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Robbie Birdwell

29 March 2019

Very professional, relaxing approach to therapeutic massage!


Jonathan Marcus

29 March 2019

Tim fixed my back up real good! He is patient, conscientious, careful, and a proper bodywork pro!


Valerie Grimes

29 March 2019

Tim has a professional approach to masssge. Love that he dresses in business casual.


Scott S.

2 January 2019

Tim set me up with the Shaklee 5 by 5 reset and I lost 5.2 pounds over 5 days. I was never hungry and it felt great to get away from all the sugar and caffeine of the holidays. It's pretty abrupt, but by sticking to the plan, I was surprised by how much my energy was more consistent all-day long after just a day or two. This is my second time to go through the 5 by 5, and I will definitely be doing it again in 2019. Thanks, Tim! More...


Kylene L.

4 June 2018

If you've been looking for more than just a massage therapist than you must try Tim. Tim delivers an extraordinary journey of rejuvenation and pure relation. Each session he addresses issues in my body. Tim is gifted and intuitive. I send all friends and Pilates clients to him and they love him just as much as I do. More...

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