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Tiffany Ashcraft

22 May 2019

Currito is delicious! They take so much better care of their burritos than other burrito restaurants. They press it so that it doesn't fall apart, they have tons of ingredients and you can basically get anything you want. They also have 2 sizes. Highly recommend Currito! More...


Jose Davila Traavieso

12 May 2019

The chicken burrito was good with lemonade.


Alexis Hood

26 April 2019

vegetarian food, yummy. Do yourself a favor and try this place. I've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting. The bill was decent for the quality. Feels similar to a cafe in Chicago I liked. More...


Valerie Holmes

26 April 2019

I love this food so much! I've been craving it and today I finally got some and yum!!!!


D. Frank Adams

26 April 2019

Way better than Chipotle!


Bryce Walker

26 April 2019

A favorite location for Vegetarian food. Got there near seven, it wasn't very crowded. Service is consistently good. Bring your hunger - portions are large. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I loved. More...


Seth Richner

26 April 2019

Occasionally the ingredients taste iffy and it's a bit more expensive than Chipotle. Other than that great


Rosie Isaac

26 April 2019

I love the different items that you can pick for a salad


Parrish Hunter

27 March 2019

It's a great place to be. Also has nice workers and great food!!! Will have to go more often.


Jessica L

25 February 2019

Loved my food. MORE than 2 servings in one bowl for a reasonable price.


Tara Mapes

25 February 2019

Fantastic healthy options. Ordered twice through Door Dash. Food is clean, fresh and deliciously paired to make for a healthy dinner. Highly recommend their Greek bowl with tofu or chicken. More...


Alex Williams

25 February 2019

I love Currito. Their buffalo sauce is my weakness. Highly recommended!


S. Walker

25 February 2019

I love this place lol my daughter does not and she goes to school here at Xavier University!! but the food is great its quick and it's way better than Chipotle so if you're looking for a quick snack something zesty something quick Light and Healthy... come to this place they also have smoothies that are very healthy and light and desserts as well. The place is cute and quaint somewhere that you can just kick your feet up there on your laptop do business or just have a small social I like currito it's really nice thumbs up More...


jen kavensky

26 January 2019

Love this Place! Delicious and healthy:)


Brian Rowe

27 December 2018

Food is great. I would give it 5 stars except for the loud music. Why is the manager playing classic rock from the 80's and 90's? On a college campus could you play a more contemporary mix from this century? Drake maybe? Update: the music's gotten even worse. Now playing "Slow Ride" by Foghat. Please make it stop!!! More...


tom meinhardt

27 November 2018

Appreciate your vegan options; no need to support cruelty with tasty dishes like these!


Chris Miller

20 March 2018

Always fresh food. The is normally a wait but the line moves fast.


John Koster

21 February 2018

I’ve gotten the Bangkok bowl a couple times and it’s awesome. Looking forward to trying some of the other unique combinations.


James Reyes-Gomez

16 February 2018

A nice place to chill and cry with friends. The cookies are baller.


Nate Chertack

25 January 2018

Pretty cool concept. Burrito style food but with fillings from different kinds of food. Tikka masala, teriyaki, and more. I got the buffalo burrito and it was perfect while waiting to board my plane. Friendly staff too. Will definitely go back next time I'm in Cleveland airport. More...


Don Walker

24 January 2018

Fun crew. Great food.


Jacob Billings

12 January 2018

Wow what a great Restaurant. All very friendly. Awesome n fresh food. Kudos to the manager. He was out talking to customers and even cleared my empty basket away. thanks again


Stephen LaGuardia

29 December 2017

Burrito bowls and salads delicious with generous potions size. Service was fast and friendly.


marcia hurlow

10 December 2017

This Currito is on the campus of Xavier University. It has all the healthy, fun options, from Thai and Indian burritos to more familiar bowls, with tofu as well as beef and chicken protein.


d hanson

10 December 2017

Love the choices. Good quality ingredients.

Wish they hadn't dropped pork from the menu and not too thrilled with the price of a burrito ($7-$8). Also not sure why all locations are unable to heat cheese between two tortillas. All locations have cheese, tortillas, and heating plates; so why no quesadillas?

I make an occasional trip between the Kenwood and Xavier locations. I went one time to the UC location, but couldn't get inside due to the line.


Lindsey Carrick

31 July 2017

Serving size is small for the chips and salsa. The smoothie was really good and so was our snack wrap. It's a good place for airport food and it doesn't break the bank as much.

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