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I am now available in your area for drum lessons both privately and school tuition based. Lessons can be as short as 15mins per child or 1hr long depending on class sizes and interest (school based) and 30 mins to 1 hour long for private lessons.


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Mark Lloyd

8 September 2018

Amazing tutor and one of the best drum teachers I've had. Really good at what he does and really patient. Helps he's really friendly too :)


Simon Alexander

20 August 2018

Damien is obviously a highly accomplished drummer and records and performs all the time - but his lessons are having a huge effect on my kids who are both really enjoy their lessons and are making great progress.


Roman Dane

27 July 2018

This guys an animal!!


Joe Conway

27 July 2018

The best drum tutor I ever had at rock project I recommend anyone to get him for drum lessons


Dave Wallace

27 July 2018

This guy is a top drummer and an excellent teacher. Highly recommended if you want to improve.


Che Burnley

27 July 2018

Perfect balance of challenge and fun with a great tutor. It's been easy to pick up and develop quickly due to Damo's teaching (and my own brilliance ;-) )


Louis Cooper

27 July 2018

Spot on at what he does and I’ve never had any tutor that’s even come close! Also a great guy!to talk to and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed �


Tomos Gwyn

27 July 2018

Fantastic tutor that taught me during my high school years. Inspired me to further my music career, and generally and all round sound lad!

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The sharing aspect of my job feels great. I'm able to watch and observe weekly growth in ability and knowledge in all of my students. I have a great passion for music so sharing my knowledge is fun and fulfilling.

Music is all I've wanted to do from an early age. My life's passion is music and if I'm not teaching I'm either performing or practicing or recording. I wanted to be able to share my ever growing knowledge and experience on the kit so I established my own teaching business in 2006.

I am an organized and conscientious professional with a vast array of both live and studio experience. As a click, friendly drummer with excellent time keeping, proficiency of grooves, styles and rudiments these attributes make me a versatile and adaptable musician. I have taught drums for 12 years and its something I am most passionate about.