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My company offers clients a safe, comfortable and confidential environment to explore the issues that have brought them to counselling.

I offer individual, couples or family therapy and have extensive experience working within these fields.


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Lisa Burrows

15 August 2019

What can I say? Claire is just an amazingly talented woman! She has taught me to love and respect myself; something that I hadn’t been able to do for 33 years of my life! In just 5 sessions I have completely changed my outlook on myself and my life and I now look forward to enjoying everyday of my life with my family! Claire is so easy to talk too and you can tell she genuinely cares about making people feel better about themselves! I really can’t thank her enough for helping me to deal with my childhood and enabling me to move on in life with the love and respect for myself that I now know I deserve! I was very sceptical about counselling and how it could work but I can honestly say I am now I am a champion of the service and I would urge anyone considering it to just try it! You will feel results from the very first session! I will always remember this time as I major turning point in my life and will never be able to thank Claire enough for her time and patience with me! More...



10 July 2019

So far so good. Only one session to date



29 May 2019

Loved working with Claire, she's such a sweetheart. Within a few months we worked through my anger management issues together. I would highly recommend her to anyone. More...



16 May 2019

Excellent service this really helped me through a difficult time , thank you so much.



1 May 2019

Claire is amazing and I would 100% recommend her, she is so easy to talk too and helped me see things so mcuh clearly.



26 January 2019

Wow - I felt immediately comfortable to speak, and Claire knew exactly when to listen and when to give me a gentle nudge towards understanding my issues. I felt better after a single session and full of optimism and purpose after four sessions. For anyone who is struggling, especially if you are nervous about the idea of counselling, I could not recommend Claire highly enough. More...



19 January 2019

Some of the skills that make a good counsellor can be taught, but most, in my opinion, come from being a genuinely patient, warm and good-hearted person. Claire is all these things. Her work with me has allowed me to view my whole world differently. I started counselling mostly out of curiosity and did not know what, if anything, I'd take from it. Whatever it is you're facing in life, you will find value in having somebody to speak to who holds no judgement, who provides different perspectives through which to look at your situation and who genuinely wants the best for you. I consider myself so fortunate to have found Claire and am so grateful for all that she has helped me achieve. I would recommend her to anybody and everybody. More...



17 January 2019

I could not recommend Claire enough! She has helped me to turn my life around and I am now in a better place than I ever have been.



15 January 2019

Never thought much of counselling but after struggling with depression for the last two years after losing my mam I finally gave in. Claire was recommended to me by a friend of mine who had worked with her before and I must admit I was still sceptical. I shouldn't have been this is the best thing I have ever done!. Claire was so supportive and never judged me no matter what I told her. This has really changed my life going forward and I really can't thank Claire enough for all her help and support!. I would recommend her to everyone!. So glad I decided to see her she's brilliant!! More...


Melanie Kinghorn

19 December 2018

I didn't know what to expect from talking to a counsellor and I honestly thought it wouldn't change anything but Claire immediately made me feel safe and comfortable and she really listened. I felt she got to know me and my challenges very quickly and in a kind, thoughtful way Claire helped me see things from a different perspective. With her help I've been able to make much needed changes in my life. She has helped me through a difficult time and I feel I can face the future with confidence. More...



1 October 2018

I'd never been to any type of therapy before so really tried to hold back on any expectations, but any that I may have had were far exceeded. Claire never judges and she has helped me come to terms with emotions that I didn't realise I had. She's made a massive positive difference to my outlook and the way I deal with things. I can't believe how quick the change has been and am eternally grateful for the help. Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. More...


Emma kidd

6 July 2018

I have never received counciling before and I was really nervous. Claire put my mind at ease and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I have actually discussed things over my life not just the event that triggered the counciling but things I really thought I was either over or just buried deep. I also never feel judged in my sessions and I really feel my whole thought process has changed. So a massive thank you to Claire and I would recomend counciling to everyone. More...



2 July 2018

Claire is a brilliant counsellor who has helped me through a difficult time in my life. She was always positive and actively listened to me. Thank you for being so amazing!


Mark Hodgson

22 June 2018

An absolutely fantastic service. Very engaging and prompted all the right questions for me to improve my own life going forward.
I've never felt better would recommend to anyone, Give it a try!!!



21 June 2018

Claire is brilliant at listening and giving positive feed back

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I believe that emotional support in a non judgemental, comfortable and confidential environment are what helps us to deal with our issues and move forward with our lives. I love being able to see a clients journey and the resulting outcome from their attending counselling.

I was inspired to start my own business as I felt that I had the appropriate skills and knowledge to help people deal with whatever issues they are struggling with.

I have over ten years experience in the counselling field of working with both children and adults. I have worked in many fields over this period and have worked with most issues that would bring individuals, couples or children to counselling. To view my list of employment please visit my website which details my counselling history.


Providing counselling supervision for qualified therapists.