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We know CVs and more importantly we know employers and what they want and need to see.
We will take your current CV, or start from scratch and create a unique document to showcase the individual you are and make your skills shine for all to see.



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Quite simply I love helping people feel more empowered. I've worked in this industry for many, many years and job searching can be quite daunting, I started this business as I kept coming across people who had brilliant skills but were terrible at presenting and selling them. Once I've helped someone and they have a bit more confidence in themselves thanks to a well presented CV, you can see the change in them and they will continue in their job search with more confidence.

I spent a lot of time reviewing CVs, too many hours to count really. Coming across people with brilliant skills and qualifications but no clue how to present them inspired me to set up this business. The way the business is set out, with realistic pricing and flexible options, is because I felt a large majority of CV writers were charging a huge amount and making their services inaccessible to a lot of people.

We offer an open and friendly service, although we will be honest with you when it comes to making changes, if we think it sounds rubbish - we'll tell you!
We have a number of cost options for you, we provide great advice in a friendly way and we'll go the extra mile, no matter the package you chose, to ensure you go away with a document you're proud of, we'll also make sure you go away with added belief in yourself and your abilities.