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I am an experienced Wills and Estates lawyer and aim to give legal advice and services to my clients in a way that’s accessible, convenient and uncomplicated.
I’ll always do my best to help you with your legal needs giving you knowledge, confidence and positivity.



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It is well established that the most successful medical treatment is prevention. The same concept applies to a person’s legal well-being. We like to anticipate and prevent legal risks from becoming legal problems. We like to present the legal risks to our clients and make recommendation for action.

Helping people with their legal issues motivated me most to get into law. I strongly believe most of the time there are better ways to solve legal problems than going to court. I thrive on educating my clients and making sure they understand their options and can make an informed decision.

We’ll always do our best to help you face your legal situation with knowledge and confidence. We take the time to tell you upfront exactly what our work will cost before we do the work. We offer flexible opening times so you can see a lawyer out of hours or on a Saturday morning.


Includes - 60 minutes technology enabled meeting taking instructions from the executor - Preparing application documents - Advertising in the West Australian and the Gazette if required (excluding advertising costs) - Preparing renunciation or consent forms (if required) for any executor attending the conference - Legal documents are prepared based on instructions and review of fact find - Signing and witnessing documents - Lodgement the probate application with the Court ($370 application fee is not included) - Notifying the executor when the Grant of Probate has issued and forwarding to executor the original and certified copies if required - Up to 1 hour attendance with the executor obtaining additional information and giving advice if required

- 60 minutes initial attendance with the client to obtain instructions - Mandatory brochure ‘Marriage, Families & separation’ - Advice about duty of disclosure - One round of negotiations with the other party to confirm the terms of settlement between the parties - Certificate of title searches (does not include search fee of $26 per title) - Draft the application for consent orders and the minute of consent orders - Seven business days unlimited revisions of the first draft of the application and minute - Provide the client a letter of advice about the effects and consequences of the proposed consent orders - Arrange for the client to sign the application for consent orders and the minute of consent orders - Lodge the application and minute of consent orders in the Family Court of WA - Advise the client of the outcome of the application for consent orders - Provide the client a copy of the orders published by the Family Court of WA

- 30 minutes initial conference with an estate planning lawyer confirming instructions provided online (price includes GST) - Preparing a Will with standard distribution provisions - Letter of advice - One revision of the draft Will - Meeting with client to sign the Will - Original and a copy of the Will - Instructions to the executor - Instructions about safekeeping the Will Standard distribution provisions means a will which provides for this basic distribution model: Firstly, the will maker gives the whole estate to the surviving spouse On death of survivor 100% shared equally between children If a child predeceases the will maker then their share goes to their children Finally, if the will maker is not survived by their children and grandchildren, 100% is shared equally between the siblings and siblings-in-law.

- 60 minutes initial attendance with the client to obtain instructions - One round of negotiations with the other party to agree on the terms of the agreement - Drafting the Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) in 7 working days - Fourteen days unlimited revisions of first draft - Letter of advice about the effects of the BFA on client’s rights and the advantages and disadvantages of entering the BFA - One hour of additional attendances with client by phone, email, Skype or in person to discuss the negotiations and final terms and make changes if needed after client has considered our letter of advice - A meeting with client to sign the agreement if there are no changes to the BFA requested by client’s partner - Issue a statement of independent legal advice - If there are changes made to agreement we will give you a new letter of advice and a new certificate - We will give client the original BFA - We will send a certified copy of the signed BFA to client’s partner - Review client’s Will to address inconsistencies