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Cyberconsult is a unique “Single point of contact IT company” – a proudly tailored “IT Infrastructure Solution” company established in Eastern Europe in late 2001.

The main purpose of the company is the provision of information and telecommunication (ICT) services for private customers in Europe, such as small to medium size businesses, IT related companies and public institutions. The main focus of Cyberconsult is on the quality of the services provided, personal attention to clients, quick response times, combined with an outstanding performance under time pressure, at competitive prices.

Over the years we have specialised in the delivery of services such as Infrastructure Design, Virtualisation, Data Storage, Backup & Recovery, Networking, Software Integration, as well as complete ICT Infrastructure solutions for small & medium businesses, start-up companies and private clients.

After 15 years in the business, we continue to be different and to develop a variety of services, while maintaining a high standard of professionalism, flexibility of working hours, project execution within tight deadlines and continuing to offer what “big” IT companies can not - namely special attention and a personalised service to our clients.

With flexibility of working hours and project execution within tight deadlines Cyberconsult continues to offer what big IT companies cannot: special attention and a personalised service to clients.

Our clients over the years comprised:

businesses and public institutions from all over Europe, e.g.:

private companies:
• regional Internet service providers
• telecommunication companies
• IT companies
• architectural design studios
• structural engineering companies
• accountancy companies
• printing companies
• machine shops and production factories
• online platforms

public institutions:
• surgeries
• hospitals
• police departments
• city councils
• colleges

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Cyberconsult Reviews

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Services provided by Cyberconsult

Cyberconsult Services

Infrastructure Design & Build Consultancy

Cyberconsult has good experience with the design and implementation of complete solutions for small businesses and startup companies. Some of our services include core infrastructure design and implementation, capacity planning, server consolidation, virtualisation, security, storage, back-up, software license & pro-documentation. We will take into consideration your current needs and future expectations for the development of your business and will help you with the design and integration of a solution that meets your requirements and allows your company to grow. We will take into account all aspects that affect your company’s future and will comply with your established budget. Due to the concept of our business (One Person Company) we work with only one client at a time. This way we offer priority and personal attention for every client for a competitively priced service. Cyberconsult consults and provides solutions for: Existing infrastructures Set up of new infrastructures

Server & Desktop (VDI) Virtualization

Virtualising your IT infrastructure generates significant cost savings whist increasing the flexibility, scalability and availability of your applications and data. A virtualised environment allows us to benefit from reduced hardware costs through Servers, Graphical Workstations & Clients consolidation and Networking between them. With virtual technologies like VMWRE , Hyper-V , Citrix and appliances like CISCO 1000v virtual switch it is possible not just to interconnect different infrastructure layers, even further - we can apply access control to them on low level. Technologies like Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) and High Availability (HA) give us better resource optimisation, redundancy, disaster prevention and many other benefits. Virtualisation also allows us to deploy new services and appliances faster and safer and to keep our production environment up to date with high up-time and less effort, improving reliability and performance and reducing the overall cost. With Physical to virtual server (P2V) and Virtual to Virtual (V2V) converters, your current infrastructure can be migrated to your new “virtual” infrastructure with less efforts. Cyberconsult has more than 10 years experience with virtualizations - from single server to entire infrastructures. There are many benefits with infrastructure virtualisation, some of them include: Higher up-time Lower investments and running costs Better low level management Creating a more efficient data centre Reduction in implementation and management time and complexity Better, more secure methods of systems patch, update, backup and restore, expansion Faster, more efficient deployment of applications and systems upgrades Greater resilience through improved disaster recovery Greater workforce mobility and productivity Improved security and compliance Enterprise-class server management & consolidation Rapid application deployment High availability, scalable access to critical data and applications Simplified, more efficient infrastructure We are using world leading vendors like SuperMicro, HP, DELL and IBM to implement our virtualised infrastructure solutions.

Data Network

Тhe design and implementation of your wired & wireless data network infrastructure is an important aspect and is directly linked to the development of your business (security and capacity planing). Cyberconsult successfully designs and implements data network into IT infrastructure for small, medium businesses and Start-up companies, built with CISCO, HP, BROCADE and other and network equipment, which allows building of reliable network infrastructure, capable to handle your data needs. Our Design also allows future expansion in near future without requiring fundamental changes and causing impact to your business and to generate significant costs. Cyberconsult implement and support semi-automated "Proactive and Reactive" network maintenance services and models. Your future or current Network Infrastructure can be (re)designed to a structured, well-known maintenance models like ITIL and FCAPS. Our Services Include: Wired Lan Network Design - including all aspects of high-availability design and implement when required to provide reliable network, redundancy and fault tolerance including traffic segmentation for connectivity between your servers & services and clients, your branch offices and mobile clients. Metropolitan & Wide Area Network Design - high-availability and load balancing design with end to end traffic separation over MPLS and specific dedicated connectivity technologies to provide remote connectivity with security, network redundancy and fault tolerance for your sites and customers in the same geographic area and services like VMWARE vMSC* (VMWARE vSphere Metro Storage Clusters) remote managed access points and others. * We don’t implement NetAPP Storage Solutions Wireless Lan Network Design We have good experience with design and implement of centralised wireless infrastructure solutions based on CISCO equipements for client roaming between access points, centralised authentication, client isolation and others. Our Network Services also include: Network Core Switching - high speed backbone design & implement (CISCO and BROCADE only) SAN/HYPERVISOR Infiniband Backbone Networking - 20/40GBit+ backbone design & implement (BROCADE only) MAN/WAN/LAN Network Segmentation - end-to-end network traffic segmentation (CISCO only) LAN Network Client isolation - end-to-end design and implement of VLAN & PRIVATE pVLAN (CISCO specific models only) Routing between different networks, subnetworks, sites and Internet Providers Private and Public IPv4 & IPv6 address planing & managment Network equipment Installation and Configuration Software Installation and Configuration Authentication Servers implement (RADIUS, TACACS+ ) Remote Access Server Configuration File Server configuration for image configuration backup, restore Backup network configuration files, monitoring databases and others. Network monitoring & management using vendor specific and specialised applications Troubleshooting problem reports Tuining network performance Ensuring compliance with legal regulations and company policies Pro-documentation Consultancy Others


Cyberconsult works closely with leading IT security vendors such as Cisco, Symantec, Sophos and others to safeguard the integrity of your IT infrastructure and your data. We understand that security threats are coming from external and internal sources. With mixing different layers of technologies like VPN Tunnels for remote access, Advanced Firewall and Content filtering on the entrance of your infrastructure, through physical wired/wireless network access control and technologies like directory services, centralised anti-virus solutions and others with comprehensive monitoring, we can provide healthy environment for the small & medium business. Part of our services include: Access Servers (low level infrastructure management) Authentication Servers (Radius, Micosoft NAP) Security Appliance integration Firewall Integration ESS (Extended Service Set) Wireless Solutions Layer 2/3 Network Switching with Port Security and Access Control List (ACL) Centralised Security Solutions like Sophos, Norton, Kaspersky

Structural Cabling

The design and implementation of your structural cabling is an important aspect of your infrastructure and is directly linked to the development of your business (capacity planing) Combining it with a well-designed network infrastructure will provide you with a solid foundation for building your IT infrastructure. Issues such as poorly terminated connector, unsuitable or low quality cable wired through an unsuitable area (interference) could lead to unstable infrastructure. Such issues are often difficult to find and could leave your business on the sidelines. Cyberconsult is experienced in the planning, installation and testing of the mail types of cable such as: Twisted Pair cables (all types and sockets) Fibre cables (Single & Multi Mode) including splice & test Telco cable and phone sockets installaton Coaxial cable types Over the years Cyberconsult successfully implemented patch panels, telecommunication and server racks.

Storage Area Networking (SAN)

Cyberconsult successfully implements a range of storage technologies from the world’s leading vendors. We have experience with Storage Solution companies like HP and EMC. The use of their technologies allows us to design and deliver leading solutions for data back-up, recovery and security. Storage area networks (SANs) provide a fast, reliable and scalable block-storage solution environment for large volumes of data and are ideal for business-critical and high-bandwidth needs. Technologies like ISCSI and Fibre channel over ethernet and others provide enterprise-class connectivity to your data and greater network performance, improving both access and recovery times and overall infrastructure uptime. SANs provide better utilisation of your storage media, using virtual technologies, and reduction of the physical size of your datacentre, decreasing the total cost of ownership. We also work with leading providers of storage technology compatible with VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix. For the past 10 years we have completed multiple successful projects related with SAN implementation for government organisations, the healthcare sector and small to medium businesses. For high performance low latency needs we can design and implement Storage Solutions based on Enterprise SSD technologies with high speed backbone connectivity. Capabilities: High-speed access Server consolidation & virtualisation Improved disaster recovery Scalability Simplified data management

Enterprise Direct Attached Storage & Network Direct Attached Storage (DAS & NDAS)

Storage class designed for customers with requirements for high speed storage solution attached to single or dual servers or workstations. Direct Attached Storage is part of the storage infrastructure and is “in-the-middle” cost effective solution for companies with growing needs whose servers require quick access to high volume of data. With DAS you can have performance close to Storage Area Network but without business critical solutions like clustering, replication services , advanced security and etc. DAS stays in the middle between block storage and file storage solution. Capabilities High-speed access Virtualisation Possible Scalability Single/Dual Clients access (depend of vendor and class)

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

We successfully implement cost effective, entry level “Network Area Solutions” based on vendors like QNAP, SYNOLOGY, ADAPTEC. They provide essential level of expansion and redundancy, backup, sync between your branches, remote access including basic cloud services and integration with technologies like active directory, radius and etc. Enterprise class NAS is a file storage solution with optional block storage solution.

UPS & Power Management & Energy Efficiency Design

Design An aspect of the design of your infrastructure is the calculation of your current and future energy consumption needs (capacity planning). Owing to the dynamic development of the technological process and solutions such as energy efficient computing & storage solutions and their management, as well as software solutions such as virtualisation, can help for a significant reduction in the electricity consumption of your infrastructure and carbon monoxide emissions. High Availability Business today is directly linked to Information Technologies. Power outages can cause significant damage to your business. Securing your infrastructure with (UPS) electrical equipment to prevent power failures partially or fully allows your IT infrastructure to continue functioning in case of breakdowns in the energy transmission networks without loss of information. Another benefit of UPS is that the support of “filtered” input voltage increases the life span of your equipment. Cyberconsult uses products made by APC and has experience in the installation, maintenance and management of single and three phase solutions. For electrical cabling Cyberconsult works with a 3rd party company who is certified in the development of internal electrical installations.

Management & Monitoring

For our customers with special requirements, Cyberconsult offers installation of semi-professional and professional routers and security appliances, which allows simultaneous connectivity to multiple internet providers at once (including mobile carriers) as well as advanced security and a variety of additional services. This is a great solution for slow broadband areas for households with multiple wireless or wired devices, or family ran hotels with many guests. With load balancing service between multiple Internet Providers the "maximum simultaneous connection limitation" can be increased so that more devices can be connected at once, with less "buffering" and unpleasant messages like "connection time out". The overall download and upload Broadband speed will be increased as well. Redundancy between providers will guarantee continuous connectivity to internet in case of Internet Provider fail. In the meantime you will be able to access your home infrastructure (like personal cloud) from internet anytime. Cyberconsult also successfully implements professional grade wireless and wired networks for bigger households, whose equipment allows services like full wireless coverage with roaming between access points without re-connection of your devices, migrating from one access point to another and increased & centralised security as well. Specific devices or services (like voice over IP or video streaming) can have high priority compared with others. All the above technologies, combined with Security appliances like Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems give you complete home infrastructure. Please check our Security and Advanced Wireless Infrastructure ESS Section For home infrastructures, we are working closely with Cisco, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti Enterprise series and Draytek products for small households.

Operational System Deployment & Services

Cyberconsult has more than 15 years experience with Microsoft Operational systems. Our first Microsoft Server / Client infrastructure was built by us late 1998 based on Windows New Technology (NT) 4.0 Server / Client. One of our recently built Infrastructures was based on Windows 2012 R2. Technologies, Roles and Services implemented by Cyberconsult: Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V Server Clustering Services Active Directory Services Microsoft SCCM Server Remote Desktop Services Remote Access WDS Server WSUS Server DNS ,DHCP ,WINS Advanced File Services Deployment Techniques used by us for deployment & cloning Master Image Preparation (Golden Image) Massive Desktop Deployments (Multicast) Massive Server Deployments Domain Controller deployment + Cloning We also have experience with: Microsoft WDS Microsoft SCCM Clone Zilla (Multicast) VMWARE Templates and Compliance Hyper-V Templates


Planning an office expansion or relocation? The migration of your infrastructure could be a challenging task! In such circumstances you need help from IT experts. Cyberconsult will examine the pro-documentation of your current infrastructure or prepare one and will support you throughout the setup of your new workspace – this includes moving and installing your current or new equipment and ensuring a seamless transition of your work processes post-relocation. Our Relocation Service includes: Consultancy Examination of current/new workspace Preparation of new infrastructure Planning for a minimum downtime Physical relocation Pro-documentation Types of Relocation Services: Office (workspace) relocation Server/storage room relocation

Work history from Cyberconsult

Work History

ICT Infrastructure Re-Design & Migration (Architecture & Engineering Services)

Accounting Services LTD

From July 2015 to October 2015.

My position was related with ICT architecture and engineering. Re-design of whole ICT company infrastructure. All Cluster Servers based on Hyper-V where migrated To V-Sphere with DRS/HA. The company network migrated to CISCO L2/L3 Dual Stack IPv4/6 network infrastructure including CISCO wireless infrastructure with Radius. Access Server and remote access services with centralized security was implemented. DMVPN between sites and VPN service enabled for all mobile employees. The whole infrastructure is protected with Power Backup and power generators.


SAN/NAS Personal Cloud Infrastructure design & Implementation

Storage Area Network built with DELL equipment. Hybrid Storage designed to deliver 75/25 I/O ratio. Personal Cloud which is built inside VMWARE ESXi 5.5 optimized for easy backup and migration between VM Hosts, with minimal downtime and less administrative interaction. Backbone network is built with CISCO Switches, Cisco Access points managed by CISCO Wireless Controller . Endpoint is based on CISCO ISR Routers with VPN configured for external clients to be connected for data access & synchronization with the cloud. AAA Server implemented. The whole project has been designed and built by me.

Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering

Infrastructure Upgrade – Migration from Windows 2003 Enterprise Physical Cluster to fully Virtualised infrastructure on Hyper-V Cluster. Windows 2012r2 Servers, connected to SAN. All Infrastructure clients are fully virtualised with centralized management. Second GPU Cluster based on Citrix and NVIDIA GPU's provides OpenGL accelerated Virtualisation Environment for specialized needs. All internal clients traffic is optimized , all remote clients and branches are connected through VPN Tunnels using Terminal Services. SAN is built with SSD Hybrid Arrays with throughput more than 800,000 I/O. The Network Infrastructure is designed for high availability with STP , VTP , 802.1D and CISCO GLBP. The whole Infrastructure - design, planning, migration and implementation has been built by me.

Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering

Infrastructure Upgrade – Migration from Windows 2003 Enterprise Physical Cluster to fully Virtualised infrastructure on Hyper-V Cluster. Windows 2012r2 Servers, connected to SAN. All Infrastructure clients are fully virtualised with centralized management. Second GPU Cluster based on Citrix and NVIDIA GPU's provides OpenGL accelerated Virtualisation Environment for specialized needs. All internal clients traffic is optimized , all remote clients and branches are connected through VPN Tunnels using Terminal Services. SAN is built with SSD Hybrid Arrays with throughput more than 800,000 I/O. The Network Infrastructure is designed for high availability with STP , VTP , 802.1D and CISCO GLBP. The whole Infrastructure - design, planning, migration and implementation has been built by me.

Infrastructure Design , P2V & V2V Migration

Solution Engineer Infrastructure Design & Implement , P2V & V2V migration, VSphere virtualization, Remote Administration

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