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Back Bay, Massachusetts


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Nicole O.

13 August 2019

Honestly this place is so good I love there food and there service is great. The lady who I think owned it made me laugh and will be going back for her sass! Felt like home I appreciate that.


Jeff W.

3 June 2019

Our go-to Indian spot in Brookline. Love the thali plates for dinner. Lots of food at a reasonable price and a huge piece of naan. Food always hits the spot. Great mango lassi also. My kids are big fans - it's my 4 year old's favorite restaurant. More...


Mitchell Duguerre

7 December 2018

Great food... Great people... My favorite place for lunch.


Mani Kumar

7 December 2018

Curry hose restaurant is one of the best places to taste real India food..., The best thing i have noticed at the restaurant is the neatness and the quality of the food are great. So I truly recommend people for this place to enjoy the food..., More...


Laura S.

13 March 2014

India Samraat! Why did you stop delivering to the North End? I loved you!If you can get delivery--do it! Get the meat samosa (these are hard to find at Indian places!) and the CHICKEN MADRAS. A spicy green chili and beer sauce with chunks of tasty chicken. Yum. As with all Indian take out, I say skip the naan because it doesn't transport well and buy a ton of packages of naan at Trader Joe's. More...


Mick T.

26 January 2014

On these cold winter nights their Lentil soup is the dish to start with, it'll warm your bones.See my previous reviews for tips. But I will add one more tip. if there's more than 2 of you and you want bread then get the bread basket. More...


Cecile B.

13 September 2013

Great unassuming but delicious and affordable Indian restaurant in otherwise pricey Back Bay. Very friendly service, good menu, delicious food. It is one of our favorite Indian spots in the city. You do not go there for the decor. It is clean and simple, cozy, but definitively not designed. But again you go there for the food! Just go check it out yourself... More...


Rajdeep D.

9 August 2013

Finally went with my dad who's been coming for 20 years! Still the great food and service he remembers!!


Chad B.

1 August 2013

This is my favorite, go-to Indian restaurant in Boston.  Have been going for over 10 years.  To me, the food tastes more fresh and aromatic than other places around the city.  I love food with lots of flavor and have never been dissapointed here.  Also, the staff has always been very nice and attentive. More...


Brittany B.

17 April 2013

My husband, son Jackson, and I dine at India Samraat every single Friday night.  We love this place not only for their wonderful food, fair prices, but also for their wonderful hospitality.  Jackson is only 17 months old and LOVES his naan bread and the chicken tikka masala but makes a huge mess (we try to clean up after him best as possible) but everyone there is so understanding.  We feel so welcome when we arrive and it is a family dinner that we look forward to each and every week. More...


Neal J.

17 February 2013

This is a solid Indian restaurant with excellent food of consistent quality.  For over 15 years we have been meeting Boston friends who live near there for meals, and they have never disappointed us.  I travel to India frequently so I think I can judge quality with some expertise (I am not of Indian origin - actually an old white dude!).  Their breads are excellent and varied and the biryanis perfectly done.  BTW, I only give five stars to the VERY top restaurants, those with the most creative menus executed to perfection, so the fact that I didn't give them five should not be taken against them. More...


Diana M.

2 October 2012

I LOVE this place-- my husband and I order takeout or delivery almost once a week, and we've eaten in the restaurant several times, as well. The staff (including delivery) is very nice, and and the food is delicious. Chicken Saag is my favorite. I recommended it to my company for a catered lunch, and even people who hadn't had or liked Indian food in the past really enjoyed it.Our favorite order for 2: Chicken Saag, Chicken Mughlai, Pratha (or Chapati), and Mint Chutney on the side (my husband loves this with the bread). More...


Alex P.

23 June 2012

In general, I'm not a big fan of Indian food and it definitely isn't one of the meals that I will choose if I want to do something afterward, other than nap, but there are always places that rise above the stereotypes. For me, Indian Samraat does just that and is my favorite place in the back bay to get reasonably priced Indian food.Per usual, I default to a mildly spiced lamb dish and garlic naan or the special plate when eating Indian food. This time I ordered the special and I got more than I paid for surely. The dahl was delicious, the meat was tender and well flavored, the naan was soft, and the desert was sweet. I don't know if I could have asked for anything more. Only complaint I have, which isn't really their fault, is how ghostly empty it is all the time. Kind of makes me wonder if I am missing something and really destroys the ambiance of the place. More...


Sara M.

22 June 2012

I am so lucky to live so close to this place, it's the best Indian food I've had in Boston.   I'm addicted to their special naan!  also the saag paneer, chicken tikka, and chicken vindaloo is awesome.  I always pay cash for 10% discount and the price is worth it . More...


Janak S.

12 April 2012

This is a small family owned restaurant. You get the feeling that people that run this place are not top notch business people. The place is almost completely empty every time I go there. One time, my waiter was 14 year old son of the owner/cook. Also, they don't have real salt shakers, they have those little packets of salt that you have to tear open!Despite all of the above, the food here is really good! I was surprised by the quality, I was expecting something much worse.I had the Aloo Chole and Garlic Naan. Both were excellent. The mango lassi was mediocre. And the parata was very very good. I couldn't get enough of them.Also, they have Indian Soap operas running on the TV and it's hard to tear your eyes away from them. More...


Alexis W.

10 December 2011

Most authentic India food I have had in Boston. I had the veggie combo and it was amazing! Everything we had was so good and the service was attentive and friendly. I can't wait to take others here. so yummy i want some now!!! More...


Jason B.

12 October 2011

Here are the magic words: When ordering, either on Foodler or over the phone tell them very clearly: "I WANT TO SWEAT AND CRY WHEN I EAT".  You may not be getting "authentic" Indian food (at least according to most of the Indian folks I've spoken with - but at least you'll be able to perspire like one!  For those of us who like it painful, India Samraat is willing to give you what you want! More...


gator N.

29 September 2011

Came here for a group-on. I loved the dine-in experience. It was very nicely decorated and clean. The food was delicious. Great service. I will definitely order from here again. More...


S. C.

19 September 2011

I am not a big fan of Indian food.  I don't go try out Indian restaurants and try to find my favorite dish there.  When I have a craving for peshwari paratha, chicken khandari, and mango lasse, this is the only place that I would go to.  Friendly service, consistency, and I love the artwork. More...


Marissa P.

17 September 2011

The food is always good and very consistent.  10% discount if you pay with cash.  Malai kofta is creamy and delicious, sweet and savory at the same time.  I take out from here often, but usually don't eat here as the decor is sub par and the place itself is kind of dark. More...


Stacy K.

31 August 2011

Our go-to for Indian delivery. I am not an Indian food expert by any means, so I can't speak to the authenticity at all, but I've always enjoyed the food I've gotten from India Samraat. We tend to get the same thing every time: Chicken Saag, Chicken Tikka Masala, an extra container of Basmati Rice, Cheese Pakora, and Naan. And sometimes, as a treat, we get Mango Lassies. We've also occasionally ordered the Veggie Samosas and/or Veggie Pakora. This is usually enough for at least two meals for the two of us, and it tastes just as good reheated later in the week. We've become such regulars that they've actually started giving us a little discount every now and then. One of these days we'll actually have to go in and check out the restaurant we've been ordering all this food from for so long. More...


Michael D.

30 July 2011

I got delivery from here twice and was in the area recently so I decided to go in for dinner. Every time the food has been very good, though I confess to having a pathetic but delicious standard order at most Indian restaurants: samosas, saag paneer, chicken or lamb [vindaloo/jalfrezi/aloo/biryani], naan, large beer. It's a rut, but a tasty rut at least. So I heartily endorse those dishes, however the naan is not the best I've ever had.The service was fine, though it wasn't swarming with customers. If it was I could see it maybe getting slow-ish, but such are the charms of family-run businesses which are dwindling in number.I also want to make special mention of their pay-in-cash discount -- if you pay in cash you get 10% off your meal. This is a better way to handle the outrageous fees foisted on merchants than insisting on cash only. More...


Jackie F.

13 April 2011

Their Chicken Tikka Masala is the best. Their prices are reasonable  and India Samraat by far is my most favorite Indian restaurant. The staff was friendly but I wish it had more seating. More...


Amy B.

10 April 2011

My go-to Indian delivery joint.We order through Foodler and are always impressed by how quickly our food arrives. Everything comes hot and seems fresh. I agree with Alexandra S. that the saag dishes are especially good at India Samraat--the spinach flavor really comes through. Spice levels are also good, though I find they err on the side of less spice rather than more. My only complaint so far about the food is that I wish an order of naan contained more than 2 pieces.Prices are competitive for the neighborhood, and quite a bit less than Kashmir. For 2 entrees and a side of naan, plus delivery fees and tips, we usually end up paying about $30. I'd say that's a fair price for the ability to keep my butt glued to the couch and have deliciousness come to my door. More...


Shima A.

9 March 2011

I am lucky enough to work around this area and have had the pleasure of getting take-out from here several times. I'd safely say its my favorite Indian restaurant in the city. The food is always fresh and tasty. I would advise, however, that their medium is still relatively spicy if you're not a fan of spice. I do agree with one reviewer that the portion of rice provided is quite small, so you usually have to supplement. Otherwise, I love it. The vegetable pakoras and dal makhani are my go to meals. More...


Jean D.

14 December 2010

I ordered chicken saag, medium spicy and an order of cheese nan for dinner last night. the chicken saag was awesome, easily the best I've had in Boston but the nan was such a disappointment. I didn't have a chance to devour my delivery immediately after it arrived, so perhaps that had something to do with the dysfunctional nan. It lacked cheese entirely and occupied several seemingly contradictory textural states as it was greasy, dry, gummy, and stale. despite the horrid nan, I'm fiending for more saag and will have it again soon. the portions are huge, and I recommend sharing with a friend because leftovers from India Samaat are somehow eerily justifiable as a "necessary second dinner" when you're alone on a cold Boston winters eve. More...


Pete J.

22 November 2010

Foodler + India Samraat = Score!Ordered the meat samosas, chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo, naan bread and mango lassi. Arrived in about 30 minutes, much faster than expected. Had to rush to put some clothes on, but that's another story :)Everything was top notch, but I was a little disappointed with the naan bread, a little soggy, but still very much edible. CTM was fantastic, just the right blend of flavour/spice. The vindaloo (ordered extra hot) was fantastic! Great for the sinuses. Love the lassi too.Portions large enough to make a meal the next day. More...


Aboud Y.

15 October 2010

This place is the best and most reliable Indian delivery place in Boston (and I've tried more than a few).  My favorites: Special Naan (w/ mango, raisins, coconut, and nuts); Chicken Madras (outstanding), Rogan Gosh, and Lamb Vindaloo. Their delivery is also fast and reliable. More...


Alexis B.

23 August 2010

I've only just discovered Indian food. This was the 4th time I've had it. All at different places and two states. My first good experience was in NY. Now this is my BEST experience in Boston. We ordered dinner last night while waiting for True Blood to start. Abby M. and I got 2 orders of veggies samosa, a garlic naan, a puffy fry bread, a lamb saag, and Abby got something with coconut milk, paneer, cashews and raisins. First of the food cam hot and super fast. Like 45 minutes. The delivery guy was friendly. The samosas weren't greasy and were crunchy and well seasoned. The pickle (spicy chutney) was amazing. Literally I put it on everything so much that next time I need 2 orders. The lamb saag was good. There wasn't much in the way of meat in it. We ordered everything medium heat. Next time we will go HOT. Everything was well prepared and yummy. Other note if you like a substantial amount of rice order extra. We got one big container for the two of us which was fine but didn't leave much for the leftovers. Overall I'm sad I haven't found this place sooner. This is great. Also if you order one Foodler.com you get 15% off your first order. More...


Christine D.

20 August 2010

I found this place way too long after I had lived in Boston. It's right on Mass Ave before the bridge into Cambridge. It looks small and not very interesting from the outside. But, trust me, just go in and try some of the great things they have cooking up at India Samraat. I'm still thinking about their cheese naan daily. They have whatever you want and it is all made to such a high quality. Fresh ingredients. Cooked just right. I've tried the saag paneer at many places and this may just be my favorite. The portions are a little small but that's the way i like them- why should we pay a lot to take leftovers home and have them not be as good the next day? More...


Wyoh K.

19 August 2010

You definitely have to try this place!  Although it looks like a hole in the wall on the outside, it has by far the best Indian food in the Boston area.  I grew up eating home-cooked Indian food, and this is the best I've found in a restaurant by far.  Whenever we try another Indian restaurant, we always leave thinking "Should've gone to Samraat..."The staff is really friendly and helpful, you definitely have to ask for recommendations if you're not sure what to order.  Don't see what you want?  My friend asked if the chef could recreate a dish he had in London and ended up eating the spiciest thing Samraat's ever served a white guy.  The staff was amused and impressed, they even gave us free hats after watching him eat the whole platter.For food, you have to try their sampler platters.  Both the appetizer sampler and the Samraat specials are great and come with a ton of food.  I love the lamb dishes, I find that they serve a good amount of tender lamb in the bhunna, saag, and vindaloo unlike what Anna B. said.  My friend loves all the chicken dishes which also have a large amount, and this is the only place where my boyfriend eats legumes.  Both the Aloo Chhole and Dal Mahkni are yummy, and I always find myself faced with the dilemma of ordering the Dal (which is just like my friend's grandma makes, creamy and delicious) or the lamb I'm always craving.Basically, this is the best place you'll find for Indian in the Boston area.  I just can't say enough about it.  Their rice is amazing (it started me off on weeks of trying to make it myself before I just gave up), the meat dishes are good sized portions and always tender (no gristle or fat here), and I can't help but order the whole appetizer sampler even though I know I won't be able to finish my meal because everything just tastes so good.For those on a budget, their lunch specials are their normal dishes, just lunch-priced (no greasy buffet here!).  And they're giving 10% off if you pay with cash. More...


Katie M.

12 July 2010

Best Indian food I've had in Boston (thus far!)  We ordered through Foodler, which gives you 15% off your first order.  The only reason I can't give the restaurant a full "5 stars" is because it took awhile for the delivery on a standard Sunday night.  Although, when the food arrived it was still really hot!  Chicken Bhunna- Definitely good! And you can choose from 3 levels of "curry spiciness"  The naan is amazing and the gulab jamun is my new favorite dessert!I'm a little bit of a samosa snob, and these were pretty good, although they could have been a little crispier.All things considered, we will definitely be ordering from here again! More...


Stacy R.

6 July 2010

Chicken Biryani was awesome-- flavorful, spicy but not too spicy, and had  generous amounts of chicken, golden raisins and nuts.Chicken curry was ok-- not bad, but nothing to write home about.  Perhaps a tad on the greasy side,  but it included plenty of rice. Naan was good, and one order includes two pieces, yay! Delivery was fast & friendly.  Prices were comparable to other Indian places in the area.  First order through foodler gets you 15% off! More...


Wonder W.

18 June 2010

Yelp you did not steer me wrong!!This place is awesome with a capital "A", especially in Boston, MA. I am not normally a proponent of rating a place because of it's location (too often it is an excuse), but admittedly there IS some validity. However, I am pleased to report that the food was just that great here at India Samraat.A friend and I were visiting MIT and on the way back to Fenway, I was struck by the sudden urge for Indian food and noticed India Samraat from the bus. Probably the luckiest incident of the day...When we walked in we were seated right away and immediately the service won me over. Both of our waiters were very prompt, polite, and subtle- a hallmark of excellent service... We ordered vegetarian samosas, chicken tikki masala, aloo naan, and garlic naan. The samosas came with an onion chutney that was delightfully spicy... definitely one of the best combination of samosas and sauces that I have had at any Indian restaurant. The individual servings of chicken tikki masala were certainly enough for each of us, especially coupled with the samosas, naan, and free basimati rice... in fact it might have been a little too much for us. But neither my friend nor I regretted the order.... ....... up until we realized that we each had the others order. Mine: spicy, his: mild... oops! It was the only blemish to an otherwise wonderful dinner. The total was approximately $41, not bad for the amount of food and its quality.Not bad at all... certainly I'd go back anytime I'm in Boston. Oh one other thing... the resto offers a 10% discount if you pay the bill in cash... More...


Mariam A.

12 May 2010

Being Indian, I am used to having great home cooked Indian food, and so when I moved to Boston almost two years ago, every time I missed a good home cooked meal, I used to order Indian food and never found anything half as good at a reasonable price. That is until I ordered from here. I ordered online from Foodler, and the delivery was prompt, way before the scheduled time. The food was a whole different story. It was way more than I expected it to be. I ordered the Dal and Chicken Makhni and the Sampler. Everything was delicious and piping hot. Their portions are pretty huge, so I saved some and ate the next day - it was still as yummy. Definitely going to keep on ordering from here. Anyone thinking about eating here must - if you enjoy a good Indian meal. More...


eliza b.

23 February 2010

If you are looking for quality india food this is it!  I am making my way thru the menu. The vindaloo, curry and korma dishes have been full of flavor & nice heat,  fresh raita and I recommend going in for the kheer. Prices are reasonable, and they deliver! More...


Corey L.

14 February 2010

Great food. No complaints. Solid Saag


Emilie P.

6 February 2010

I went here last night for dinner and I have to say I am a fan of their food. I had chicken Jalfrazie and it was spiced nicely with good flavor. I like that there is free naan and tea with dinner, however I do think their prices for dinner were a bit steep (around $12). Their atmosphere is very casual as it looks like it is a family owned business. I will definitely be back here for lunch when their prices are around $6-8 per dish. More...


Molly C.

16 January 2010

We go here for lunch and the food is freshly prepared, delicious, and very reasonably priced.  Lunch special is the way to go..they even have it on the weekends!  Hands down, best Indian place in the area. More...


Disco B.

2 November 2009

Really quite good. Loved being able to order and tip online. Friendly delivery guy confirmed that drivers actually get the tips. Delivery was 15 minutes later than online system predicted, but worth the wait. More...


J M.

23 October 2009

Good stuff. Definitely will go back.


J A.

3 October 2009

Picked up carry-out for dinner last week.  Food was well cooked, prepared, hot, and ready when I picked it up.  Great Chicken Tikka, and vegetable samosas.  Another great thing about this place is that it is part of AAdvantage dining, which allows you to earn American Airlines miles on your purchases here as an added bonus.Overall great place and plan to return. More...


Alexandra C.

3 October 2009

Ordered delivery from here the other night for the first time and it was reallllly delicious. Prompt. Little pricey but well-portioned and very good. Definitely coming back


Alex C.

8 September 2009

I'm not too experienced with Indian cuisine, but just in general, this food was terrific, if slightly over-priced. I used their online ordering, which was awesome, and chose medium on the scale of hotness for my curry. I'd say it was a little on the milder side, but I didn't mind, the flavors were terrific. Also, the naan was good.Overall, I'd say great food but too expensive. More...


Laurinda U.

7 September 2009

Just ate there  and generally enjoyed the meal. FYI -  I used the restaurant.com gift certificate and for anyone else using it, they should note that it won't work with the special promo they have where you get a free drink, soup, or dessert with the entree.  (I asked.)We got the lamb bhunna (11.95), lamb jalfrozie (12.45), and the chicken molghai (11.95) and  two orders of naan.I think the best of all three is definitely the lamb jalfrozie.  I am a convert now to the cream curries.  The service  and food were very good overall (frequent water refills although there was not that many people).I only have a few  criticism is that first, in other indian restaurants (even the fast food places I've been to) one order of naan is usually sufficient for an entire table.  Here two orders was just enough if you and everyone else skimp a bit.  I was also a little surprised that there weren't condiments (like mint chutney) on the table cf. India Quality.Second, it was a party of three and they already calculated tip into the bill.  I found that a little insulting to be honest and wasn't sure if it was because of our group's age or other possible motives that I won't guess her.(EDIT I stand corrected 18% is automatic)Third, for three people they only gave us one serving bowl (what are those things called ... gravy boat-ish) of rice which they didn't refill but since we were about done anyway didn't ask.Otherwise, I stand by my first statement: good place to eat. More...


Mindy M.

16 August 2009

I made a reservation for 10 for a Friday night at 7 p.m., and when we arrived, the table was set up and ready for us. Service was great, surprisingly prompt. The mango lassi, naan, saag paneer, lamb vindaloo, curry chicken, and vegetable korma were all first-rate. I forget what else we had -- everything was excellent. Not greasy, not all tasting the same -- very good stuff.Prices were low, the atmosphere nice. This is not a 5-star place as in "the Ritz," but for a neighborhood Indian restaurant, it was definitely 5-star! We also had four people lay out credit cards (splitting the bill) while everyone else laid out cash, and the waiter never blinked. I would say I have had fancier Indian food, with more subtlety -- but I certainly paid a lot more for it. I have also eaten Indian food of this quality in restaurants that aspired to be snooty, paid much more for it, and enjoyed it less. So I was impressed with India Samraat as a whole package, and that's why I say -- 5 stars. More...


G S.

25 July 2009

I always look at the menu for 20 minutes before ordering the same thing every time...saag paneer.  Mmm spinach and cottage cheese.  Sounds gross but is so delicious...come to think of it, it looks gross too but trust me it's good.  The staff is really nice here and the prices are good.  Definitely a good place to go for an inexpensive yet tasty dinner. More...


Rich F.

14 July 2009

Just got back from eating here for the first time. I have to say that this is pretty good.I had the Chicken Vindaloo and it was good. The description said that it was 'VERY HOT' but I think it was just 'hot' but I don't always need to have my lip burn after a meal. The rice was very good and the Nan was very good. They had a Nan sampler called the Bread Basket. If you are a fan of Nan, get it.The restaurant is a bit small, but as long as you don't have more than 6-8 people you should be fine. Bonus points for the Indian 'MTV' playing on the flat screen. More...


Jacob W.

8 July 2009

Definitely some good Indian food....but definitely not as cheap as some other places around the City.  Had the Chicken Vindaloo and thought it was wonderful (though not as much heat as i expected)  and agreed with others that their Naan was nothing amazing.  Also go for the Raita...that stuff is reallllly good.  All in all a very solid option, albeit a little pricey for Indian food. More...


Lisa C.

8 July 2009

We just moved really close to this place, so we decided to get some takeout on moving day so we didnt have to unpack anything in order to prepare a meal.  I was definitely a fan.We ordered lamb stuffed naan, chicken vindaloo, vegetable samosas, and lentil soup.  Everything was good.  I thought the naan was a bit overpriced (though lamb stuffed and regular cost the same).  the Chicken vindaloo was good though I wouldve liked some more kick since we ordered the 'hot' version.  Samosas were pretty good and the lentil soup was also quite tasty.Ive noticed that everyone comments on how expensive this place is, but I didn't think it was that bad.  We ordered using foodler.com and they give you a small discount for being a first time customer and also offer other discounts if youre not first time but are ordering online.  besides the naan, everything cost about as much as I expected it to given that it was a well-regarded restaurant in the Back Bay.All around a good experience and quick turn around, too. More...


Jonathan Z.

8 March 2009

I still think this place is pretty good as far as the overall quality goes.  However, beware of the Naan: it's very pricey for what you get.  The quality of the Naan is not that great and the portions are extremely small.  Stick to the plain Naan or buy your own at Shaw's -- you will save yourself some money that way. More...


Chirag P.

12 February 2009

To anyone thinking of going to an Indian Restaurant:  Almost always only worth it to go for lunch buffets.  Other than that, severely overpriced as usual for dinner.I've had a struggle in my 4 years in Boston trying to find the ultimate Indian restaurant.  So far this is it, but I feel there is more out there somewhere.Also fellow neu students:  Do not mistake the Indian Restaurant on mass ave closer to the Dunkin Donuts for this place.  This place is 10 times better!  Pass that place near Dunkin Donuts, and take a small walk over the bridge and you'll see this place. More...


Tony P.

4 February 2009

Great Indian food-- I am a vegetarian so I can't speak for the meat, but their food is very well cooked.  The second best Indian place in Boston (I am partial to A Passage to India--but I haven't eaten at all of them) and if you are a good customer they will offer you food off the menu (their Baingan Bharta is very good and NOT on the menu--they do serve it most days, though).  Anyway, they are the best that delivers to me!  Starting to get hungry for their malai kofta and their vegetable curry.  Just sitting here, getting hungry. More...


Leann F.

16 January 2009

I had dinner here recently based on Yelp reviews ranking this place as the top Indian restaurant in Boston (even over India Quality).  While the food was good, and very reasonably priced, this place wasn't quite as good as I expected.  The service, on the other hand, was amazing!  Our waiter was kind and attentive, and the food arrived just minutes after we ordered.  The highlight of the meal was the India Samraat Special Naan stuffed with mango, raisins, and some sort of nuts. The naan and the samosas were delicious.  The sauce for my chicken tikki masala was just OK, and the portion sizes were a bit on the small size.  Overall, it was a good meal, and I'll certainly go back again.. More...


Thuy Tien L.

22 December 2008

World's best samosas, apparently.  Try as I might, I can't find samosas that parallel those from India Samraat.  Sigh.


Sara P.

2 December 2008

A nice dependable place with good food, and delivery to Cambridge.


Shradha A.

21 November 2008

I've had the opportunity to try India Samraat a few different times on multiple recent visits to Boston. I really like this place and the people are so nice. They really took care of us well and I don't have a single suggestion for improvement or any complaints at all! The only one thing I'd say - please consider opening a branch in Chicago! More...


Sarah F.

28 August 2008

Ordered from here last night via Foodler.com, spurred on by free delivery and a 15% off first order offer. Even without the discount, it's a good value and they beat the estimated delivery time by a good 15 minutes (not sure if that's kudos for Foodler or India Samraat or both).Both my husband and I ordered Chicken Tikka Saag--mine mild and his hot. My mild version still had a nice flavor and enough spice to make it interesting. He actually would have preferred his hot version as little spicer, so maybe we could write-in "extra hot" on the order comments next time. It had a nice consistency as well and good, tender chunks of chicken. I can't say it was my favorite Indian meal of all time (or favorite version of Chicken Tikka Saag), but for a delivery meal, it exceeded my expectations. More...


Kai L.

18 August 2008

one of the best traditional indian restaurants around boston, tucked behind a not-very-grand facade.  i have tried many of its dishes and they are consistently good.  What else more can you can you ask for: great food at great price at great location! More...


Lisa F.

3 August 2008

I have ordered from this restaurant on several occassions and have always been impressed.  The chicken vindaloo, chicken bhunna and chicken madras are all amazing!  The chapatti bread is great too.  I highly recommend trying this place. More...


Camron G.

29 July 2008

You're telling me there's a restaurant that was voted Best of Boston only fifteen minutes away from Kashmir on Newbury that has the same quality of food for around half the price?  Lead me to the promise land, Yelpers.The authentic feel to Samraat is pretty evident once you step inside. You immediately recognize the friendliness of the staff and the traces of culture splashed on and along the walls of the interior.  Nothing overly impressive, but a good first impression.  As for the food: the chicken tandoori was steaming hot and accompanied by some tasty onions and peppers.  At some restaurants, the chicken breast has little to no meat  - this was not the case at Samraat.    The tandoori inside some warm na'an was quite a combination.  My friend who ordered a lamb stew also had decent sized portions.   Reasonable prices for such a great location and good food.  The restaurant is nice and cozy inside.  The wait staff was very attentive and nice (if not a little bit nervous).  I'd recommend Samraat to anyone who loves Indian food, but especially couples looking for a nice night out away from some of the chaos to be found on Newbury or Boylston.Four stars for sure. More...


Jessica R.

16 July 2008

A lot of people on here seem to be disappointed with the portion sizes, but I found them to be average.  I still ended up taking home leftovers and I have a fairly large appetite.  I do agree that the naan was on the skimpy side though.  We had three pieces of naan for two people.  Most places I have been to give you a full basket.Vegetable samosas were delicious.  I had the Chicken Dhansak as an entree and I was warned by the waiter that it would be very spicy.  I told him that wasn't a problem since I was hoping it would be very spicy (sometimes items are advertised as spicy and end up being fairly mild) and it did not disappoint!I will definitely be back. More...


Katy D.

8 April 2008

Great neighborhood place especially for take-out on the way home from work. Friendly customer service and nice menu options. I've never been disappointed here and will continue to go back. More...


Robin W.

25 February 2008

I have only had take-out but it is darn good. I like the Aloo Mataar and the Shrimp Saag. Plus they give you pretty good reusable plastic containers with the take-out orders. I love the foodler.com 10% discount too! More...


Michelle B.

20 February 2008

A surprisingly great delivery choice; like everyone else, I'm a devotee of Foodler [I work in a call center and try to avoid the phone at all costs while at home].  We decided to order from here tonight with some friends, when I got home from work too late to cook.  The selection had something for everyone, and it actually took a few everyone saying "Oh, I want that! ... or maybe that?" before we actually ordered.  I tried a few different things: chicken saag, Samraat's special naan, raita and kheer.  The chicken saag (mild!) was really well seasoned and the chicken was really tender.  The rice that came with it was perfectly cooked and smelled/tasted great.  The special naan was worth the $5.25 - it was stuffed with mango, coconut, raisins and nuts, and it was such a tasty combination, a much better dessert-like item than the kheer, which I felt had much too grainy a texture to really be enjoyable.  The food here was good enough that my boyfriend, who only semi-enjoyed his first foray into Indian food, ordered the Samraat Special [basically every friend appetizer], kept tasting everything I got and saying "Why didn't I get THIS?"  It was very cute, though it was a sad moment when he ate half of my naan.The prices are a bit higher than I'd normally pay for delivery, but the quality of food is definitely worth it.  It's nice that there's a coupon for delivery via Foodler, though even with that, we ended up paying about $15 per person.I've already got my eye on some of the other naan for next time we order! More...


Casey F.

6 January 2008

Delicious seems too limiting a word for this oasis of Indian food. The boyfriend and I came here last Wednesday night for some tasty morsels - he saw the "best of boston 2007" sign out front, and was drawn to it, and I'm glad he was. The place won for a reason.We has meat samosas, garlic naan, chicken tikka masala, keema saag, and the condiment combo. The samosas were quite tasty - not too doughy, and full of tasty filling. The tikka masala was actually only mediocre, but the keema saag (a special that evening of ground lamb, spinach, and other veggies) was ever so delightful and nicely spiced. Steer clear of the garlic naan, it's just minced garlic spread in between the two layers of bread, and I don't know that I would recommend the condiment combo either.Service was decent, and the decor isn't as terrible as other reviewers seem to think. The chairs are comfortable, and there are the expected tapestry things on the wall - it's a few steps above a hole in the wall, but a few below fine dining. Despite some of our mediocre food choices, I have definitely found my new favorite Indian place. Hands down winner. More...


Alyssa R.

20 September 2007

Ordered from here after Rianna's wedding, $60 of food delivered on a Sunday night. Delivery did indeed take the hour they said it would, but they were very nice about my friend's paying with an Irish credit card over the phone. The delivery dude called me "ma'am" when he came to the door, which caused a mild internal freakout as to how I'm not getting any younger, but that's not his fault.Post-fancy-schmancy wedding food, all we really wanted to do was tuck into some greasy, fuck-it-all Indian, and we were pleasantly surprised when everything was delicious without being submerged in a clear orange pool of death. The "hot" saag aloo wasn't so much, but I finished it the next morning for breakfast, so hey. REALLY nice garlic naan- enough garlic to taste it, but not so much that it detracted from the intended purpose of the flatbread or the dishes it's meant to sop up. Yeah. Yum but not mind-blowing. More...


Mike L.

26 August 2007

I have eaten Indian food all over the world and the order tonight was some of the tastiest ever.  I am definitely coming back here.It's a little more expensive than some places, but given the neighborhood and the portions -- well worth it! More...


Peanuts The Guinea Pig B.

15 August 2007

I was a little disappointed in the food. Everything tasted like my mouth was on fire. The waistress was the sweetest woman ever.


Mary H.

11 August 2007

I've also never eaten in the restaurant and have ordered several times from Foodler.com (amazing site btw).The food has routinely been outstanding and full of flavor and you get a lot for what you pay for.   The fresh breads (Naan) are so good, it's hard to describe in English.  Just eat here and you'll see. More...


Dana L.

1 July 2007

I learned to appreciate Indian food by eating delivery from India Samraat. Saag Paneer, Chicken Tikka Masala, even Gulab Jamun; my uncultured palate slowly began to recognize and appreciate these exotic dishes. I've had a lot of Indian food over the past 8 years or so, but this remains some of the best. Excellent, unpretentious food at a reasonable price.I came back last night for old time's sake, and had an excellent meal. I asked for the Chicken Vindaloo to be hot, and needless to say, I consumed quite a bit of water while eating. The bill came to about $25 for 2 people, and we had plenty of food left over. More...


Joanna S.

1 July 2007

So far, this place has the best Indian food in the Boston area.  We walked in at about 9:30 on Saturday night and despite the fact that the restaurant was basically empty, they were very gracious in seating us.  I had the vegetable biryani, which I really enjoyed.  It had a ton of spices which lingered on my palette and the rice was sticky, which I love. More...


Heather H.

30 April 2007

I want to give India Samraat 5 stars, but I'll wait until I've had their food again. I ordered from them for delivery through Foodler on a whim last night. I was extremely pleased with everything we ordered.The lentil soup was fantastic, with a nice amount of heat and good texture. The coconut soup was strange but good. Sweet with cardamom and coconut meat and milk, I preferred this after my meal (and in between to cool the heat of the other dishes). The vegetable samosas were great- not to greasy and actually having good flavor and spice instead of the insipid potato filled globs you get at most places.The rogan josh and aloo matar were both fantastic. We ordered "medium" heat for both and were really happy with the results- definitely no getting white-personed! The medium at India Samraat was hotter than some places hot (I'm looking at you, Desi Dhaba). And the rice! The rice! I don't think I've ever gotten such beautifully aromatic basmati from delivery in the Boston area.Finally, the speed of delivery and temperature of food was fantastic. We got our order delivered to Cambridge in just 45 minutes (most Foodler orders from within Cambridge can take an hour or more), and the food was fresh and hot! I'm really looking forward to ordering again, or even stopping by the restaurant. More...


L S.

26 March 2007

I think the Indian food here is great. I have ordered online and the delivery was really fast! I love the Chicken Tikka Masala!


K M.

20 March 2007

I grabbed take out from this place a couple weeks ago, and it was pretty good.  The veggie curry was kind of greasy, and not in so much a good way, but the onion naan was freaking awesome, and the rice was good, too.  It's a little more expensive than I generally prefer for take out, but all in all it wasn't bad, and the guy at the counter who took my order was very nice.  Perhaps I'll try it again sometime, maybe sit down. More...


David B.

26 January 2007

The great thing about this place is the spices.  Unlike those countless bland on bland Indian places when hot means medium, medium means mild, and mild means tastes like a playing card, Indian Samarrat actually puts some fire in their dishes.  So if it says hot on the menu it actually is hot.  Plus their menu is enormous with some unusual but tasty dishes and the assorted bread basket rocks.  The veggie thali was a little uninspired---the dishes were almost all the same and they served the gulab jamun cold.  The only major downer was the service.  One time our waitress said to a latecomer in our group: "Well I hope you're ready to order."  Far from charming. More...


Morgan F.

13 December 2006

My favorite Indian in Boston! As mentioned the take-out is great, but eating there is GREAT too! Its got a great atmosphere, they have cute little red booths, fun Indian decorations, sometimes during lunch you can catch Indian daytime drama on the TV.Again, like mentioned its family run, so they are very friendly! They will recognize you and start to say hi if you go in nearly as often as I do!In my opinion, this place is much better than India Quality! The prices are just as good, and I think the potions are bigger! More...


Kirs P.

2 October 2006

I've never actually eaten at the restaurant itself, but I regularly order for delivery, and it's always really good.  It's pretty easy to end up paying more than you expected- all those naan choices get me- I want to try all of them.  But, for the most part, the food is reasonably priced for decent sized portions.I also like that I don't have to call to order- I can use foodler and do it online.  It also keeps track of what I ordered last so I don't have to remember what it was that I liked so much :-)  The service is fast and dependable.  The food always arrives within an hour (I don't think that's too bad for an Indian delivery place) and it's always hot and ready to go. More...


Brenden L.

26 August 2005

This place is great.  The curry dishes deliver without making you want to stick a firehose in your mouth and the nan is delicious.  Try some of the fruity Indian drinks and get some Indian beer, its way better than you'd think. More...


Melissa B.

22 August 2005

I LOVE this place.  I have never had a bad or sub-par meal here.  The owners are friendly and will answer all questions w/ a smile.


Jessica R.

18 July 2005

During college, I must have ordered delivery from India Samraat nearly 100 times.  They have a $20 minimum or something for delivery but most of the other indian restaurants have an even higher minimum.  The prices there are cheaper than most other indian restaurants as well.  They have your standard selections.  I always end up with the Aloo chole and some samosas. More...

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