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Our studio (Custom Fit) has a primary focus on core strength, functional fitness, and vegetable-forward eating advice. Each program design is unique, but all are rooted in science. The way our studio works is that we offer two intro sessions for $148.


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Laura W.

22 July 2019

I have been working out with Evan for around three years. It is by far the best personal training experience I have had. He is very understanding of changing goals and schedules. When I first went to see him, I was working to get in shape for the summer. He really helped target areas that I could improve without radically changing my routines/schedule. Afterwards, I wanted to train for a half marathon, and he tailored our workout based on that goal; reducing weights for my tired legs.He has opened up a second space next door, so there is always plenty of room to workout. Feels like a nice and welcoming space. It is also stocked with what seems every type of equipment available.Can't recommend Custom Fit enough! If you are trying to find a new trainer, this is the place to go! More...


Leah Sodowick

30 June 2019

I've had the most amazing experience with Custom Fit. I can't recommend this studio enough!! The owner, Evan, met with me for an introductory meeting and helped me get started on my fitness and wellness journey. During our initial meeting he asked great questions, was very encouraging, and made excellent recommendations. He also sent me recipes and nutrition info and tips after we met. Evan matched me with Lucia as my personal trainer. Training with Lucia has been truly life changing. Lucia is so skilled, attuned, and supportive. I feel challenged during each of our sessions and I look forward to coming to the studio each time. It's the best part of my week. More...


Surabi Rao

30 June 2019

Super awesome gym!!


Zachary Newsome

12 May 2019

Milad was awesome! I came in with back and neck issues and after 5 sessions (1 per week) + some "homework" I feel so much better. He is a great trainer and would highly recommend him to someone looking to increase functional fitness, posture, and overall wellness! More...


Erica Davidson

26 April 2019

I've been working out with Milad for 6 months now, and the results have been fantastic. I started working out with Milad to get ready for my wedding, but I was so happy with my results that I kept going for another two months. Milad is a great trainer with a ton of experience, but he also makes the workouts fun and tailors them to your specific needs. No two sessions are ever the same, which keeps things interesting. If you're in pain or uncomfortable, Milad knows exactly the right stretch or modification to help. I could not recommend a better trainer!Additionally, Custom Fit is a great gym. The facilities are clean and spacious, and the equipment is state of the art. Everyone here is friendly and focused on their own goals which makes this a comfortable and supportive environment to sweat in. More...


Anastasia Nekrasova

26 April 2019

I’ve been training with Jackie for 6 months at Custom Fit. I’m very pleased with the results and experience. I’m in the best shape ever! Workouts are always challenging, fun and targeted to my specific goals. The facilities are bright and clean with great equipment. I highly recommended this place! More...


Jackson Brissette

26 April 2019

I had a fantastic experience at Custom Fit. The training staff is experienced, professional, and always on time. The facilities are clean and the equipment is top notch. Would recommend to anyone.


Josh Grey

26 April 2019

I do really enjoy working out at this gym. Even when it is busy with people working on their fitness, it is never crowded and never feel judged. They have personal training and nutrition advice that you can get, so it is one of the best ways for me to address some of the gaps in my knowledge. More than anything, having someone help you with accountability is huge. More...


Girish Nanda

26 April 2019

I'v been training with Milad at Custom Fit for 8 months. If you have a goal and you take nutrition seriously you can get amazing results. I was able to lose 2 pounds a week when I had a weight loss goal. Now I have a strength goal and am gaining 2.5 lbs of muscle a month. The workouts are effective, focused and aligned with the goals that you have. More...


Karla Canseco

27 March 2019

I started working out at Custom Fit in preparation for my wedding , and I am SO HAPPY that I did! The studio is beautiful, clean, and has something for everyone/every level of fitness. I am an ER doctor with a crazy schedule and they were extremely accomodating. I trained with Milad who is awesome :) He is extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and mobility ,and he uses evidence based practices to help his clients achieve their goals. I was about a year out from rotator cuff surgery, and Milad customized our sessions to ensure that I got the results I wanted without re-injuring myself. If you are looking for a great personal training experience do yourself a favor and check out Custom fit! More...


Karla C.

19 March 2019

I started working out at Custom Fit in preparation for my wedding , and I am SO HAPPY that I did! The studio is beautiful, clean, and has something for everyone/every level of fitness. I am an ER doctor with a crazy schedule and they were extremely accomodating. I trained with Milad who is awesome :) He is extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and mobility ,and he uses evidence based practices to help his clients achieve their goals.  I was about a year out from rotator cuff surgery, and Milad customized our sessions to ensure that I got the results I wanted without re-injuring myself. If you are looking for a great personal training experience do yourself a favor and check out Custom fit! More...


Katharine Pulford

27 December 2018

I signed up to Custom Fit 4 months ago as a first-timer to Personal Training, I am absolutely delighted with the experience and the results. Evan conducted an initial consultation and assigned me to Jackie - a calm, patient and good-humored trainer. Each session was unique and challenging. Never boring. The gyms are spotless and the equipment well maintained. In parallel I consulted with nutritionist - Marissa, who offered pragmatic tips on dietary improvements without compromising on quantity, flavor or convenience. Highly recommended. More...


Fritz L.

3 October 2018

Best training experience I have ever had by far- as evidenced by the fact that I lost over 60 lbs training with them (and making some diet changes which they helped coach me on) over 8 months and only stopped because I moved states. I worked out with many trainers here such as Omar, Scott and Alex - they made me sweat and most importantly they kept me motivated. All were awesome. Alex is tiny but she is savage. Evan runs a well oiled machine here and the facilities are great. Having two spaces side by side allows the trainers to change it up and keep it interesting; which I found key to keeping me going back. I commuted across the city to go here and it was worth it. If you're serious about getting in shape you can stop your search here. More...


Anita Vashi

28 September 2018

Initially drawn to Custom Fit because it's so close to home and convenient. Keep coming back because the workouts are awesome - dynamic, never boring or repetitive, and challenging (thanks, Jackie!). Definitely workout harder than if I were to do it on my own. Added bonus: large, clean space. Never crowded. Great package deals. More...


Jourdain Degarmo

30 July 2018

This review is long overdue. I have been working out with the team at custom fit for about a year now, and like all the other reviews on here could not be more happy with it. Worked with a variety of trainers any would be a great choice. Space is very well kept up, AC so its never to hot and very clean. I have now long considered this a must when looking over a budget, I would do yourself and your body the favor of trying it out. More...


Jourdain D.

11 July 2018

This review is long overdue. I have been working out with the team at custom fit for about a year now, and like all the other reviews on here could not be more happy with it. Worked with a variety of trainers any would be a great choice. Space is very well kept up, AC so its never to hot and very clean. I have now long considered this a must when looking over a budget, I would do yourself and your body the favor of trying it out. More...


Jeremy Banon

25 June 2018

Excellent facility. Personable and responsible trainers. Highly recommended.


Dan D.

9 June 2018

Great Ownership, Great Space, and Great Trainers.Objective: Lose Weight and Gain muscleObjective Achieved!Thanks Evan and Keith!


Ivan Pandoy

7 June 2018

Great equipment. Great trainers. Great results! Definitely recommend this place for anyone looking to get in shape!


Jeff Troiano

10 May 2018

I’ve had a great experience at Custom Fit. I’m an older guy, hadn’t worked out in several years, and was hesitant to go to a typical gym. Then I heard about Custom Fit. Evan, the owner, matched me with a talented trainer, Dennis, who knows a ton about diet, exercise and physiology in general. Dennis eased me into a routine, always being sensitive of my limits and injuries. (I hurt my lower back running a 10k a few months back.) To make a long story short, over the course of six months, I’ve lost 25 pounds and three pants sizes. My mood and self-confidence have soared. And it’s all thanks to Custom Fit. More...


Sal B.

16 March 2018

Its taken we way too long to give praise to Evan and especially my awesome personal trainer Frankie! It truly is a Custom Fitness plan based on your goals. I have worked at a Gym before and I know the importance of having the right plan for the right results. My plan was getting the damages of the office life reversed and get "photo ready" for my friends wedding lol. They have hella towels, changing rooms , bathrooms and showers! My 6AM works outs are the the only reason I wake up that early, best Alarm ever! More...


Matt Holland

28 February 2018

Have been coming here for almost a year and the professional, yet laid back atmosphere makes it an absolute pleasure. Evan was extremely helpful at building a tailored work out plan and Keith does an excellent job executing it every week for me. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to get into better shape! More...


Arjan Dijk

24 February 2018

In the past 4 months, I have been training with Scott at Custom Fit Personal Training & Nutrition twice a week. It has been a great experience with Scott being a fantastic trainer, the equipment and overall environment being excellent and most importantly with me achieving significant results (lost 5 percentage points in body fat and have very visibly toned up). Highly recommended.


Noz Nozawa

15 February 2018

I've now been working out with Scott once a week for the past several months (previous trainer Summer moved away – I've been working out at Custom Fit for over a year). Scott is awesome to train with, and I wake up on Monday mornings pumped to start my week with a fun, challenging, exhausting but energizing workout. Every single workout is different and new, but for me they always includes cardio, strength training, core workouts (killer), balance, and boxing (my favorite!! - Scott trained as a boxer for years so he's ridic and even though he's clearly going easy on me, it doesn't *feel* like he is, haha).

The new thing I've noticed, too, is that trying new routines with Scott makes me want to keep it up and try things at my regular gym the rest of the week. The other trainers and clients are awesome at coordinating space with each other, it never feels crowded, is always bright and sunny, and clients are all ages and shapes and fitness levels which I absolutely love because the gym feels inclusive but everyone is motivated and training hard. If I could budget to start every morning working out with Scott at Custom Fit, I totally would!


Julianne L.

8 February 2018

Update- The owner informed me they are opening up a second space to accommodate the growing clientele. This is a great fix and solution!


Karen L.

1 January 2018

I've finally had some down time to write this long awaited review. I started coming here about a year ago from today. I did the 10 training session and nutrition services. I'm 20 years old and am still in college. I used to be very fit in high school since I was competitively dancing and going to the gym today. When I started college the freshman 15 or for my case 25 couldn't be more true. It was hard setting a healthy lifestyle while constantly taking 21 units per semester and working a part time job. I just came to a point where I was really unhappy with the way I was feeling and living and was looking for guidance on how to change my lifestyle. So I found Custom Fit SF online. I met with Evan for the first meeting and he was super friendly and helpful with various tips. He was seeing what trainer best works with my schedule but I had asked if I could have Summer. I read Summer's profile on the website and saw that she used to be an acrobat. As a dancer I thought it would be cool if we could work on flexibility as well as weight loss. Evan thought it was a great idea and paired us up. In our 10 week session I lost 12 pounds and about 10 inches all around. I wasn't consistent with my appointments either because I would get ill very often. But Summer was super caring, compassionate, and funny. She gave me the push I needed without me feeling overwhelmed or injuring myself. She also talked to me a lot about the importance of mental health and encouraged me to take things easy sometime. We never did the same boring exercises every time, she always came in with a plan and they were fun yet challenging. I love working with Summer and now that our sessions over I still feel comfortable texting her for workout and food advice. During the process Summer would let Evan know about my progress and every time I'd see him in the gym, he always had positive kind words to say. It's always nice being in an environment where you have a good support system. For the nutrition program, Marissa was extremely kind and really knew her stuff. To be honest, the majority of my weight loss is because of the nutrition program Marissa made for me. Everything was specifically catered to my lifestyle, cooking level, and things I liked or did not like to eat. My main concern coming in with nutrition is to see if changing the way I eat could help me not get sick as often as I do. She spent a lot of time on my meal plan and many information about each type of food and what I should be eating. The pages were extremely detailed. I believe this really changed my life for the better. My energy show up and I was able to focus in school more. I didn't get as sick as I used to. My bloating issues basically went away. Lastly, I just felt better inside and that really resonated on the outside. So if you're looking for a lifestyle change, come in with an open mind, work hard and everything will come into place. This is a great environment and I'd be willing to come back again any day. More...


Adam R.

28 December 2017

My girlfriend and I have been training with Evan at Custom Fit for just about a year and I am long overdue in writing this review. This is the best of the best - it's that simple.Each of us met with Evan independently before our first session. He took the time to understand our goals as well as our initial levels of fitness. Whether he's training us together or individually, every session is personally tailored with plenty of variety from one workout to the next. In the twelve months since we started seeing Evan I have seen a marked improvement in both my strength and endurance. I have lost weight as well - and I'm sure I'd lose more if I didn't like to eat quite so much.As the owner of the gym, Evan is a busy guy. But when you're training with him, you have 100% of his attention. He's fun to talk to and never distracted. And because Custom Fit a training-only gym, it doesn't get crowded. There have never been more than three or four other clients training during my sessions.The gym itself is not huge but it's always clean and the equipment is very well-maintained. In addition to training, Custom Fit has a Redcord room for physical therapy and a nutritionist on staff.For top-tier personal training at a reasonable price, you absolutely cannot do better than Custom Fit. More...


Tommy Kuntze

28 November 2017

Highly recommend this studio. I worked with Keith for 30 sessions - I loved working with him and I'm so pleased with my results. The folks here are friendly, knowledgable, and very thoughtful in their approach. The equipment is new, the space is clean, and the music is on point. The location is also very convenient. More...


Jyri Tuulos

7 November 2017

I've been training at CustomFit for 6 months and I have nothing but good things to say. Right from the beginning Evan has made sure I'm getting the right kind of training and my expectations are met.

My personal trainer, Omar, has helped me understand how to exercise different muscle groups effectively while keeping every session fun, engaging and challenging. Thanks to his guidance and personalized workout routines, I now feel confident going to any gym and working out on my own. I look forward to working with him for many months to come.

The space is well lit, always clean and never crowded. I would highly recommend CustomFit for anyone looking to get in shape in a friendly environment!


Jacob Glickman

24 October 2017

Evan and the Custom Fit crew are as good as it gets. They take a very thoughtful approach to training and are always coming up with new ideas and refinements. No meatheads here. And the results are amazing. Plus the facility is awesome and the ppl are super nice. Don't mess around. Call Evan. More...


Connor Lanman

5 October 2017

There isn't a place in SF that will get you in shape faster, teach you how to live a better lifestyle, and build you up on top of that than CustomFit.


Michael Reardon

30 September 2017

I decided to go into Custom Fit on a whim about 3-4 months prior to my wedding. I wanted to get into shape before the big day and knew I needed help doing it. From the get-go, Evan took the time to understand my goals and assess the shape I was in. He is professional and articulate which makes it easy to understand the various routines sets out for you.

I was assigned to Scott as my trainer in the beginning; however, due to my schedule with work Evan moved me over to Keith after a few sessions. Both Scott and Keith were great! Energetic and encouraging. Keith took the time to get to know me and clearly outlined the various exercises each and every session. He also kept it ever-changing, working different muscle groups while maintaining a focus on my core as that is what I wanted to see changed for my wedding.

My husband said I looked amazing and I felt great! I attribute Custom Fit to this and the amazing operation they have. It's a beautiful, clean gym with a variety of equipment. I highly recommend! Only thing to note, keep in mind it's a tad expensive--but most personal trainers are.


Michael R.

30 September 2017

I decided to go into Custom Fit on a whim about 3-4 months prior to my wedding. I wanted to get into shape before the big day and knew I needed help doing it. From the get-go, Evan took the time to understand my goals and assess the shape I was in. He is professional and articulate which makes it easy to understand the various routines sets out for you.I was assigned to Scott as my trainer in the beginning; however, due to my schedule with work Evan moved me over to Keith after a few sessions. Both Scott and Keith were great! Energetic and encouraging. Keith took the time to get to know me and clearly outlined the various exercises each and every session. He also kept it ever-changing, working different muscle groups while maintaining a focus on my core as that is what I wanted to see changed for my wedding. My husband said I looked amazing and I felt great! I attribute Custom Fit to this and the amazing operation they have. It's a beautiful, clean gym with a variety of equipment. I highly recommend! Only thing to note, keep in mind it's a tad expensive--but most personal trainers are. More...


Steve Lahey

18 August 2017

I don't think of myself as a person who would join a gym but at 67 I wanted to get in shape and trade-in some fat for muscle. I wanted to change my diet as well. You can find all of these services at Custom Fit. In just a short amount of time I have lost about 25lbs. and I always walk out of the place feeling stronger and having more energy then when I walked in. Scott is also working with me to strengthen muscle around some old injuries so I won't need surgery and it's working. Scott is a great personal trainer who listen to my needs and customizes routines which I can work on both at the studio and at home. All of the trainer seem to support one another so the customer feels both the personal touch and a team support to each person they work with. More...


Rae M.

14 August 2017

Custom Fit was, and continues to be, my best investment of 2017. I went into it in January with the #newyearnewyou mentality, but now it's become routine in my life for mind and body wellness. The facilities are modern, clean and orderly and there are never more than 4 clients on the floor at any given time. Onboarding is quick and painless and there's a nutrition component offered, too. Given there's a diverse bench of trainers, I can tell that Evan's been thoughtful and intentional around hiring. I work with Francisco and could keep you here all day with the positives. More...


Josh Garber

11 August 2017

Working out at Custom Fit has been such a great experience! I've been working out with Scott for over a year now and before I started training with him, I maybe went to the gym a few times a month and ate poorly. In addition to having amazing workout sessions with Scott (and a few times with Evan), they've given me advice about nutrition which has really helped, and I'm now in the best shape of my life. Would totally recommend Custom Fit to anyone looking for a trainer! More...


Hana A.

20 June 2017

I've been working out with Omar at Custom Fit for the last three months. I feel better, fitter, and stronger because of it. The facilities are well maintained, and trainers are professional and friendly. I've worked out with different trainers in the past, and this one has been my favorite. Give it a try if you are looking for a trainer! More...


Art Ilinets

11 May 2017

Nothing, but the best experience from my trainer Evan. He has my working hard and pushing me the right way to safe and healthy fitness. I recommend his services to anyone that wants a great trainer that gets results More...


TheOneAndOnly T.

10 May 2017

Evan is the man! He's got me feeling great and in the best shape I've been in a long time. He really knows how to get the most out of you without going over board. I couldn't be happier with my training with him. Big time recommendation! More...


Joannie N.

8 May 2017

I wish I could say I don't need a personal trainer but I do.  Fortunately, the quick results to my middle aged,  mother of three, too much sugar body have kept me motivated.  I'm not bikini ready (god forbid) but at least I don't have to drop my kids off a half a mile away.My program works, the trainer is excellent, worth the sweat and the cash. More...


buck stonewall

24 April 2017

I've never been to a gym like this one, I actually didn't even know they existed before. I usually walk by on my way to work and noticed how cool it looked so after checking out the website I decided to give personal training a try. I initially met with Evan for the first session and decided to give a two trainers a try, one each per week. This is great for me as they both are very knowledgable and I have more scheduling flexibility (I travel to the south a lot). It's been a few months now and I'm making great progresses for a 60 yr old and doing things I never though possible. I'm now even considering meeting with their nutritionist to help with my diet. Would recommend 100% for anyone looking to improve their fitness in a professional atmosphere. More...


B M.

23 April 2017

Great workout studio, conveniently located, with some great trainers. I have trained many times with Evan and a few times with Justin's Redcord suspension work and I can't recommend them highly enough. They are so knowledgeable and pleasant to work with; Evan's workouts are creative and challenging, and Justin really dialed into some of my problem areas with the unique Redcord approach. More...


Michael M.

22 April 2017

My partner and I have been training here (individually) every week for about half a year now. Everything about the studio has been amazing--from the initial discussion with Evan about our fitness goals, to the beautiful and spacious gym, to our weekly sessions with Summer, our new favorite person. We're as fit as we've ever been and have noticed the improvement in our running, which was the original motivation. We both agree that finding and joining Custom Fit was one of the best things to happen to us last year! More...


Barry Schneider

19 April 2017

If you’re looking for a great personal trainer or nutritionist this is the place to go. I’ve worked with two trainers here so far and now I’ve decided to take it to the next level with my nutrition and about a month ago signed up with Marissa. The training + the recipes and meal ideas are fantastic and I feel great. They are customized to fit your cooking skillz, tastes and anything else you want (protein, veggies, etc.) Would definitely recommend Custom Fit if you’re looking for a super clean fitness space, a team (or just one…) of great personal trainers to get you in shape or a nutritionist to help with your diet!! More...


Tim Staley

18 April 2017

Evan is by far the best personal trainer I've seen since living in SF. I've been training with him since he coached at the olympic club and now that he offers full nutritionist services I have a fully tailored health and fitness experience. Would recommend for anyone who needs a plug and play personal trainer with a great attitude and tons of experience. More...


Erik A.

11 April 2017

I wanted to up my workout regimen at the JCC and Custom Fit really helped fill the bill.  When I started, I was suffering from increased joint pain and Evan assured me they could help alleviate a lot of that through focused sessions.  Omar developed workout routines that were anything but routine.  They seemed to change every session so they were always fresh and new and challenging.  My goal was to learn and refine techniques and exercises to take back to my gym.  I highly recommend Custom Fit for its personalized approach and skilled trainers.  Omar was great to work with and the pristine facility had everything necessary to get the job done - even a shower so you could go straight to work or your evening out after sweating it up. More...


Jeff Wagener

5 April 2017

This review is about Nutrition planning with Marissa at Custom Fit. She had a thorough screen of my diet and provided helpful meal planning that was manageable on several fronts: the recipes were quick, simple and delicious. I also like that ingredients crossed over from one recipe to another so there was virtually no waste. I really liked the make-ahead meals with variations that meant I had snacks and/or breakfast on the go. I hate throwing food away and feel guilty when I buy an ingredient I am unlikely to use again that goes to waste so this aligned really well with Marissa's suggested recipes. More...


Alene W.

4 April 2017

I am 46 years old, with two kids under five years old. After my second kid, I was nearly resigned to being a lumpy, draggy, 160+ pound, apple-shaped sad person for the rest of my adult life.I tried everything the internet says new moms should do to feel better short of medication and still couldn't claw up out of my deep slump. Then a friend and I took a shared series with Evan at Custom Fit. I've lost over 11 pounds, and am still losing weight steadily. (I am going to be my pre-pregnancy weight again!) I have a waist that isn't as broad as my hips. I haven't felt this strong in years. Now I have private sessions, and dread the day Evan retires. But meanwhile, I feel great! I highly recommend Custom Fit. More...


Chris Mueller

31 March 2017

I've been working with Evan for well over a year. Great to work with, good energy in the gym. Never too crowded, bright, clean. This gym is truly meant for all ages and all body types. I've been training with my wife in couple's sessions and we always enjoy it. Highly recommend for anyone looking to bring a bit of fitness into their life. More...


Roxy G.

28 March 2017

I've never been a Gym lover, even thought I do like to stay active by doing activities outdoors and weekly Yoga classes. But as a working mom with a very demanding job, a family that I make my priority, and a busy schedule, last year I was finding it difficult to stay fit, was feeling very heavy with my pants all feeling too tight, and my body was starting to feel very "old". I was at a fundraising event at my daughter's school and saw a auction item that offered 3 sessions at Custom Fit Personal training. I've never worked with a trainer before, but I decided it was time to start. I initially met with Evan, the owner, to identify my personal goals. Then I started working out with Omar once a week, as that was all I could squeeze in. Now over 6 months later, I'm feeling so much better and stronger thanks to my customized work out plan. Omar is keeping me challenged physically, but always careful to make sure I'm not overdoing it and not aggravating my knees or back (where I've had issues in the past). He also recommended that I use the My Fitness Pal app to track my nutrition, which also helped me be more mindful of what I eat (although I wouldn't say I'm dieting), and that in addition with the exercise and weight training has helped me both lose weight and reduce inches in several problem spots! The studio is great as well, with top of the line equipment, plus a shower and changing room. I would highly recommend Custom Fit if you're looking to get in shape! More...


Caroline A.

21 March 2017

Custom Fit is an organized, clean workout studio set up beautifully for a no nonsense workout located at Market Street & Octavia, an easy stop on the way home from work. Definitely make an appointment with Evan stat. He is articulate and provides recommendations while at the studio but also for your workouts outside of Custom Fit. He's quick to make adjustments and identify any problem areas. They have every piece of gym equipment you could ever want including a sweet pilates reformer which Evan is quick to provide clear instruction that sticks with you. If you need to blow off steam because Classpass raised their rates again or the Muni is broken down per usual, stop by and schedule an appointment at Custom Fit and never look back! More...


Shawn V.

16 March 2017

I started training with Scott and Evan about 6 months ago. I have to say that this has been the best program to date.  I am 48 years old and I needed a new approach to training.  They really listen to your needs and design a program that works for you, especially if you have an injury.  They have a nutritionist on hand to help you design a meal programs to achieve your goals.  The facilities are clean and there is a private shower.  At most they only have 4 clients training at the same time.  It is a very diverse group of clientele with many body types.  I am really stoked with the results that I have been seeing.  Lastly, they are friendly, cool, and professional. More...


Sam D.

23 February 2017

Love training here. Both Evan and Scott are great. They really mix up the routine and keep me inspired to keep coming back. They are also super personable and pleasant to be around. The facilities are well maintained as well. Worth the cost! More...


Dale J.

21 February 2017

My pilates/redcord trainer Justin from rebalancedsf.com moved his space here. As I was training with Justin, I would walk by and see the boxing gear on the floor and was inspired to go back to boxing and doing strength and conditioning training. Evan was super friendly and matched me up with Francisco. I've gone 3 times (and have been continuing my sessions with Justin) and I can already notice a difference. I feel stronger and my body feels much better. I have not done any boxing, strength and conditioning training since I was 4 month pregnant (which was over 5 years ago) and I've put on a significant weight gain. Francisco is kind and patient, he has been careful not to overwhelm me, but still keep my workouts challenging. I am  confident that he (and Justin) will help me reach my weight and fitness goals. This is a welcoming space. I've watched and cheered on super athletic women do pull ups and seen his trainers work respectfully with seniors that have limited mobility. The gym itself is very clean and has a nice design. The shower and restroom are also very clean and pleasant. My only criticism is that I am short and sometimes the towels are stacked to high in the shower and I have to reach on my tippy toes and hope I don't bring them all down on my head. ;) More...


Kaylan G.

8 February 2017

I hired Marissa as a nutritionist as I was looking for some motivation to lose my baby weight.  I LOVED her take on food and health and she really helped to motivate me.  Her background in the restaurant industry and culinary expertise really shows in her unique and delicious recipe ideas and meal planning.  She is also very accommodating to dietary restrictions.  On top of being good at her work, she is also a very warm hearted and fun person to be around.  Really makes for trying to lose weight and be healthy a good experience!!! More...


Ambar M.

6 February 2017

Evan is awesome!  I love the variety of exercises and how much he really tailors the workout to your needs.  I've been working out with Evan for about 6 months now and have seen the results I could never get on my own.  My arms are more defined, I've lost 11% in waist circumference, and my pants are falling down.  As I get stronger, Evan is great at upping the workout so it's always a challenge.  I would highly recommend Evan to anyone. More...


Bridget C.

3 February 2017

I couldn't recommend Evan highly enough.  I have been training with him for over 6 months now and I feel stronger than I ever have.  I have tried all sorts of workouts and classes in the past, even personal trainers when I lived in LA.  Evan is on another level entirely.  I look forward to my sessions because each week the workouts are different.  He is detailed, attentive, encouraging and knowledgable.  I have lost inches and my body has changed, for sure, but being stronger and having more energy day to day is the biggest reward.  If I could give him 10 stars I would! More...


Ross S.

20 January 2017

I needed help with my diet and I was looking for a nutritionist that had a specific plan and advice to keep meals and foods healthy and simple to make. I researched various options and found Marissa. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough in her initial consultation so I signed up for her 3 month plan. I recently just finished my third month, and can tell a noticeable difference in my stamina and energy the past couple months. I can say I'm extremely satisfied with the knowledge and support she has given me to keep me on a steady goal to eat healthy through various recipes and target particular foods that taste good and make you feel good!  She has a great way with nutrition, recipes, and cooking ideas. Since signing up, I have taken my dietary change very seriously and feel motivated to shop and eat healthy going forward. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to get on the right track. More...


Justin G.

23 December 2016

Being a Pilates and Redcord suspension exercise fan I was a little intimidated by the idea of trying a personal trainer who incorporated free weights. It was a good way to go out of my comfort zone as Evan turned out to be great personable trainer who made the whole process not intimidating and approachable. It peaked my curiosity having multiple muscle groups challenged all at once and made me feel stronger and motivated. The space itself is modern, open and bright and I like that it's not a place to see and be seen. It's a place to work out. I highly recommend Evan. More...


Ajj J.

21 November 2016

I started training with Evan nearly 3 years ago to get in wedding shape. I've had a few experiences with PT in the past, and I immediately recognized Evan has a consistent and effective approach. He focuses on building core strength through increasingly challenging and varied routines. My husband and I co-trained with him and collectively both got below our target weight well before our wedding. Fast forward a year and a baby later and I'm working with Evan on a whole new set of post baby fitness goals- regaining core strength, weight loss and general wellbeing. Evan is a pleasure to train with, personable, yet focused on form and your feedback on aches and pains. My husband and I continued to train with him after these life milestones as we've found a side benefit of the core strength has been significantly less back pain, better stability, better sleep, healthier eating - list goes on...I highly recommend Evan as an excellent personal trainer for wide variety of fitness goals, and he's a super nice guy! More...


Joseph D.

27 October 2016

I have been going to Scott for over a year and I have to say his  training sessions are really enjoyable and fun. I have seen good results .Scott varies the training so you very rarely do the same thing twice .He puts you at ease no matter what your fitness level is .He is also very flexible with his time The gym is immaculate in every way  and you can see that they take great pride in the business .i would have no hesitation in recommending Scott . More...


Tim L.

19 October 2016

I've been training with Scott for the last 3 months. Scott has done a fantastic job helping reach my fitness goals. Through working with Scott, I learned how to use various compound movements to fully engage and challenge every muscle in less than an hour. Scott designed several different routines specifically for me to help me see strength and cardio gains. This allows me to take what I learn and to apply it at home as well. Scott is a great trainer. Highly recommended regardless of fitness level! More...


Sarah W.

26 August 2016

Seeing Evan is the highlight of my week!  His workouts are effective (I am tired and sore) but fun (I look forward to each session).  He spends a lot of time on core which is great.  I started seeing Evan after working out on my own regularly for about a year.  I had sort of plateaued and was losing motivation.  I also wanted someone to help me with weight training.  Evan reinvigorated my efforts to get back into shape.  His workouts (he provides at home workouts) and diet suggestions have led to a strong core (which means less back pain etc), visible muscle, lots of compliments from friends and a sense of accomplishment.  Most importantly, I feel healthy and strong. More...


Stephen M.

24 August 2016

I've been working out with Evan with the goal of improving my overall strength.   The results have been fantastic.  Overall I'm stronger - especially in core strength.  His method of interval training helps loose weight and gain muscle.  I would definitely recommend Evan (and his whole team) as a worthy personal investment. More...


Tanya S.

23 August 2016

I have been working with Evan for over a year now, and he has been nothing but superb.  He knows just how much to push and when to let up.  He knows my limits better than I do, and he works me to reach my limits.  I come out sweaty and tired but feeling good.  His gym is always immaculate and the equipment is pristine.  I highly recommend him. More...


Stephen G.

23 August 2016

I would recommend Custom Fit to anyone who is serious about getting in shape, and wants a trainer who is completely focused on your success.  I've worked out with many trainers, and Evan and Scott are by far the best I've ever experienced.  They are serious about creating programs that are tailored to your goals, and they watch and encourage you without fail.  My last trainer would look at his phone throughout the session or he would often let me know how tired he was during our sessions.  That NEVER happens with Evan and Scott.  The gym is also beautiful, clean, private, and all of the equipment is new as of July 2016.  In addition, Marissa a fantastic nutritionist who is eager to help anyone looking to eat healthy or has a weight management goal.  Custom Fit is a special place. More...


Kristen S.

1 August 2016

Evan is an amazing trainer! He knows the body so well and can customize a program that will suit your needs and lifestyle. You're going to WORK and be SORE but it's so worth it! I lost 30 pounds in 6 months of working with Evan. He is amazing! More...


Ross B.

29 July 2016

Evan is the man. I'm a bit conflicted about writing this because I don't want him to get too busy, since I plan on training with him indefinitely. I started working with Evan at Custom Fit about 6 months ago. I run a company and spend way too much time in a chair at my computer. Due to work and a new baby, my weekly workouts had ground to a halt. After 6 months training with Evan, I'm more limber, stronger, feel better, no more back pain, sleeping better, and winning the fight against my dad-bod. It has been a game changer and I would highly recommend him to anyone hoping to live a healthier life. More...


Ron K.

26 July 2016

I've been training with Evan for well over a year. When I started, my flexibility was terrible. My cardio was weak at best. My core strength was really bad. It was hard to even do a set of sit-ups. Now, my abs are rock solid, which really helps for a lot of different kinds of activites.Evan does a great job staying up with the current research. His workouts start with dynamic warmups, two minutes of cardio, focusing on core muscles, alternating between core and strength exercises and then finish with static stretches. This is what the latest research says does the trick. And it shows.Evan is very careful about making sure the form is correct. It's awesome to have a coach who actually watches and counts reps, and corrects any problems to make a super effective workout.I'd highly recommend Evan to anyone who needs a personal trainer and/or fitness coach. Yes, it costs more for a personal trainer, but it keeps you motivated and gets you results, far faster and more efficiently than any other program you might sign up for. More...


Ryan S.

24 July 2016

I've been working out at Custom Fit for a few weeks now, and I can't say enough good things about it!  Before joining, I really hated working out and found it to be more of a chore, but Scott (my trainer) has given me amazing workouts and I look forward to our sessions.  The facility is also absolutely gorgeous.  Having worked out at a number of personal training gyms in San Francisco, I can definitively say this is by far the best one! More...


Hitasha B.

7 June 2016

I was a little nervous when I started training with Evan (partner sessions with a friend) because I'd never had a personal trainer before. I shouldn't have been-- Evan is wonderful. A great trainer, super accommodating to my shifting schedules due to work and incredibly knowledgable about nutrition and physiology. Just a lovely person all around.I love that he coaches you toward nutrition goals as well as fitness. I saw better muscle tone and an improvement in my stamina after only a few weeks. Couldn't recommend him highly enough. More...


Lanita T.

6 June 2016

Custom Fit Personal Training & Nutrition is wonderful.  I have been working out with Evan for about a year and I feel better and stronger.  I had pretty much plateaued with my old work out.  So, I figured all I could do at this point was maintenance. However, since I have been working out with Evan I have made loads of unexpected progress.  I am a lot stronger.  I don't have aches and pains and don't I don't suffer from injuries.  Plus, the people in my life notice visible changes.  The bonus is that I don't have to spend as much time working out! More...



31 May 2016

If you want to up your fitness game, personal training is the way to go. It puts running or group exercise classes to shame. Everything is tailored for you. And with Evan, you are getting the best. He is super knowledgeable and easy to work with, and he mixes up the exercises to keep it fresh. He is totally into fitness, but not a douche about it. I can't imagine a better person to train with. Highest recommendation. More...


Chris M.

25 May 2016

Well, I think there are a lot of good reasons why Evan has only 5-star reviews here. I started with him about 6 months ago. Before then, I'd done plenty of cycling and running, but hadn't lifted weights in 10+ years. I was nervous about getting into it, and am not the typical body-builder tough guy type. If I had any muscle, it was all in my legs from cycling/running. So upper-body work was something I wanted to pursue, and I wanted to put on some weight. After about 4 months, I'd gained 20 lbs of muscle and felt stronger than I ever have in my life. Amazing.Evan is wonderfully nice, easy-going, and helpful. He is very thoughtful about scaffolding workouts over a series of weeks so that you build up the strength/balance needed to do the bigger lifts. We never did the same workout twice.And I really enjoy that my wife and I can go in for couples sessions. We love working out together, and Evan makes it really fun for both of us, even though our goals are different. Highly recommend Evan and his work. More...


Tara E.

31 January 2016

The main thing I can say is - results.  I've been seeing Evan for around 9 months now.  I figured I would stop after a few months because of the cost, but the results/value I've gotten out of it have kept me going.  Within 3 months I'd hit my target weight.  Within 6 months I received multiple comments on how toned my arms looked.  Just last month I got a "you have the best abs I've ever seen".  [Note: I also run, bike, swim and eat healthy --- but was doing all that for years before Evan and never received those comments before.]Other comments: Evan is easygoing and gives inventive, diverse workouts.  He helps distract with good conversations and variety.  The gym he works in is clean, not too crowded and conveniently located near 16th St Mission BART.  He provides good recipes and interesting articles.  Many exercises can be adapted at home (though I don't do them...).  In summary, highly recommended! More...


ilya g.

8 September 2015

I went to Evan because I've had lower back issues for years and finally got sick of being too injured to leave the house. Also, I'll be real, my metabolism got worse so all those burgers began catching up with me.Evan designed a personal routine for me that focused on strength building and a proper diet. "You can eat all the bacon you want," he promised me. I've been going to him for about 3 months now and I got to admit, I haven't had any back pains in the last month! Not to mention my tummy has subsided. In addition, Evan checks in on me weekly to make sure I'm sticking to our agreement and pushes me even when I'm out of the gym. What started as a professional relationship has grown into a friendship and I can't commend his work ethic, professionalism and charisma enough. More...


Ted P.

30 July 2015

I've been training with Evan for over 3 months now, and is easily the best PT I've ever worked with. I've seen results and feel better than I've felt in a long time. His routines are customized around your desired results and your abilities. He is very patient and understanding, but will also push you when needed. Not only is he is super friendly and funny, he knows exactly what it takes to get you in shape. I cannot recommend him enough!!! More...


Nancy T.

31 January 2015

I rarely write reviews. However, I did feel like I need to take the time to write about Evan. He is an awesome trainer. After working with various trainers, I finally found a great fit! Evan is not only professional, but he is patient, and goes above and beyond to help you successfully reach your fitness goals.  He genuinely takes his job and his clients seriously. Moreover, he is always suggesting new workouts to make things fun. I must say he will kick your butt, but it is worth it. For me, Evan started with core, then to weights, and finally a balancing series. This full body workout was what I needed to help me get fit. If you are looking for a trainer, I highly recommend Evan. He is the one for the job! More...


Ben D.

8 January 2015

Evan is smart and a really decent person. That helps if you're going to spend a lot of time working with someone, and it means he brings a lot of knowledge and understanding to any fitness goals.I started working with Evan because I'd never done strength training and wasn't comfortable going into a gym without knowing how to use the machines. After a few sessions, he'd walked me through some circuits and I totally know my way around a gym now. I realize that's not a big deal for everyone but it was huge for me. Evan's attention to form contributes to that a lot - as a beginner (and a nerdy one) I wouldn't be able to push myself as much at the gym on my own if I wasn't confident I was doing things correctly.The studio is organized, quiet, and low-key. His demeanor, expertise, and attention to detail means that he can get me to push my limits in every workout. I'm not sure I would have known that was possible otherwise. More...


Alexis B.

2 January 2015

Evan has been a pleasure to work with.  My goal has been weight loss and getting more tone + helping me with my tennis game so he has given me workouts specifically for what I am looking for.  He also checks in with me to make sure I stay on top of everything and am eating healthy when I am on the road since I travel a lot for work.  I highly recommend him. More...


George T.

23 December 2014

I am a runner so I do plenty of cardio on my own already, but I wanted a trainer to help me have a more balanced workout and a stronger core.  Having Evan as my trainer has helped me find a way to reach those goals.  Our initial sessions measured my body in terms of weight, body fat, and inches.  We also did some simple workouts to let him gauge my physical abilities.  Once we got the intro stuff out of the way, our workouts kicked in and we utilized different equipments and the sweats come pouring.  I find Evan as a very knowledgeable trainer.  I compare him to my last trainer and I find his method to be more effective, more balanced, and more fun.  I like the fact that he keeps a log of our workouts so that he can easily look up what our last session entailed that may have caused particular soreness, and he can adjust a certain motion to accommodate my discomfort/injury from running.  I appreciate a trainer who is versatile with his workouts.  After approximately six weeks, we did the measurements again and we saw some improvements.  He even emailed me a list of strength and core workouts to do on my own.  I loved learning all the new things Evan taught me and I have been doing them at my gym. Evan is knowledgeable, very friendly, professional, and has a sense of humor.  I highly recommend him and I wouldn't hesitate to workout with him again in the future. More...


Tim S.

16 December 2014

Evan is an incredibly well versed and efficient trainer. I've been seeing him for the past 12 weeks and I've never been so motivated, energized, and, well honestly, CUT. This guy gets results and has the most friendly demeanor and vast knowledge base pertaining to my specific needs/ goals. The studio is well equipped and very comfortable. Go try a session, you won't regret it. More...


Alan W.

12 August 2014

Evan is a spectacular trainer !!!  He is knowledgable, adept at customizing the workout to your individual goals and capacity.  I started working out with Evan to regain my tone and youthful figure :-)  Within 10 weeks I lost 20 lbs. and gained muscle, all while having a blast... despite growing up semi-coordinated and gym phobic... Evan's good nature combine with his skill to ensure an enjoyable, safe workout!!! Without any hesitation , I would strongly recommend Evan as your trainer !!! More...


Trevin P.

11 June 2014

I was referred to Evan by a friend and came to him wanting to gain some muscle. I have always been athletic but after a few years of focusing on work, not working out, I needed to get some bulk & muscle definition back.  I came to him at 163 (6ft, 1in) and in 7 months I gained 18 pounds! I even kept close to the same BF percentage. all along the way Evan provided great nutritional advice and actually made me feel accountable for what I did and ate outside of the studio, which by the way, is an awesome spot. The workouts were challenging, varied, and obviously effective. I'd highly recommend him to anyone needing a great, down to earth trainer, whatever your fitness goals are. More...


As much if not more so than exercise. You are what you eat has never been truer. Pairing a good nutrition program with a strength-based training program will yield the greatest results.

By providing as much support, direction, resources and motivation possible. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you. We will tell you want to do but you have to do it.

In one word: consistency. Both in nutrition and exercise. This is not something that happens overnight, but if you put in the effort and give it time you will reach your goals.

The best part about the work that I do is that I'm literally helping people every single day. It's great to help people do things they've never done or thought they could do. People come on their own time, and leave feeling great. Fitness is my lifes' work as well as every trainer that works here and we hope to inspire you to live the healthiest life you can.

You should choose us because of our professionalism, training experience, and facility. We have a top-of-the-line studio and a variety of certified, expert trainers to choose from. We only do personal training and all of the trainers just work here. We all take our jobs seriously and our goal is to provide the best, most up to date personal fitness training services available.