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Katherine Harvey

5 May 2019

The programming is well thought out and the coaches are always happy to answer questions.


Bryan Estrada

5 May 2019

The facility is amazing and the coaches are knowledgeable and take the time to get to know members.


Randy Johnson

5 May 2019

Spent a week here. Great coach and members. Really made me feel at home


Marilyn Bowman

26 April 2019

Great gym. Great people. Great equipment. I’m really happy to have found a serious gym


Steve Henke

26 April 2019

I dropped in twice this week while in town for my company's meetup. The programming was fun, educational, and challenging. Coach/owner Justin was super friendly and helpful. The space was large and had everything you could ever need for a workout. I'm definitely making CrossFit Rise a regular stop when I go back. More...


Judy Morrison

27 March 2019

Challenging/rewarding workout, motivating trainers, unique and super clean environment!


Chris Heckler

27 December 2018

In general CrossFit is a great community and a fun way to improve health and fitness. What stands out to me about CrossFit Rise specifically:-Diverse, welcoming community and friendly atmosphere-Focused, knowledgable coaches who are helping people with form, etc. throughout the class—I learn something every time I take a class-Really fantastic onboarding and beginner classes—respectful and safe while being effective and a good challenge-Family/life friendly—kids room so they can play while mom or dad get in a workout and lots of class times so you can fit in your training around workThis is the best investment you can make in yourself! More...


Sravya Mummaneni

27 November 2018

Highly recommend this place for beginners and pros alike. All the trainers are amazing especially Justin who takes the time to make sure you are doing the workout with proper form and keeps an eye on every single person in the class. This place will definitely motivate you to push harder and learn more. Shout-out to Farah who is super awesome and keeps it fun. More...


Wei Han Frank Lin

26 May 2018

When we arrived at Rise about a year ago, my wife and I were out of shape and living an unhealthy lifestyle. The excellent coaches at Rise, especially Justin, has helped us improve our strength, fitness, and health one day at a time, at our level, at our pace. Strong focus on proper form, techniques, and genuinely care about our overall fitness progress. Great facilities, community, and people at Rise! More...


Eli Sager

26 May 2018

We dropped in prior to catching a flight and everyone was extremely hospitable and kind. The class was run efficient and effective from warm up to cool down. Justin coached a streamlined class but still took time to offer salient cues and tips. I've been Crossfitting for nearly a decade and at many gyms yet this one stands out above many others. More...


J Barone

15 March 2018

I am thrilled with the professionalism, knowledge and organization of the owners and staff at Crossfit Rise. I have been a client now for over 3 years and my fitness continues to improve. I can not say enough good things about this facility. I recommend this place regularly to people I meet in the community. More...


Roberto Montoya

14 March 2018

Infraestructure and space available are very good as well as the trainers who keep you motivated. They also help you a lot to correct your movements and improve your performance.
You will feel welcomed by the other crossfitters. The large number of members show a diverse level of expertise.
Plenty of space for parking.
Schedule has many different hours and will accommodate for most people needs.
I recommend this place.


Paul Chuang

14 March 2018

You’ve tried the rest, now get fit with the best!!! We originally checked out and joined CF Rise because it was super close to our work in Rolling Meadows. Since then, our office has moved, but we still drive all the way past our home just to stay at Rise, when there are many other closer boxes in the area. Give it a try and you wont regret it. Rise has literally become our second home. Great owners, great coaches, great friends, great facility, great programming, great great great! More...


Morgan White

14 March 2018

I started working training at CrossFit Rise back in November and was super skeptical because beforehand I had almost got conned into signing up with a personal training at a crappy gym. Luckily I was able to cancel it in time and was fortunate enough to find this place. There isn't a single bad comment I can give because everything from the instructors to the workouts to the overall atmosphere is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Within the 5 months I've been going, I can already see my endurance increasing and my body getting leaner! I'm honestly speechless at how great the instructors are and how friendly EVERYONE is. Many go out of their way to make sure you feel welcome and supported and that kind of atmosphere really helps, especially when trying something new. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend anyone considering doing CrossFit to start here because not only do they know what they're talking about and doing, they genuinely care and want to see you succeed which is more than most can say for most organizations and gyms. 20/5 Stars!!! ⭐️ More...


Dustin Turner

22 January 2018

The coaching staff is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I've never experienced a gym environment like this before.


Diana Sarlitto

16 October 2017

I am not a member of Crossfit Rise, nor have I ever had the privilege of training at their facility. Despite this, I have had such an amazing experience with Rise’s community that it would be a shame not to publically express my admiration and appreciation.

Participating in the Roger DeGarmo Mid-American Weightlifting Championship as my first competition, I had a natural anxiety and many nerve-racking moments. Regardless of my level of stress, professional Rise coaches provided reassurance and patient volunteers echoed my excitement with smiles. The overall environment at CrossFit Rise during my competition was phenomenal and I would encourage anyone to participate in a competition held at their facility. My experience as a lifter alone is cause for a stellar review of the Rise community, but it was truly my role as a volunteer the following day that only deepened my initial impressions.

Upon my arrival as a volunteer, I was met with an informed staff and patient instructions. As a bar loader with no prior experience with weights in kilograms, nor an understanding of the efficient strategy of loading bars, I was given adequate modeling and opportunities to learn the skill in a time restricted environment. Justin Ehrhardt was a proficient instructor, maintaining a professional demeanor despite juggling multiple responsibilities. He had an infectious smile that calmed my nerves while I made many mistakes, including dropping or forgetting plates. Mike Porters displayed an incredible level of patience as I was constantly seeking mathematical affirmation of the next plates to be loaded. He also had a wonderful nature, laughing while exchanging funny jokes or stories. Jessica Schulz was lovely, providing a comfortable environment and informing me when I had opportunities to eat or for breaks. She also assisted as needed for loading and instruction, while maintaining her task of monitoring the clock for the lifters.

They all engaged in genuine conversation, y


Matthew Kou

27 March 2017

When I joined Rise, I was looking for a more consistent fitness training regimen and motivation to exercise that I simply lacked while training on my own. What I didn't expect, was to be welcomed with open arms by a community of people that are constantly pushing me, encouraging me, to be a better person. I found that it's not just about fitness, but rather, investing yourself into people and receiving an equal, if not more, investment that they return. Rise is made up of a group of people that really care for one another. From the great coaching, to the fun and competitive environment, it's amazing what the human body and spirit can accomplish. Thanks, Rise! More...


Heather Pagnoni

24 March 2017

I started at Rise a little over a year ago and continue to shock myself at how far I've come. I never thought I could do the movements or keep up with the classes in the beginning. Now I find myself wanting to work on things that need improvement on or I want to be more efficient at, after class is over. The environment is so positive and encouraging and I've made some great friends who really push me to be the best I can be. The coaches are amazing and are great at making sure your form is correct while also pushing you to push yourself. There aren't enough great things I can say about Rise, it's truly one of the best decisions I've made! More...


Kendall Erickson

24 March 2017

Awesome facility with friendly, knowledgeable coaches to help you become stronger and more fit. They have a class specifically designed for beginners so that you learn proper and safe movements patterns to avoid injury (Justin is one of the best coaches I have ever met for beginners, as he really takes the time to teach you correctly and has a great sense for how the body should move). They also have a performance class which is a step above the beginners/fitness class, and a competition class as well. They have one of the best Olympic weight lifting coaches working at the gym to help you become a better weight lifter if that's what you want. Plenty of class times throughout the day as well as open gym times. Great community and great people! More...


Melissa Au

23 March 2017

First and foremost, CrossFit IS NOT A CULT, it is a community. OK, now that we got that out of the way, let's get on with the review. I've been coming to CrossFit Rise for about 3 years now (2 years at a different CrossFit gym) and this is hands down the best box I've ever been to. They have a huge space, great equipment, knowledgeable coaches, and most importantly a great network of people/friends.

If you're completely new to CrossFit, worry not since you will begin in a fundamentals class (Fitness Class) which will teach you proper form and all of the weightlifting and gymnastics movements before graduating to the Performance Classes. I know it can feel intimidating walking in to a CrossFit gym but everyone is friendly and helpful here so there's nothing to sweat over. Also, all of the workouts can be scaled down if you're hurt or aren't able to do all of the movements.

There's basically no reason not to join this gym. You'll meet a ton of new people and learn to push yourself mentally and physically further than you ever thought possible. Why are you still reading this? Go and contact CrossFit Rise and join in on the fun workouts!


Stephanie Gorman

22 March 2017

What a great place! The coaches are amazing people that genuinely care about your safety, overall health, and the enjoyment of fitness. You will meet amazing people here, if not great friends. This is truly a community feel filled with so much laughter, fun...and sweat of course. I used to be an avid runner, but now love crossfit much more. The changes I have seen in my self are much greater than I could have imagined. You will not regret joining! More...

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