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Dorothy Carter

20 August 2019

So far amazing experience with this gym!


Kim G Johnston

5 April 2019

Good Place to Work Out in the Morning


Brenda Mendez

25 March 2019

Does any one know tomorrows time for hiit class at north riverside crunch


Ginger M. Carver Perez

6 March 2019

‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♂️


Nicki Smith

4 January 2019

I love it been a member for 4 or 5 years now so convenient and they’ve changed up the scenery gives it a different atmosphere but same experience


Eriberto Galvez

1 October 2018

It's a gym. People go there to work out.


Julieta Ontiveros

12 June 2018

This place is awesome!!


Alex Heredia

7 June 2018

Alot of space to exercise. Pretty neat and clean. Theres always an opening for every machine.


Peter Coria

8 April 2018

This gym I believe is the best in Riverside. If I could rate this gym a 10, I would do it in a heart beat. For one, All of the staff here is super friendly, knowledgeable, and the list goes on. Super mad props goes to especially the front desk. Lance is always on top of things as well as Jackie. Thank you both for being great and super awesome! Besides the superb staff, this gym is packed with great equipment to work out with, always kept clean and maintained as much as possible. I personally love the hydro machine, private workout room and the energy drinks C4/Bang - It's a must! I have been going to this location for more then six months and have lost over 30 lbs since then and still going. My success and dedication to being healthier would not be possible without this gym and everything it comes with. Especially the staff More...


Nels Carlson

8 March 2018

The staff is very friendly it is a pleasant place to work out and enjoy it everybody seems to be friendly early morning seems to be very busy but you can still get onto the machine of your choice free weights or a little bit congested other than that it is a great place to go to


Christian Kierah Neil-IrisRonnie Chamberlain

18 February 2018

Nice Gym. Clean. Has all of the weights you need. Has all the machines you need. Can’t beat the price. And free Tanning and a water jet massager.


Jessica Sandoval

9 February 2018

Go see Jonathan to go check it out, he'll help you out!:)


Adri Michelle

10 January 2018

Jonathan was super helpful! Awesome guy :) I reccomend to go here.


Julio Marquez

6 January 2018

Just got a membership with the gm Jonathon. It's really great and worth it. Go check him out!


Nieves Robles

11 October 2017

Me encanta las instructoras nos animan,me fascina Gracias crunch a darle con todo


Ronald Hamner

22 August 2017

Love the hospitality nice that it's near home if something is broken it gets fixed fast the gym is always clean it's also vary affordable all in all Chunch is a great gym.


Denise Crocker

28 July 2017

Love the gym, very friendly people work there, love the hydromassage table.


Frank Rivers

9 July 2017

It has its times sometimes is packed other times like around this time is calm and alot of machines and equipment availiable


Patti Jacobsen

30 May 2017

I really love this gym. Easy to move around from one machine to the other, or working with free weights. Then there's the front room where you can stretch and do additional floor exercises. Courtney is my trainer and she is very supportive and makes it easy to understand each exercise. Making sure you're doing it correctly and allowing you to do it the 2nd time by yourself to see if you can remember to moves. This helps a lot to commit it to memory. That way I know what I'm doing without her constantly being there. I highly recommend trying this place. Prices are super low, but the quality is high. More...


Lance Sunderland Sr.

17 April 2017

I like this gym everyone is nice, I. Wish it was bigger with more equipment but I don't usually have to wait too long. My biggest complaint is the weekend hours need to be later at least on Saturday but other than that good band for the buck.


Sean Caldarella

15 April 2017

Friendly, informative staff. great place to work out!


Judy Merrill Swaggerty

5 April 2017

Love this place ! My personal trainer Korina is awesome !


Bryan De Santiago

2 April 2017

Great environment and friendly staff, highly recommended, got all my friends goin �


Theresia Jones

22 March 2017

I used to the staff, who are very friendly, and am comfortable with the machines. If I need any help they're always there to help.


Mary Ruvalcaba

22 February 2017

I love crunch their equipment is amazing and handy they helped me lose so much weight with all their classes and their yoga


JJ Fern

10 February 2017

Good customer service have had a good experience all along I can guarantee its some motivation to loose weight especially with the help provided


Wendy Mello

27 January 2017

We would love it if you changed the name to Jurupa Valley!


Marina Velasquez

18 January 2017

I love Crunch! I only go for the Zumba classes. The staff is awesome everyone is super nice and I never feel judge when I go. I always feel welcomed. Thank you guys!!!!� More...


Kim Rogers

14 January 2017

I love the work out equipment but the gym does need to be cleaned better. Us regulars have requested this more than once. Also, please please change the city to Jurupa Valley�. Thank you�


Katie Foster

5 January 2017

Crunch rocks!! The staff is friendly and great work out environment.


Connie Enciso

12 November 2016

I love their zumba class with Carla and their overdrive class with louis...They are both very helpful and kind.


Eva Barajas

20 October 2016

Lo mejor para traer energía todo el Dia, y la bien venida que te dan cuando llegas, te ase sentir bien :) gracias crunch


Akiliah Manuel Mills

20 October 2016

This place stays packed after 5. I reccomend coming in the a.m. or on the weekend. Friendly greeters, none of the fluff, a good value for 10 bucks per month.


Nieves Hernandez

14 October 2016

Me encanta,el ambiente,las compañeras e instrctoras,nos dan mucho animo,nos fácina a mi y mi hija


Patti Byerly

4 October 2016

I love love love this Crunch (riverside) from the first day I joined thanks to chip being so friendly and made me feel so welcome and not just the first day - he always makes meet feel welcome - I enjoy coming here every day and he also set me up with 2 great trainers Kevin and luis that also make me feel like I belong every time I walk in the door and I have become Stronger and they have taught me so much and their patience is awesome they work me hard but don't try to kill me - they are both great at what they do..I would and have recomended crunch to many people - great gym, great equipment and A-1 staff... Thanks again � More...


Theresa Ramos

18 September 2016

I think I would not stop Crunch it's the best in my book I like to work out I'm learning alot at cross fit and using it at crunch


BrittAny Rae

31 May 2016

Love this gym ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and all the workers there all so nice and friendly


Leroy Newell

24 May 2016

Going to Crunch fitness made a big change in my life,l was headed to becoming a type 2 diabetic,was at 225 lbs at the first of the year,4 months later down to 205 lbs now A1C back to normal status, I thank god for his blessings to be able to make it to the gym, being healthy is awesome.


Pedro Lopez Lipez

25 February 2016

Bonito lugar donde hay diferentes equipos entrenadores y economicos hay buenos horarios para entrar


Rudy Kirby Ponce

8 January 2016

Its nice and clean and if stuff breaks its usually fixed with in 24 hours.


Justin Dizon

31 December 2015

They want you succeed. Follow them on the journey of success. Bless up . Major key.


Danny Medina

2 December 2015

It's a really dope gym! Prices are hella low and the workers are chill


Marcus Hynson

2 December 2015

Great staff as well a great place to workout an awesome trainers


Aaron Barajas

25 November 2015

Great place to workout. I think morning are the best time to go.


Ellen Porter

14 November 2015

It is a great neighborhood gym but they are geographically confused about the city they are located in, which is Jurupa Valley, not Riverside.


Jazmin Garcia

29 September 2015

Good equipment and great staff! Pretty good gym! Going everyday!


Mandy Becerra Martinez

30 August 2015

I love this gym :-)


Patty Briceño

2 November 2014

En mi opinion le tenia terror al ejercicio..no he venido mucho tiempo. Pero me gelaja mesiento muy bien..


Monica Hernandez Diaz

1 October 2014

I've been to several different gyms & this gym by far is the best


Nancy Cervantes

2 July 2014

Lo mejor y buenas clases de zumba !!! Jorge vazquez y stephanie :)


Patricia Reyes

2 July 2014

I love it!!!!


Patty Trueba

13 June 2014

My husband Hank is a real fan of this gym. Keep up the good work!!!!!


Ruthy Lopez

10 June 2014

I live here. I love this gym and the staff is super friendly. I highly recommend this gym to all my friends, family, and strangers. The machines are awesome and their Quest bars are super delicious. More...


Jasmine A. Abang

22 May 2014

I think I've pretty much mauled all the classes in the evening, except Stiletto Bootcamp (which I won't be doing because I can't even walk with regular shoes sometimes !); all excellent instructors, excellent environment, and not to mention the excellent price per month ! More...


Ashley Sidebotham

19 May 2014

Couldn't be more happy with a gym.. friendly staff and great workouts!


Joanne Winfrey

28 March 2014

I love this gym ❤️❤️❤️ ! Crunch- North Riverside. The staff is awesome. Working out with my personal trainer Barry is always enjoyable. He is so professional and knowledgeable about correct techniques to get the best results and is always very encouraging. Fitness Manager Travis Janda is also very professional and motivational. Thank you Crunch for helping me reach my goal to a healthier/stronger me in 2014. I highly recommend this gym. More...


Esme Gutierrez

22 February 2014

Love it


Lauren Brame

11 February 2014

First off this gym is amazing!!! It's 19.95 a month and includes classes, tanning and a massage at the end of my workout! The staff is super friendly and my trainer is amazing. He set me up on a good workout program to make sure I'm in shape for the summer :) More...


Thelmita Salgado

1 February 2014

Love this Gym! This two locations in Riverside are great! My son loves to go to the Gym.. he is 13 so getting him off videos games to go work out is great! The staff at the Limomite location is awesome.... More...


Ruth Sandoval Navarro

26 November 2013

Monday night Zumba is so much fun. Instructor, Michelle is great. She energetic with a great attitude and that spills out throughout the room.


Marlena Torres

12 September 2013



Vicky Alvirles

8 September 2013

I love it


Mary Richardson

7 September 2013

Great staff. Everyone is so helpful!


Tanya Peavy-Miller

6 September 2013

Can u post up a list of classes with the teacher that teach them please.


Jim L. Ortega

3 September 2013

I Love it!


Amita Balla

3 September 2013

Great staff! Great location!


Sam Martinez

8 August 2013