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Here at CrossFit Lindy, you will receive an unmatched level of training that no other CrossFit gym can offer. CrossFit Lindy is run and operated by 4x CrossFit Games athlete (As seen on ESPN) AND US Army Combat Veteran, Daniel “BOOMSAUCE” Tyminski.


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Brian Daniels

25 April 2019

I’ve been a member of several Crossfit gyms, but Crossfit Lindy is a cut above the rest. They combine top-notch programming with acute knowledge of human nutrition, which has allowed me to make great progress in a short period of time.


Tom Carroll

18 February 2019

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Rob Veltre

26 January 2019

Anyone can walk into this gym and be given a great workout modified to fit their fitness needs. It’s a great environment that promotes community and camaraderie. Excellent coaching too!


jason leydon

27 November 2018

Dan is an amazing Coach, Athlete, and person. He puts all he has into everything he does and this shows inside his gym. I highly recommend CrossFit Lindy to everyone!


Wagner Caron Amoros

28 September 2018

Great box! As an international visitor the welcome and daily wod were awesome!!


Vincent Bogert

27 September 2018

It’s a Great place to fitness!!


Nic H

29 August 2018

If you are tired of going to the gym and doing the same routine over and over crossfit lindy is your next and last gym membership! No experience required to join or workout. The gym is very spacious with plenty of equipment for all class sizes. The coaches and members are all very welcoming and friendly to all. They offer a few different types of memberships and one on one training is available as well as nutritional advice. Just try a free class and you will be hooked More...


thomas aiello

30 June 2018

This place is great. Everyone in there is so kind and considerate. They push you to your limits and then some. You dont know where you get it but they pull the best out of you. I highly recommend this place.


Brittany Burton

26 May 2018

Where do I start? I wanted to get back into crossfit after stopping due to an injury from another location. I’ve heard from multiple people to give it a try and am beyond happy I did. The owner and his wife are not only welcoming but AMAZING at what they do. You’re always pushed but your form is always looked at and corrected. I could keep going but just know, I highly recommend this facility. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! More...


Thomas Belligan

26 May 2018

From the moment you walk in the door you become part of a family. The encouragement and expertise of Dan, Riki and all the coaches will quickly help you realize your fitness goals. The members are extremely helpful and friendly. Drop in and check it out today! More...


Bryan Murphy

25 January 2018

The coaching, expertise, and motivation at Crossfit Lindy are second to none. Great community of people there that feels like a family. If you've thought about doing crossfit, this is definitely the best place around. More...


Peter Villa

25 January 2018

I've been to a couple other local gyms near CrossFit Lindy, and this is by far the best CrossFit gym in the area. The place is huge with some of the best equipment. The coaches and other members are all welcoming and made it really easy to feel comfortable. The gym is also very clean, it is the cleanest CrossFit gym I've been too. Everyone at CrossFit Lindy seems like they really care about everything. Even the smaller details. The ample space gives for ultimate safety and all the coaches REALLY know what they are doing!!! I am so glad I joined CrossFit Lindy!!!! More...


tom belligan

22 December 2017

From the moment you walk in the door you become part of a family. The encouragement and expertise of Dan, Riki and all the coaches will quickly help you realize your fitness goals. The members are extremely helpful and friendly. Drop in and check it out today! More...


Kelly Skinner

13 October 2017

Crossfit Lindy is an amazing place with awesome, encouraging people! I look forward to spending time there, getting my fitness on, making friends and sharing laughs. Dan is an awesome coach and pushes you to do things you didn't even know your body was capable of doing. More...


Chet Lee Kowalski IV

3 August 2017

Exceptional experience. Loved my time dropping in and my hometown box. Can't say enough. Very welcoming. Great programming. Great coaches. Great community. That's just another reason I absolutely love CrossFit and our amazing community. This box sets the bar on Long Island and I can't wait to come back home again. So basically if your on Long Island and looking for a box you should stop by THE box on LI and CrossFitLindy. More...


Solow Sports

26 May 2017

One of the first crossfit gyms around and you can see why they have stayed around for so long. Was very impressed with the staff of coaches who know their craft!


Lil Riki

26 May 2017

I have literally traveled around the world and have dropped in to many CrossFit gyms. There is nothing like CrossFit Lindy. Naturally the strongest gym on Long Island, and humble. From the coaches to the members, a pleasant atmosphere and never intimidating. If you’re new and walk in to CF Lindy for the first time, get ready to be greeted by at least 8 people that will act like you’ve been a member for the last year :) More...


Deb McClure

22 April 2017

Incredibly welcoming community. Great programming and excellent coaching!


Kimberly Chiarelli

22 April 2017

Great gym with a great atmosphere. CrossFit Lindy is the perfect gym for people of all ages and abilities. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. If you've ever thought about trying CrossFit this is the place. Come give it a try! More...


Sheila Scalzo Rixon

12 October 2016

Great community that I call home. I love our programming, our space, our people. Coaches support, encourage and teach the members in achieving their goals. Whether you want to compete or just want to take some time away from the couch and sweat, Lindy will take care of you! More...


Chris Tomasetti

6 July 2016

Thanks Daniel and the 10 am class for having me this morning, will definitely be back thx again


Todd Lemieux

26 May 2016

This place rules. Great coaches and positive community.


Victor D. Cruz

9 April 2016

I visited CrossFit Lindy cause i was out of town Dan, was great, great vibe in the gym. Good luck at regionals Dan!


Kevin D.

3 November 2015

This CrossFit Box is really good! Dan and his staff are knowledgeable, helpful and motivating. Dan really knows his stuff and is willing to share his knowledge. The music system is really good and the workouts are very well structured, motivating and tailored to the individual with modifications, as needed. The price is good and well worth it and they have lots of sessions each day.  Give it a try!! More...


Todd A. Lemieux

30 October 2015

So I started going in July to see if I would like it and every person I have come across at that 6am class is great. Helpful, patient, and encouraging me to push beyond what I would do if left on my own. Great place to be!


Kyle Delgado

5 October 2015

Crossfit Lindy is an amazing box. Has all the rigs, barbells, ropes you could want and ample space to use them in. The coaching doesn't get any better than Crossfit games competitor Dan tyminksi!He's not only a phenomenal athlete with a wealth of fitness knowledge, but he's a great guy who makes you feel welcome! There's the average joe trying to get in shape, as well as seasoned athletes who train there but the programming gets tailored to your ability. I get there as often as I can, I highly recommend you do too!! More...


Marguerite DiPiazza Blonder

20 May 2014

I have been a Crossfit Lindy member for the past 3 years. Not only do you get a great workout (never boring, always challenging), but you get to do it with the greatest people & the best coaches. When you leave each day, you have accomplished something that you thought you would never be able to do. Even when you feel like you cannot go any further, everyone is there to support you & cheer you on to give you the energy to finish. I cannot imagine myself at any other gym but Crossfit Lindy. More...


Caitlin Marie

10 January 2014

Crossfit lindy is by far the best box on Long Island. The people that workout here are like family. The best part of my day is when I come to this gym. Not to mention Dan and ricki are awesome coaches. I only started crossfit 6 months ago and I'm doing things I never thought I could do. I'm even competing now which is something I've wanted to do since I was first introduced to crossfit. If you wanna do crossfit, you gotta do it at crossfit lindy! More...


Frank Lombardi

19 December 2013

I suppose I'll right a review as well. Not like anyone that knows me doesn't already know how I feel about it. Apparently I don't shut up about how awesome it is and how great crossfit Lindy is haha. It has changed my life for the better. The coaches are all top notch. I would've never thought I'd have the dramatic results as fast as I have, I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life and I keep improving! I recommend this place to everyone I know! I'm so happy to be a part of such a great place!!! More...


Brice Lefever

12 December 2013

The regular gym just wasn't cutting it for me. Here at crossfit lindy I am pushed to do things I never imagined I could, I have great coaches that make sure I'm working correctly, and I'm seeing great results. One of the best choices of my life. If you want real results, give it a try. More...


Alarice Marx Magnuson

11 December 2013

Love this place! Not only do I see results, I feel them. The workouts are so challenging. I'm doing things I never thought I could! The trainers are patient and motivational. Best decision I've ever made!! More...


Chris Kinney

25 November 2013

My favorite place in the universe


Jillian Mack

24 November 2013

Great workout. Friendly, motivational staff!


Alex 'Sasha' Bessarabov

22 November 2013

Wish i could be there everyday


Go Twopood

10 November 2013

great box!


Sal LaCova

19 October 2013

Not only is Dan a great athlete and coach but he dose an excellent job with the Lindy Kids program. He's helped my son gain confidence in himself. Now he is participating on his soccer team. More...


Heather Shook

20 August 2013

Crossfit Lindy has changed the way I view exercise. I have not only improved my health but I have also made great friends. The coaches at Lindy care about your progress and are always there to give you a gentle push when things get tough. I am lucky to belong to such a great community of athletes. More...


Mary Kay Romano

9 August 2013

Thank you Crossfit Lindy for keeping me honest away from home!


Vincent Pasquale Gismundi

16 July 2013

Awesome box!! If you want results this is the place to be. Trainers are top notch competitors. If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best.


Kim L.

14 September 2010

I hesitate to call this a gym because it is so far removed from any gym experience with which I have been familiar. In so many ways. I have been reading a lot about CrossFit, and I was drawn to it because it seems efficient and intuitive. As gyms are usually scary and hard-sell, I was a bit terrified to contact CrossFit Lindy for an intro session.The owner- Dan, Daniel or some diminutive of that, I cannot recall- was really, really friendly and informative. He took me through a really detailed workout and answered all my questions, and patiently corrected my form. Pretty early in, I got really dizzy and felt like I was going to puke, which is apparently normal for Crossfit. He waited while I chilled until it passed, and couldn't have been nicer. Dan Danny or Daniel is also incredibly fit and muscular looking, but he doesn't have any of that vibe where you feel judged for being an out of shape internet person. Alas, I have not been back because the intro is a bit prohibitive for me cost-wise, but isn't out of line with the cost of a gym. The vibe is much more all inclusive and tailored than a gym, too, and I could see wanting to go to crossfit much more intensely than wanting to go be bored on a treadmill for an hour. I saw the WOD (workout of the day) times for each member each day on the board, and they were really manageable. It seems like an excellent option if you want to go to the gym but don't have an extra seven hours a week lying around. He also timed how long it took me to get through the sample workout, including my long breaks to get not sick. Despite simple tasks like throwing a ball at a wall and kettlebell lifts, it was intense. And it all only took 13 minutes and 15 seconds. And I was sore for literally a week and a half. Crossfit may not be for everyone, but this place is definitely not your average gym experience and is totally a diamond in a rough. The unexpected bonus was no sales pressure *at all*. No guilting, no cracks about fat, no expensive plans to buy into- it was zero pressure. If you are looking for a new fitness routine, I highly recommend checking out Crossfit Lindy. Totally stellar all around. More...

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