loving until she felt easy to go back to her cabin. Athena got into a fight once with another dog and Tamara promptly notified me of what happened and what steps were being taken to make sure both dogs were ok and to ensure the risk of it happening again was reduced. I saw pictures of Athena regularly on the Facebook page, and Tamara also emailed me more pics of Athena if I ever wanted them. She answered all of my questions and requests right away. I never once worried about Athena while I was away. I was able to truly enjoy my time in London because I was not worried about whether Athena was happy, whether she was getting exercised enough, whether anyone was giving her love, whether she was hurt or not feeling well. I always knew and felt she was doing great and having a great time running and playing. Tamara provides such incredible care and love for these babies, and I am so grateful I found her. I won't leave Athena anywhere else next time I have to travel without her. More...


Callie Elizabeth

16 July 2017

When desperate to find a place for my dog last minute, I was very lucky to stumble across Dancing Creek Farm's website. They took such excellent care of my little guy and kept me updated the whole time as to how he was doing. It was great to see little snapshots of his day on the facebook page and I can't say enough about how much time and effort they put into making sure the dogs are more than provided for but feel safe, comfortable, and loved. More...


Chelsea Reeves

7 July 2017

Words are not enough to express our sincere gratitude for all of the help and support Tamara and her staff provided to our six fur babies. Moving across the country can be trying, but throw in your 95 year old mother and six dogs... it gets ALOT trickier! Tamara stepped in and gave a large part of my family a safe place to call home until I was able to firmly get settled into my new life, bringing me some peace of mind during this transition. While in Tamara's wonderful care our babies were spoiled with more play time than they were used to, a new holistic diet, a leaner waistline, sparkling teeth, and renewed youth. They truly seem so happy! I don't know what I would have done without your help. Dancing Creek Farm, you are a godsend and blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! More...


Evan Slass

6 July 2017

Thank you Dancing Creek Farm! This is truly a top of the line long term boarding facility for dogs. The DCF team did a wonderful job with my Apollo. Not only did he come back more mature, but is still the same lovable dog that he was when I originally dropped him off. This certainly shows their patience with all the different types of dogs that come by and their devotion to giving them the same love (if not more) than an owner. I would highly recommend using this wonderful gem, as they will 100% take care of your furry loved ones. Thanks again! More...


Lucy Rice

20 June 2017

We (and our pup) had a great experience with Dancing Creek Farm! Tamara and her team are excellent and you can tell all staff members really pay attention to every dog. Tamara is incredibly easy to get in touch with and responds quickly with updates and photos. Her daily Facebook posts are a great way to follow your pup's journey when you can't be there in person. The quality of care is unmatched and the price can't be beat! Thanks to everyone at Dancing Creek Farm for taking such great care of Arnie and putting us at ease during our time apart! More...


Beverley Pennington Moore

8 June 2017

Amazing, caring, compassionate owner that goes ubove and beyond to care for the dogs.


Virginia Gadberry Buehler

17 April 2017

Dancing Creek Farm is the Best Home for your dog when they cannot be with you! Tamara and her crew did a fabulous job in caring for our River!!���


Rhea K Johnson Antoine

7 April 2017

Dancing Creek watched over my babies for 3 months as we went through the location process. The came back healthier than when they left. I received pictures and videos of them and they also helped with the best food and supplements to keep them healthy. It was a great home away from home for my dogs! More...


Caryl Yeatts

6 April 2017

For the last five years we have boarded our dog at Dancing Creek Farm and have been so pleased. Tamara knows so much about every aspect of dog care and wants to offer the best home away from home possible. Our dog has food sensitivities, and Tamara has been most accommodating to follow his special diet. When we arrive at the entrance of the farm, our dog's tail starts to wag - so that says it all. More...


Matt Buehler

25 March 2017

Dancing Creek farms did an excellent job of taking care of my Drathhaar "River" while I was deployed for 4 months. River requires a lot of exercise and attention so no ordinary kennel would do and Dancing Creek farm exceeded that with daily interaction with personal and activity to keep River happy and content. Would recommended them to anyone looking for a great place for a dog to live and be happy during extend stay from their permanent family! Tamara and staff are family. More...


Rusty DiNicola

16 March 2017

Tamara and her team at Dancing Creek have been a n amazing find. I have found myself in a position requiring a lot of extended travel and needed a place to house my 3 labs. They had grown up roaming 3 acres and I could not bear the thought of them being caged up because I was out of town. I found Dancing Creek and was able to secure a cabin for them. The cabin is amazing, they have their own run, and Tamara gets them out to play in the larger areas on a regular basis. She has absolutely spoiled them! One message she sent said that she noticed one of the boys was running around a lot and looked like he was losing weight so she added and additional organic egg to his food. I don't even but those for my self! In the summer she makes sure they have water in their private pool and sends me notes and pictures on a regular basis. I am concerned that when I get them back home I will dissapoint! One other note I will add. Tamara ends up with dogs that are sometimes abandoned or mistreated. She cares for these animals out of her pocket. That is not always the best business decision but it is the best heart decision. In the past she has asked for donations to expand things at the farm so she can take care of more animals. I have cheerfully given and if you are an animal lover i would encourage you to do so as well. Dancing Creek Farm really makes a difference! More...


Jackie Bryant

11 March 2017

I can vouch that Dancing Creek Farm is the place you want your pet to be for short term or long term boarding. I have been around boarding facilities and rescues for over 10 years now, and Dancing Creek Farm hands down provides the best living environment as well as a high standard of dog nutrition. The animals are taken care of thoroughly and are treated as they are children, because in reality, that is what they ultimately mean to Dancing Creek Farm. Just as you would only leave your child with a trusted babysitter, consider doing the same for your sweet Pups whenever you have long term boarding needs. Dancing Creek Farm goes above and beyond to make sure that both you and your fur babies are satisfied with their process and facility. Highly Recommended! More...


Natalie Christine

1 March 2017

My husband and I boarded our two dogs at Dancing Creek Farm. Our dogs are Vizsla's...they need lots of exercise, love and attention. They got all of this and more at Dancing Creek. We were so impressed by the facilities, the kindness of the staff, the attention to the dogs and the care they received. We live in Philadelphia, many miles from Dancing Creek, but knew this was the best place for our dogs for long term boarding. Dancing Creek was so accommodating and flexible for our needs. They posted many videos and pictures of our pups so we could see how much fun they were having. They came back healthy, full of energy and with shining coats. We were so happy to find a place that never put our dogs in kennels, gave them huge yards to play in and lots of exercise. We will 100% be using their services again. Thank you Dancing Creek for taking such good care of our dogs Cooper and Blue. More...


Gypsie Wind-Feather Ferris

21 February 2017

This facility is run on love and hard, committed work. Should something ever happen to me, I'd want my wolf-dog Tala to spend the rest of her years here. It's a dogs heaven on earth!!


Sasha Lilly

19 February 2017

I got called to go on a deployment back in April, but since it's just me, I had no one to care for my 2 fur babies. Luckily I found Dancing Creek Farms. Both of my doggies are a handful. One doesn't like dogs and the other doesn't like people. The staff went out of their way to ensure both of them were safe and happy. Also, my Shar-pei had bad skin issues and was on prednisone. Due to the great food and supplements, she is off the steroid and looks much better than when I dropped her off. Even my German Shepard was able to put on a few much needed pounds and her coat is really healthy. I loved the Facebook updates, open run area, and private cabins my girls stayed in. I will definitely be using Dancing Creek on my next deployment or vacation. More...


David Crumpton

11 January 2017

My Jack Russell spent a few days at Dancing Creek Farm.. he loved it, the facility was very nice and clean. If you are looking to board your pup..that's they place to take them..will definitely take my boy back.. More...


Lisa McNeill Busjahn

8 January 2017

My husband and I boarded "The Fabulous Beagle Brothers," Ralphie and Gus, over the holidays. DCF was recommended to me by a neighbor. This was the longest time period, 2 weeks total, that we had been apart from our boys. I had them booked somewhere else but just had a bad gut feeling....you know.... a mother's instinct. Well, we certainly made the best choice boarding them at DCF. We were updated with periodic text updates. When I did text to check up on them I received a text back in a timely matter. I also received photos of them. These communications were a great comfort. When we picked them up they were healthy, happy and had been bathed. The staff was caring and concerned greatly about the welfare of our boys. I highly recommend DCF and will be boarding Ralphie and Gus here again. More...


Mark Clifford

13 December 2016

The team at Dancing Creek did a wonderful job watching after my dog while I was traveling and getting set up at my new job. She was there for a little over three months and by all accounts had a great time. She is a shy dog and was a bit overwhelmed at first so the owners let her stay at their house while she got acclimated. She adjusted quickly, and I was happy to see photos and videos of her posted on this Facebook page throughout her stay. The team was very responsive to my checking in on occasion, and was kind enough to arrange transport for Morrow back to the DC area. I highly recommend you leave your pup at Dancing Creek. More...


Harini Kanani

1 December 2016

Best decision I made for my pet - Hachi. They took care of everything from start to finish. My Hachi came home happy and healthy. Recommend highly.


Katrinna Cherie

18 November 2016

I’m from Louisiana and recently planned a trip to Charlottesville, VA. Always on the lookout for super-dog-friendly boarding facilities when I travel, just for fun I did a Google search in Virginia to see what might come up. Well I’ve boarded my dogs at really cool places in Austin, TX and Beaufort, SC, and even here in Louisiana, but what popped up that day on my computer screen appeared to be a magical sanctuary for dogs. It was Dancing Creek Farm. I was so impressed that, site unseen, my black lab, St. Charles, and I took off on a 2-day drive to board him there. I wasn’t disappointed. The country dog resort was even prettier than its online photos. It’s reasonably priced, and Tamara and Jen and their staff are 150% committed to providing a comfortable, clean, safe, healthy, and happy country resort for their pampered guests. Nearly two months later, St. Charles arrived back home a happier and calmer dog. It’s heartening to know a boarding facility of such exceptional quality and attention to its dog guests exists in the USA. And lucky for St. Charles and me, it was right there in Virginia! More...


Tod O'Connell

17 October 2016

Never felt better about leaving my two dogs somewhere. Fantastic operation all-around, where the health and happiness of the dogs is clearly the top priority.


Melissa Rosser

30 September 2016

My dog, Thatcher, spent 18 months at Dancing Creek. He's come back home healthier than when I left him. He's so happy and fit. I am so grateful for the fantastic care he received while I served in Pakistan. Thanks to Tamara and her team for the extraordinary love they give to all the dogs at Dancing Creek. What a special place! More...


Meggie Havemann Scogna

17 August 2016

Dancing Creek Farms has been nothing short of amazing with our Milo. Super flexible with pick up and drop and so very accommodating every step of the way while we were transitioning this summer to a new home. Frequent updates and the ability for our girls to watch videos of Milo playing on the farm has made the time pass quickly as they have really missed him. We know Milo has been in amazing hands. His photos say it all!! Thank you... More...


Mary Gerrity

17 August 2016

We needed a place for our dog during a large scale renovation to our home. My daughter came across Dancing Creek online. We contacted Dancing Creek and they took Willie Mae in with open arms. The level of flexibility with dates was also incredible. Their timely communication made us feel extremely comforted. Willie Mae benefitted greatly from the diet and supplements the staff uses. She was treated well and well maintained. From the moment we dropped Willie off, we wanted to stay at Dancing Creek ourselves- it is simply beautiful. We could not thank the staff enough and are truly grateful for their love and care. More...


Elana Phipps

30 July 2016

Maggie and Bruno were so happy and healthy when I picked them up after a 6 month deployment! The staff truly loved my pups and took excellent care of them!


George Barry

23 May 2016

Dancing Creek is a wonderful place to take your pups. I had my girls boarded while I was in a relocation process for my job The staff is amazing, very genuine, smart, and caring. The farm lay out itself is perfect for any and all dogs, with their own house, and plenty of goodies and water. They are truly in great hands here. This is the type of place where you question to take them back when their time is up, because of the great care the staff provides. Thank you so much for the genuine care of Meadow and Chetarah. More...


Helen Carson

15 May 2016

Thank you so much for looking after our little ones for the last 6 months! They came home so happy and healthy - I would never hesitate recommending Dancing Creek Farm. Tamara is fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure our Moodles were so well looked after. It was a big load off our minds as we moved around the world and back, knowing our little family members were in the best hands. Thank you!! More...


Wendy Tatum Prillaman

8 January 2016

Want to give a big shout out to Tamara for helping me improve bens mobility. He is a 4 yr old german shepherd that at age. 2 we found out has hip dysplasia in both hips and a couple months ago had a double knee ACL tear. He could not rise from a resting position with out assistance and could not walk outside without help. So I contacted Tamara before undergoing very expensive operations for help. She recommended the green viberance , a fresh egg every other day, grain free feed, bone broth, and turmeric golden paste. And of course he was on very restricted activity for 8 weeks I'm pleased to say he can now get up on his own he is now enjoying short walks and just enjoying life . His over all health is greatly improved he's even lost 11 pounds. Can't be more greatful for the time Tamara has taking answering all my questions! I'm pleased to say his acl knee tears are healing naturally and for the hips there is no cure but with all she thought me it has made him Mobil again and he is off his pain meds . More...


Lindsay Astrab Slater

30 December 2015

I was a vet tech for many years and am VERY particular about where I leave my fur babies when I go out of town. Dancing Creek Farm gets two big thumbs up. Our dogs loved this place.The cabins are so nice I would camp out in one myself! We'll be recommending this place to friends and family. Gilligan and Maya look forward to coming back. More...


Chris Brewer

16 November 2015

The reputation of this place preceded it and was spot on. I was living in San Diego and needed to board my dogs for a few months until I bought a new house. My dogs HATE to fly, and rightly so. I wanted my dogs to stay here so badly that I packed up my Jeep and drove 3000 miles to Virginia to drop them off. They offered to pick them up from the airport but I'm crazy about my dogs and how they are treated, hence my trust in Dancing Creek. My trust wasn't misplaced. They eat well, socialize, and exercise regularly. Emily gave me a tour of the facility, including their climate-controlled cabins. It made that rough day a little easier. Tamara and company do their best to give updates of their stay and to remain flexible in regards to compensation. This time apart from my boys has been rough, but the distress is simply from missing them, NOT from worrying about their well-being. Their love of dogs is obvious, as is their compassion for the needs of the humans involved. I cannot recommend this place enough. I hope I never need their services again, but will make the drive if necessary knowing my dogs will be in resort designed specifically for them. Thank you! More...


Vicki Smith

30 September 2015

They took great care of my fur-baby when I really needed a place for him to stay. Picked him up yesterday after a 3 month stay and he was happy and healthy. I recommend the farm to anyone who needs a safe, happy, caring place for their loved canine. Thank you Dancing Creek Farm! More...


Kirsten Brooks Selinger

14 September 2015

We had an amazing experience here. Dancing Creek took wonderful care of our dog. She looks better than she has in years due to their attentiveness to her diet, which we didn't realize had such a powerful impact on her coat and overall health. She clearly was happy and loved here. Thank you so much for treating part of our family like yours! More...


Natasha Leigh

14 September 2015

I recently picked up my dogs after 3 months at Dancing Creek Farm, and I truly believe there is no better place to take your dogs. The farm has a great setup with separate areas for each pack of dogs. I think it's really smart that they figure out which dogs get along best and then group them together for the duration of their stay. My dogs were with a few other dogs for the summer and I loved seeing pics of them playing together. I could tell that Tamara and her staff really pay close attention to all of the dogs and treat each one of them like their own. Instead of being in a concrete run, the dogs get to be outside as much as they want, with access to their little cabin that is heated or air conditioned depending on the season. When I picked up my dogs they were happy and healthy. I had been trying to get Amos, my overweight golden retriever, to lose a few pounds and I was so happy to see that he had slimmed down over the summer. They fed him top quality food and clearly he got plenty of much needed exercise. This is a place where you can really trust that your dogs are taken care of, which is so hard to find! I wouldn't take my pups anywhere else! More...


Carrie Syvanthong

11 September 2015

Dancing creek farm went above and beyond in caring for our puppy Josie while we were on vacation. I was nervous, as it was the first time we had left her, but they quickly calmed my nerves by sending pictures and frequent updates. Sun and the rest of the staff love on Josie as if she was their own. I am so thankful for you guys and your love for dogs!!!! More...


Johnathan Reyes

2 September 2015

Found Dancing Creek Farms by chance and I very much lucked out on this one and I couldn't be more pleased!! Their facility and staff were top notch. You can tell that they really care about what they do with your pets. The living area where my pups (Tex and Daisy) stayed were more than I expected and they got to run around with other dogs. It was basically a nice vacation for them and more importantly they were happy and not in a kennel. Looking forward to them staying at Dancing Creek Farm again! More...


Anthony Christian

28 August 2015

Dancing Creek Farm and their staff are the best! Their facility and care are exceptional and they do a great job at keeping you in the loop with how your dog is doing. We are beyond satisfied and love that our dog is in the best hands, while having fun playing! More...


Sarah Bell Nural

27 August 2015

We can't say enough positive things about Dancing Creek Farm! We boarded our dog Pepper for one month here, and they treated her so well. She is a very picky eater and often refuses to eat, but they were so patient with her and worked to find a diet that suited her (and one that we have adopted since she has come home). We will definitely use Dancing Creek again for Pepper and would recommend any of our friends to board their dogs here too! More...


Ebony Moses

12 August 2015

My 2 boys noah and sway stayed here for 7 months. during that time, they were well taken care of, and i was always updated on their well being and activities. I fully trust Tamara and Sunny, and they have my ongoing business for life! Whenever i travel in the future, I will be at ease knowing my boys will have a place that is a second home to them! Upon return to me, they were very excited, and healthy. I have no worries, and i am glad that i chose Dancing Creek! I would recommend them over and over again to anyone who needs long term or short term boarding. More...


Lisa Owen

3 August 2015

We have an Australian Shepherd a year old. I have had dogs all my life and never boarded one because did not trust anyone. When I drive up I was very impressed. This truly was a dog's country club. My granddaughter said This is dog Heaven. I appreciated the video and letting me know he was doing great. He had so much fun not sure he wanted to come home. Thank you for having a spacious place for him to stay and all the extra attention they get. Helped ease my mind to know he was safe and happy. Wonderful !! Everyone needs to check Dancing Creek Farm for the next time they go out of town. Fair rates for top of the line service. More...


Ava Brackin

8 July 2015

I have been very happy with Dancing Creek Farm and most importantly Grace is happy there. After trying several boarding facilities that included daycare and not being 100% happy, I ran across Tamara and her staff. Not only is Grace well taken care of while she is there, any extra requests are accommodated with pleasure. She is treated like royalty and even fed organic veggies and bone broth with her meal. Grace has tons of energy and I have always hated of even thinking about leaving her someplace that she will be stuck in a run. At Dancing Creek Farm she can freely go in and out of cabins and socialize with the other dogs. Although I miss her while she’s there, I am able to relax while traveling knowing that I don't have to worry about her safety or well-being when I leave her. This will be my #1 choice whenever I have to board Grace. More...


Erin Lizabeth

24 June 2015

I have been out to dancing creek farm dozens of times. Tamara and her staff are always busy providing the best service possible for the sweet fur babies that stay there. She goes above & beyond to give each and every dog the best care possible. I've seen her business grow so much over the past 2 years and I see why. This is the best place to send your dog for short or long term boarding. More...


Cindy Song Orchowski

18 June 2015

Amazing retreat for your fur babies! Tamara, Sun, and staff took such great care of our babies for 3 months while we transitioned from Hawaii to VA. The dogs are in better shape than when we took them there! Thank you all so much. Will be recommending with highest marks as well as using you again in the future. More...


Peter Landis

21 March 2015

We have to admit we were a bit concerned leaving our two dogs in the care of “strangers” for eight months while we traveled the world. Boy, were our fears unfounded! Tamara and her staff at Dancing Creek took marvelous care of 8-year-old Beau and 11-year-old Cassie. Beau is a Black Lab with a bit of German Shepherd thrown in. Cassie was…well, Cassie: Pointer, Dalmation, one or two other breeds, smart as a whip but high-strung. Both received tender, loving care. Tamara made sure to keep us up to date on their condition, sending emails, photos and an occasional web cam link to see how they were doing. And they did great. Unfortunately, despite Dancing Creek’s wonderful care and quick action getting her to a vet, Cassie passed away before our return, succumbing to a recurring auto-immune disease. Tamara and the Dancing Creek staff were heartbroken, as was Beau, who had lived with Cassie his whole life. Recognizing he needed an adjustment period, Tamara took him into her home and showed him extra special affection during his grieving period. It was just one sign of the great love she has for the animals in her care. When we arrived to pick up Beau, he looked better than ever. Tamara had put him on a regimen of fish oil supplements which gave his coat a healthy sheen and cut his shedding to a minimum—something we never thought of doing ourselves. Another trip around the world probably is not in our foreseeable future, but if we do have to leave Beau in someone else’s care for any extended period, you can bet we’ll be happy to bring him back to Dancing Creek. And we bet he’d be happy to be there. --Bebe and Peter Landis More...


Hannah Shaffer

13 March 2015

Dancing Creek Farms is a wonderful place to work and take your precious dogs to. We give the highest standards of care and the dogs get lots of love and attention. As a care giver I play and give the dogs all the attention and love that they deserve. Because in reality, they deserve the best of care and love. If i ever had to leave for a long amount of time, id trust Dancing Creek Farms with the welfare of my dogs More...


Sherri Ramos

4 February 2015

Tamara and her team took great care of our 3 (Houston, Rigley and Bella) while my husband and I recently went through two relocations. What was supposed to be a 3 month stay turned into a year and Tamara was happy to help. My husband and I visited Dancing Creek and were impressed with the farm. Our dogs got their own cabin with heat/ac, front porch and a large yard to play. We were able to peek in on our three every once in awhile through the webcam they set up. They offered so many extras and they had so much great space that I even told Tamara I was moving in! Walks around the farm, music playing in the cabin, even essential oil rub downs with warm towels! During their stay, Tamara's team found a lump on Bella and they helped arrange a trip to a local vet for diagnosis. It turned out to be cancer and Tamara reassured me during the whole process that Bella would be cared for. They took her for surgery, stayed with her and oversaw her recovery. Tamara took it on as her own personal mission to help Bella fight the cancer. She researched the best supplements and cancer fighting foods for Bella. Tamara also helped Bella lose 20 pounds (which she needed). We were always able to text or call, day or night, for updates on our clan. We would get photos and videos whenever we asked with no hesitation. When it was time to be reunited with our dogs, Tamara offered transport services and we took her up on meeting her halfway. We just got reunited and were very pleased with the care they received. We thank Tamara and her great team for the love and care she provided for our crew. You can really tell she and her team loves what they do! More...


Xtina Ramirez

22 January 2015

This place is amazing!!! Took wonderful care of my baby King. He was able to socialize with other dogs, his "living" area was amazing and his coat looked wonderful within the first month. They also drive to you for pick up or drop off.....very helpful!!! During his time at the farm I was able to skype a few times with King and the staff sent me pictures of him :-). I will definitely used their services again in the near future!!! More...


Shelia O'Dell Lyle

23 October 2014

I think this is the best facility anywhere, my 2 dog's Jack and Sam are in the best place possible since I can't get them right now. When I retired from the Army I was in transition and doing a lot of moving around, my 2 dog's Jack and Sam got into pretty bad shape due to there previous care taker. When Tamara and her staff got them they immediately identified there problems and got them back in shape and they have stayed there and needless to say she spoils them rotten, which I'm thankful for and will always be in her debt for helping me out when she did if not for her I would've had to taken them to a shelter or worse. I will recommend this place to anyone that needs to board there dog's and please know that they will be given excellent care and loved. And like it or not spoiled rotten. SO YES THIS IS THE BEST PLACE EVER FOR YOU DOG!! More...


Sunny Walker

25 April 2014

Words cannot describe just how grateful I am to have found Dancing Creek Farm. I have 2 APBTs, and I thought that I was going to lose them because of my deployment to Afghanistan, but Dancing Creek Farm really stepped up and helped me out when they did not even have room to board my dogs. Tamara certainly went above and beyond in how she cared for them; as if they were both her own! They had their own cabin that was heated and cooled, and under 24 hour surveillance. When I returned from deployment, she even met me half way to drop off my pets; which was more than I ever expected. I do not hope to be deployed again, but if I am, she will be the first person that I call! She TRULY is a God sent and has been a blessing to me and my family! More...


Ania Weatherley

11 April 2014

Tamara recently took care of our 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback Shiner for four months while his dad was deployed and I had to travel for work. It was truly heartbreaking having to leave him, but Tamara made the transition so much easier my sending me photos of him that very same night and updating me on how he was adjusting. I also loved that I could periodically check up on him on webcam which put me at ease. Shiner had a fantastic time! He is a very very high energy dog and he came back to us last week looking fit and healthy. His dad was concerned that he would forget all of his commands being away from home so long but truthfully he is even better behaved then before he left! I would highly recommend Tamara and Dancing Creek Farm to anyone, they truly are fantastic. I also loved that the dogs are free to play and that Shiner never had to live one day trapped in a kennel, which was a requirement I would not budge on when looking for boarding facilities. Thank you all so much for all the love and care you showed Shiner while we were away, we feel truly blessed to have found you. More...


Lisa M. Biewer

6 August 2013

We are assigned overseas and have been thrillled with the care Tamara has provided for our St Bernard, Rommel. She's been taking care of him for over two years & our biggest concern is Rommel may be disappointed to leave the good life at Dancing Creek Farm to come home with us when we finally return. We were so grateful to find such a devoted animal lover to take care of Rommel! More...


Sarah Blanford Weaver

4 June 2013

Best dog boarding service, hands down! Tamara treats our 2 dogs like they are her own. Our oldest has some medical needs and I know he is in the best care when he is out there. They both love going out there!