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Helena Dixon

Sounds cheesy but changed my life . . . literally, physically, emotionally, mentally : STRONGER!


Valentina Bona

Very professional coaches, clean, flexible classes and most of all my new body transformation a true achievement !!!


Jacquie Bayer

Awesome people tough workouts!! Worth it, feel like a million bucks!!


Liezel Anne

Silviu eats, breaths, sleeps crossfit! He's a great motivator and passionate in building a great community up north! Congrats Silviu!


Tim Stratton

Awesome workout. Tricia got me off the couch but Sil keeps me coming back for more.


Jaime Lindsay

One of my favourite places to be! Great people, awesome coaches and kickass workouts! Wasn't sure if I was a crossfit kinda gal but so happy I decided to check it out and then join


Silviu Bona

Love the strong women at this gym. No excuses, just putting in the hard work. They motivate me daily.


Adam Casey

Coach Sil is amazing! He is patient and is able to help people with different athletic abilities. Highly recommend giving N6 a try.


Jack Carr

Crossfit N6 has really change how i look at things, weather it be my eating or excersise habits it has improved me physicaly and mentaly. Also a big positive is the other members, they are great when it comes to encouraging you to do better and strive to reach your goals. More...


Sam Sarasin

Awesome coaches, people and environment. I look forward to the wods and seeing familiar and new faces at the gym. I have seen and felt amazing changes in my body. Look forward to seeing what another year at N6 will bring!!! More...


Cindy Dowdall

My son is 10 and he has been doing crossfit with coach Sil since September. What a difference it has made for him. Physically he feels and looks amazing and his confidence has increased. His school and sports have improved. Very proud of his dedication as well More...


Jason Myszkowski

Crossfit N6 has changed my life for the best. It has not only made me a stronger person but it has also motivated me to continue working hard in all aspects of my life. Anyone who wants to feel good about themselves should definitely come out and try it! Sil is an amazing instructor! More...


Dawn Keetch Mitchell

I've joined other gyms but this isn't just a gym, it's a family. The coaches are amazing. Always encouraging and helping out. Everyone is friendly and look out for one another. N6 truly has changed my outlook on going to a gym and working out. More...


Aly Catharine

Came to N6 during a rough time personally. I was inconsistent, but always came back and each time I did, everyone was so kind and welcoming. The coaches are fantastic, fun, and supportive. Coaches are knowledgable and committed to helping and challenging their clients to reach their goals. More...


Lydia Sparrow

I've been coming here for almost 5 moths now, and I love it! The workouts really push you to your max, and you have an amazing community of like-minded people. The trainers are awesome! If you have an injury, they work with you to modify the workout, so that you can still get the most out of it. I've noticed many differences, especially with my inner strength!
I would recommend CrossFit N6 to all my friends!


Jess Klincsek

In all honestly. ...it's hard as hell. It's intense, it's the best workout you've ever had. It's harder than anything exercise related I've done in my life. But, it's fun and enjoyable and will make you feel like superwoman after every time you go. Lol if you get into it (if you "drink the kool-aid ") you will want to keep going and not give up. It will make you feel better than ever and you will see results fast. One of the biggest mistakes I made was taking a year and half off. I stopped going after 2 years when I was 3 months preggers with my second daughter. I was paranoid bc we lost a baby before Maddie our first and even though coach assured me that it was ok I couldn't take a chance. But I should have gone back sooner after having her..I shouldn't have waited. Been back two months now and I'm soooo glad I finally got the courage to go! Bc I already feel so much better...muscle memory is real though, I'm not back to where I was but I will be, I know it. Will just take some time and consistency, but I'll get there and I'll be extatic when I do! More...


Mihaela Muth

An amazing community of people who come together to workout, improve Heath and looks and rid the body of pains and aches;
Awesome coaches who give one on one guidance so I can achieve my goals!
My strength, mobility and endurance Improved by about 200% during the past 6 to 8 months!
I love CrossFitN6 for many reasons but mostly because it made my life better in so many ways!❤️


Debbie Dano-Tindale

I hate exercise & sweating, but I love the people & Coach Sil. I appreciate the company, encouragement and push to make me better. It has only been two months so I don't see physical results (yet) but I know I want to achieve and the drive to be better is worth the sweating I do. Thanks Coach for pushing me 'gently' to make me better. I look forward to a better Me - soon. More...


Analita Lake Sikaffy

Some people ask me why I like crossfit. Its because the coaches are always helping with any question I have, and make fitness easier and all people at the gym are very nice. I like it because they help me set and meet my goals and help people perceive themselves as potential athletes. They have classes for any age.This is 100% why I love crossfit . More...


Jill Davidson

Crossfit N6 has been the best thing I've done in years. I've never been an athlete, never stuck to any type of workout program, but I've now been doing crossfit for more than a year. The people are uber encouraging. You work hard but they adapt the movements to your skill level and to ensure that your don't get hurt. N6 has a number of different coaches which is great because they all have slightly different perspectives and can provide different advice. I strongly recommend trying N6. If you think you're not ready for crossfit you might want to rethink it. You don't need to be an athlete to start, you just need to be willing to try it. If you can make it through the first week, you'll love it. I can't say enough about what a positive experience it's been for me. Love love love CrossFit N6. #strongerthanyesterday More...

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