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Juliana Mowatt

30 June 2019

I am fixed! I stopped going to the chiropractor after barely being touched, they were trying to make me come back every week. Plus I had to pay out of pocket, for nothing.Anyway, I was on vacation and I heard about Dr. Defreitas' Cutting Edge Physical Therapy office and I decided to visit. What I heard proven true. She rolled the stones out of my back. My neck is much better. Most of all, she took the time to work with me. She didn't rush to get the other patient but she was very patient and diligent with her work on me. I believe I got the best deal. So I would recommend this therapist 100%. More...


Myron Warshauer

23 May 2019

Dr De Freitas surprised me by correcting a problem in our first visit. She developed a program specifically for my unique issues and has helped to achieve my goals. She’s great to work with.


Patty Dowling

16 May 2019

I highly recommend Dr. Pauline. She is attentive and capable, and she gets results. The office is light, bright, and clean. Trevor, who runs the office, is a pleasure to deal with also. You are in good hands with Dr. Pauline. More...


janet walczak

6 April 2019

Thank you for your caring and professional therapy. I would definitely return to Cutting Edge and Dr. Pauline if further physical therapy is needed.


Stacey Grifman

6 April 2019

I went for Physical therapy because if a broken foot, and I had a really good experience. Pauline was extremely conscientious and professional. She took time with me, guided me through many aspects of rehabilitation including posture and exercise. She was generous with her time and knowledge. I highly recommend her. More...


Arielle Guerin

6 February 2019

I am very happy with my results at Cutting Edge. Glad I found them. Dr. Pauline is helping me walk again when I thought I never wouldbe able to.


Julie Neisloss

6 January 2019

Dr Pauline is an excellent Physical Therapist! I had a knee replacement surgery in July and I no longer experience any pain! I highly recommend her!!


Joann Alexander

6 September 2018

Dr”Pauline White” You are very special doctor you work hard to get your patient’’s to they goal like me (loving, Caring ,Compassion ,Gentle ) She just that good “, ‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♀️).!!!!!!!!! J A


BroskieBro Face

5 July 2018

Sincere caring and professionalism from the moment you walk through the door. Don’t let her small statue fool you I had to tap out atimes with her stretching. A great husband and wife team and I highly recommend Dr. Pauline More...


Lila Steinhoff

12 June 2018

Early in 2018, I met Dr. Pauline White-De Freitas from Cutting Edge Physical Therapy and Wellness after a hip replacement. A couple of months later, I needed therapy for shoulder injuries. Having had physical therapy five times in the last 15 years, I had comparative experiences with therapists, and I would choose Dr. Pauline over all of them.

She is hands-on and attentive to her patients. She is completely professional, and her knowledge of anatomy and how the body works is outstanding. Every question I had was patiently answered in detail. I didn't just show up for the exercises, I learned about pain reduction, strengthening my body and increasing my mobility from her.

Besides being a skilled professional, Dr. Pauline is just a super nice person. She has an uplifting personality and truly cares about her clients. Choosing her for your therapy would be one of the smartest decisions you could make.


Natalie Perez

1 June 2018

Dr. Pauline is a very professional and knowledgeable physical therapist. Dr. Pauline runs her practice well. She gives you a lot of personalized one on one care and is very helpful in the process with each patient. Her practice is unique in this manner as most physical therapy officers have a large room with many patients at one time, Dr. Pauline focuses on each patient individually for optimal care. Highly recommended!!!! More...


Ellen Wolchek

9 April 2018

If you are an equestrian struggling with balance and straightness, then visit Dr. White. She designed a PT program for me which has helped me improve my riding (enabling me find my center in the saddle and also to stretch out my neck and shoulders and the ever troublesome hip flexors). She is equipped to help you overcome injuries safely (tough and effective, but with a heart). I hate PT, but love Dr. White, and can recommend her highly! My go to PT during the winter equestrian season, a super resource for riders. More...


Marlene G. Silver

1 March 2018

Dr. Pauline very helpful, attentive and caring. She works many modalities that adapt to individual’s issues. Highly receomnend.


Michael Grosett

27 February 2018

I am so very happy that I am doing my physical therapy here at Cutting Edge P.T & Wellness, because I am feeling so much better and being able to do more for myself now, than I was able to do 2 months ago.
The staff is very professional and caring, and the physical therapy takes you to your full potential. Dr. Pauline is exceptional and kindhearted and is a very good listener.

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