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CUBE Design

Dún Laoghaire, Dublin

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CUBE Design

Dún Laoghaire, Dublin



About CUBE Design

CUBE Design is a visual communications consultancy based in Pottery Road, Dún Laoghaire. We believe in creativity, openness, truth and honesty, fairness and respect. We enjoy working with clients who share our values. At CUBE Design we relish creative challenges, and by working alongside our clients as partners we seek to develop long term, and supportive relationships.


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23 August 2019


26 May 2017

Barbara Monahan redesigned my business cards, and got them printed for me as well. Terrific design-led service, very good at what she does, and a nice person too!


In order to create visual work that works hard for our clients, we first need to really understand their business, and why they want to undertake this work. We begin all of our projects with a cup of coffee.

The first stage of our process is the brand strategy workshops. This forms the framework around which we will build your visual brand. We then undertake our design research, and if we are helping you to name your business, we will also involve our trademark lawyer who will undertake legal searches.

Once the initial brand strategy and research phases are completed, we will create style boards around our ideas and present these to you. From here we decide on the direction of the brand with you, and then work to complete all of the assets of the brand.

Together we decide on the supports you need to communicate to your target audience, and we then work on completing these items. We also buy and manage print, and other related services such as copywriting and marketing.

Before beginning a project we would ask the client to think about who they think their target audience is, and who their competitors are. Ideally we deal with owner managers as they know the business best. Their time is also important at the early stages while we work through the brand strategy. There is more information on this on this link https://cubedesign.ie/brand-assessment/

As we work through the supports we will require unformatted copy that we can cut and paste from. If this is not something the client wants to do, we have in house copywriting services, and admin services for typing up existing copy from different sources.

As we go through the process, we require the clients time for the strategy session, and for the presentation of the style boards. There may be meetings afterwards to show dummies of work and discuss them, or this may be done via email. It depends on the project.

If a brand launch is something you are interested in doing we can organise all of this with our marketing associates who work closely with us.

It gets very exciting when you are designing a brand from the very beginning, I love exploring the possibilities, and going into creative mode where I can lose myself for hours just sketching out ideas. Then when you have that great idea, seeing how it all fits together with the brand, and designing the supports around the idea.

CUBE Design began 10 years ago when as a mother I knew it was something I had to do because I define myself by my creativity, but I also knew I had to be there for my kids, and initially working from home allowed me to do that. As my kids have grown, so has my business. fast forward 10 years and CUBE Design is now in a studio in Dún Laoghaire working for great clients. Design is something I have always done, and I have 30 years of experience in graphic design and branding.

When a client chooses us, they are getting myself as the lead designer, and coming from an experienced background, having begun my career without computers and hand drawing lettering and artwork, the client knows they will get work that is technically correct as well as creative. We take the client through every step of he process, hand holding if necessary, and with full transparency from start to finish. We are always up front and honest, and respect our clients.



With our logo designs we will supply you with all the file types you will need for print, signage, embroidery and web / digital. We will supply logo guidelines giving you a breakdown of your colours, your fonts, and any other material we see as necessary to complete your brand look. We also team up with a specialist trademark lawyer and can help you register your trademark.

We can design and produce any printed literature for you, from a simple flyer to a high end brochure or magazine. We have plenty of experience and qualifications in Book Design too, and can help you to self publish. We can design on brand or once off.

We can help you to design your website taking you through a user flow, and website structure, copywrite your texts, create your imagery, photographic, illustrative or graphic. Develop your website and upload to your server. We also create digital magazines and user interface designs for your app.

We can design and create your magazine or newsletter in printed or digital format. We always design 'on Brand', and include our in house copywriter as part of the process to help you in proofreading, and rewriting copy if necessary.

We design and print all of your stationery needs, from letterheads and business cards to your business proposals and folders. We can also supply digital letterheads, and design your slide presentations.

With our background in publishing, we offer a collaborative service to help those who want to self publish a book, from creative coaching to complete the writing, copywriting and editorial services, design services for the book and all sales supports, through to marketing services for sales and book launches. We can also help you to publish Ebooks and to get your book into Amazon.

In gathering your imagery we have many options open to us. There is royalty free imagery, but it must be said that these should be used very sparingly if at all because what is happening here is that you are buying a licence to use the image for one purpose. There is nothing to stop others using the same image. These images are very often cliched and some have a very ‘American’ feel to them. We prefer to commission photographers and illustrators to create bespoke imagery for you. We will always oversee these commissions, and art direct photoshoots, ensuring you are always 'on brand'.

We can art direct the photoshoot, the illustrations, or any commissioned work. We will engage one of our associates who we think is the most suitable photographer or illustrator for your project, ensuring that the images are reflective of your values, your services, and are on brand. We also know what works best from a technical perspective, ensuring the work fits with your supports, from the angle of the shot to the colours and styling. Where there is a visual element, you can trust our expert eye and market knowledge to create the best work for you.