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Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Nutritional advice and planning, Olympic weightlifting coach find it all at CrossFit River Mersey Liverpool and Merseyside's premier training facility

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Daniel Richardson

19 May 2019

Great gym, brilliant coaches, good vibes...even at 5:45am!


Charlie P

25 February 2019

A great, friendly club with some great coaches.


Vuyle Vuylons

25 February 2019

Let's do this


Kerry Hardy

14 January 2019

Brilliant class tonight thank youuuuuuu


Birtocian Vlad-Adrian

27 November 2018

Best CrossFit gym in the NW with the most supportive coaches and nicest fellow gym goers.


Paul McKnight

25 September 2018

4 sessions in and starting to enjoy CrossFit again. Great box, boss people and boss WODs led by Kev.


Mark Connor

22 July 2017

Can't recommend this box highly enough. Great coaches and a great community. As a drop-in they were hugely welcoming and supportive during a team WOD. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a great crossfit box either as a member or drop-in. More...


Angela Morgan

20 June 2017

Great box, WODS that hurt � and a brilliant atmosphere and group of people �


John Neville

13 May 2017

Good set up, great bunch, taster session was excellent ���


Ciaran Laughlin

30 April 2016

Just finished three months of training at Crossfit River Mersey while I was in Liverpool. Had a fantastic time, lots of fun and made real progress in my training. Definitely recommend it above all the other crossfit gyms I've tried!! Thanks so much. More...


Daniel Smith

29 October 2015

If your thinking of something different and want to challenge yourself regardless of what you weigh or what your fitness level is then this is definitely the place! I have never experienced such support or community like CrossFit River Mersey offers, when you think you've done all you can and can't give any more these guys and gals are right there beside you until you've finished your last rep!! You'll never get this in any gym so i encourage you to push yourself to the limit as you will not be on your own!!! More...


Kristina Paterson

27 May 2015

Best form of fitness training I've ever taken part in! A must try for everyone. Great coach & great bunch of people. Olympic weight training, gymnastics and cardio training all mixed into one.


Daniel Parry

27 May 2015

Friendly atmosphere, excellent coach and community :)


John Harrop

23 December 2014

Really enjoyed my session, learnt loads of new techniques and improved ones I thought I knew but I'd been doing them incorrectly. Informal and friendly atmosphere...but Kev is serious about training! Thanks a lot mate More...


Angela Brown

7 November 2014

Brilliant just what i needed to get into shape. Not like regular boring gyms!!!!!!


Dan Parry

14 October 2014

Friendly atmosphere, excellent coach and community :)


Roberto Edward

2 September 2014

Big THANX to Kev for pushing me thru my 1st session. Bin a long time comin but glad I've lost my CrossFit River Mersey virginity. New techniques learned with great motivation from Kev, awesome venue, sick equipment...nice one mate..! Oh...an don't forget to complete ur challenge. Or get had off by a mini machine. ..ha..! x More...


To Con

9 August 2014

Every time ive been ive been put through my paces. Kev is great coach. Can't wait for my next session.


Jenny Smart

28 July 2014

Never ever tried anything like this before but so glad I did. 4 weeks in and I feel like a new woman! energy, no fatigue, confidence, strength and all with the help of a great instructor kev hulse...... I would recommend crossfit river mersey to anyone who's reading this ..join the fun More...


Mary Kelly

1 July 2014

Great session Kev and lots to learn- thanks


Rob Mentha

26 May 2014

Free trial this week so get down and have a go!

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