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I work with clients to identify their goals and areas of life they are 'stuck' in. Clients want clarity and purpose and I help them to find it and pursue it with exciting and exceptional results. With my friendly a pro-active approach, clients find themselves fully equipped to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.



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When clients have that 'ahh' moment - when something is suddenly realised or imagined. Helping clients to define their life purpose and achieve more than they thought was possible.

Discovering a love for helping others started over 10 years ago when I became a teacher. Since then, I have worked on overcoming my own barriers of anxiety, health and stress. I am now in a position where I can help others to do the same and I love what I do.

My calm, reassuring yet proactive approach helps clients to achieve their best life.

These are a couple of comments from recent clients of mine:

Lottie has a real gift for getting to the hidden depths of a person without disturbing the waters too much. I have benefitted greatly from her approach to coaching and she has given me the tools I needed to create a calm yet purposeful approach to life. Her gentle way of drawing out the things that subconsciously hold us back and exploring new avenues to move them forwards would really help anyone build a more successful life for themselves.

Lottie was very good at making me think about myself in new ways; quickly enabling me to think of targets that will help to make me get the best from myself in the future.