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Creativity Chrysalis

Kīlauea, Hawaii, Kauai

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Creativity Chrysalis

Kīlauea, Hawaii, Kauai


Creativity Chrysalis helps you manifest your dreams in reality. Some of our services include web design, logo design, brand identity design, project management and marketing.

*MBA in Sustainable Business
*Web Design using powerful modern themes with WordPress



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Quality and simplicity. Quality images & artwork will make or break your website. Simplicity in the content and layout make it more accessible, needing excellent copywriting and just enough information.

In our first Creativity Chrysalis New Client Consult, I will assess your needs and goals, gather general information about your business, assess your business model. You leave the session with tips and feedback, plus a strategy for moving forward. If we both think working together is a good next step, I'll send you a recap of our session plus a list of next steps to get started.

I'm passionate about helping people manifest their dreams and ideas in reality. Taking a concept and making it real, whether via a website, graphics, brand identity package or written content, is one way to do that. I love working 1:1 to help clarify, define and enact your vision.

A recent client hired me to upgrade her outdated website. A week later as we were reviewing the first draft together, she said "you really understood exactly what I needed...without me even knowing what I needed!" I love diving into each client's talent and expertise to help refine their message and shine their light clearly and brilliantly to the rest of the world.

I'm a natural "starter" -- I've been leading and facilitating groups and teams since I was a little kid organizing my neighborhood friends to do practice unicycling performances.

While living in Italy for several years, I started my first business with an Italian director--an event production organization. I was hooked--I loved the independent nature of working for myself and managing large projects. I continue to live in and travel to exotic and interesting places. Working for myself is a great way to have the autonomy I like to explore life.

With an MBA in sustainable business, I bring you expert-level experience and access to an extensive, international creative network of graphic designers, film-makers, photographers, directors, animators, artists, writers, authors & musicians.

Choosing to work together is a mutual choice. I'm interested in clients who are values-driven and doing excellent work in their field. You should be someone who knows what your values are, love your work, and be actively working to be the change you want to see in the world. If you don't, then you might be seeking me out to help you align your path, and that's great too.

Clients choose me because they get a high level of specialized, individual attention and because, as an artist for the last 20 years, I synthesize the right and left brain, act as a translator to help manifest your creative vision, and infuse my work with vibrant beauty and clarity.