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Doug Hovelson

27 April 2019

Nice event place. Stage setup looks a little Broadway - that's good.


שקד דנאי

26 February 2019

Great event ballroom.


Rebecca Miniscalco

27 January 2019

Neat event space, I liked the different levels of seating.


Darken Haloz

27 January 2019

Had a great time. Wonderfull place to host an event!


Steven Rusk

28 December 2018

Wonderful Elegant place! Love the woodwork! Great to see a ballroom that really is a ballroom. Great staff.


Maureen Williams

29 September 2018

It's a good place to have parties receptionist weddings things of that nature


Peter Quale

27 May 2018

Attended an amazing event at the Metropolitan last night. The venue was spotless and a perfect layout for the program. Best of all, the D'Amico food was excellent! Four hundred people received a hot, perfectly cooked meal. No idea what kind of culinary magic keeps asparagus crisp when 400 attendees. Also love the giant painting of the naked alien appreciating what looks to be an ostrich egg... or perhaps a peeled pineapple. Say what you will about the weird parking lot, but the location can't be beat. Almost anyone in the city can get to the Metropolitan in 20 minutes. It's perfect. More...


Tara Hastur

24 November 2017

Wonderful place to host an event