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Tweaks Performance

23 July 2019

We are very lucky to have Custom Prototypes in our area. They are masters of their craft!!Thank you guys!!


Ryan Taylor

30 June 2019

Just called Custom Prototypes to inquire about their metal printing services and Andrew was very helpful answering all my questions about the material and explaining the process in great detail.


Manuel Chouffet Bourdier

30 June 2019

Top quality, Great service, Highly recommendable!


Eduardo Gallardo R.

30 June 2019

I had a great experience with this company. Great attention to detail and very customer centric.


Yoga Loft Vaughan

26 April 2019

My son had a school project for an ecofair and wanted to create a prototype. I dealt with Andrew who was so friendly and helpful. He had it done for me overnight and gave me a good price. I know it was a small job for them but When I picked it up they treated me so kind. Thanks so much!! Jen and Simon More...


David Snaith

27 March 2019

These guys have gone above and beyond for me time after time. The nature of rapid prototyping is that you often need the parts yesterday. CP have consistently delivered great quality parts in almost no time, for a great price. They care about the quality of their work, and they care about their relationship with their clients. You can't ask for better than that. More...


Heather John

26 January 2019

Their work is just amazing and the customer service is excellent!


Dylan Doyle

29 August 2018

Approached them with a request for a jig design and not only was the jig designed so well, their communications were excellent and the product went from concept to end product within 2 weeks.


Jim Xu

26 May 2018

Very understanding as they understood our needs. Time efficient and organized. High quality prototypes.Oh and they also produce very good deals!


Victoria Lau

26 May 2018

Working with a tight timeline, the friendly staff went out of their way to ensure our prototype was complete. They provided advice from their expertise to help the prototype come to life. Thank you!


Fabrice Traore

26 May 2018

Very good customer service. The staff was qualified to understand our projet. They even 3D print metal parts. the quality of the parts are really professional. I recommend for any automotive application More...


Reey Yadin

26 May 2018

Came to this company with some engineer and design problems and they help me solve everything! they are honest, fast, experienced and most of all they know what they are doing! ill definitely work with them on any other future developments, also they do great prototypes that looks and feel great!Thank you custom prototypes! More...



26 May 2018

They were incredibly informative with the process behind the work that they do and the step by step evolution from concept to execution of product for delivery. Very thankful for the time they took to give myself and my classmates a tour! More...


Danielle Boer

26 May 2018

Thank you so much for having my graphic design class for a tour. It was incredible to learn about the process from beginning to end and to see it all in action.


Jean-Francois Chénier

26 January 2018

I really recommand this company if you need high quality 3D printed parts!


Anthony Riendeau

18 January 2018

Excellent experience! Good technical support!


Patrice Ferland

18 January 2018

We ordered 3D printed metal parts from Custom Prototypes and we were very satisfied with the result. The service was stellar, from the technical advice they provided all the way to the follow up after we received the shipment.


Scott Alexander Maple

23 August 2017

Bleeding edge technology developed in the hands of skilled engineers and imagineers at Custom Prototypes. Efficient and proficient. Friendly and personable. Highly recommended. Review from a long time customer. More...


Judy McIntee

21 December 2016

The staff at Custom Prototypes are absolutely AMAZING! You couldn't ask for a more considerate, community minded, professional group of people.