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RĂ©gis Mwemena

7 February 2019

Loved it!


Lizelle Smit Marais

7 February 2019

Amazing love it!!!!!!!


Marie-Louise Nathalie Brigitte Rouget

7 February 2019

Excellent crepes! Marin also makes her own caramel which is exquisite. Definitely recommend.


Gregg Corbin

7 February 2019

Fantastic!! Light and tasty!! Makes me want to take French classes just to get the pronunciation of "Crepe" correct
Salted caramel is a thing of beauty... considering mass production so that I can take my showers in this sweet, sweet nectar.
Five stars and high-fives!!


Marie Sachet

7 February 2019

Amazingly delicious (take it from someone who is from the birth place of "crepes) and comes with one of a kind service as well. Marine just made my baby shower today so much more special. I could not recommend it more! More...

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