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Da Beat DJ Services, managed by Da Beat 97.3 fm Radio, is comprised of a team of local, experienced DJs for hire for your event, wedding, or party.



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Knowing how to read your audience. Playing the wrong music at an event can be fatal. Finding the rhythm in the flow of the room and riding that momentum keeps people dancing. Playing unrequested Trap music at a 50 and over party is not reading the room. Having a vast music collection and being prepared for song requests makes a big difference to your crowd. Knowing how to mix is equally as important as reading the audience. Mixing songs is an art and a craft.

Versatile. With a collective history of over 50 years, our DJs have played music for Reggae, Latino, Caucasian, African-American, and Arab, amongst many other types of, events. They have maintained regular weekly nights at clubs, in addition to playing weddings, parties and private galas. Our music catalog contains more than 20,000 songs in over 13 different genres of music, and if we don't have what you request, we can get it. Our unique music mixes have been featured on both mainstream AM/FM and independent radio mix shows, and some have been released by a major label and were awarded Gold status.

The music and how it influences people. Music influences mood, tone, and movement in people. Our job is to set a mood and tone that suits the environment which influences people to get out their chairs to dance and fave fun. That is the most important thing about any event - make sure the crowd is having fun. We like to have fun with our audience and strive to accomplish this at every event we play.

The confinement of mainstream radio music. After holding DJ positions with local mainstream terrestrial FM band radio stations, Kash decided local independent artists were not being given a platform to showcase their music. While still Djing on his own, he started his own station and dedicated it to independent artists. Once word spread, other local mainstream radio DJs began inquiring about joining Kash and the station with playing station events in the area. Da Beat DJ Services was born from the station.

Aside from all the years of experience, the vast amount of skills, and the ability to read the audience, all our DJs are professional, courteous, and ready to make your event a memory for life. Plus, Da Beat DJ Services is the only DJ organization you will find with live broadcast capabilities.