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Amazing, amusing, astonishing, awesome . . . those are just a few of the words people use to describe the Cranius Astounding - MAGIC experience. A magician, mentalist, and musician, Cranius’ totally approachable, interactive, and engaging style delights and entertains audiences of all ages.



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I have been interested in MAGIC since 2008 when I was on a business trip to Chicago. Since then, I have been executive producer of several MAGIC festivals, stage shows, and festival productions. I am a member of several professional organizations including The Society of American Magicians, The International Juggling Association, The Texas Association of Magicians, The Texas Juggling Society, and The International Brotherhood of Magicians..

Most clients hire me for private birthday parties, although I also perform at corporate and public events.
My hour long Close-up MAGIC show is an interactive and engaging set of routines tailored to your occasion. You can expect unique magical props, a bit of lighthearted music, some incredible mind reading, and many other impossible things happening right before your eyes. Magic you can touch that also touches your heart.
My Walk Around MAGIC performance can be any time length from one to eight hours (one hour minimum). There are sixteen effects that I perform impromptu for small groups of your guests. Works great with guests or patrons for 50-500 attendees.
My Street Magic show is edgier with danger, escape, and highly visual effects. Called a circle show, it typically lasts 20 -30 minutes and engages passersby in lively street performance art.
My family friendly festival offering, "The Astounding Magic Show", is performed in a bright red tent on a typical 10' x 10' festival footprint with MAGIC shows on the half hour. Please call to check on availability.
Using my collection of classic and contemporary magic props and effects, I can build a magic set for you that will astonish and amaze.

The thing I love most about my job is the unexpected things that can happen during a show. Like the time a client burst into tears of joy because I played a song that reminded her of a precious moment with her father. Or the shy kid who suddenly became the coolest kid in the room because he was able to read his friends mind. Incredible! Then there's the Bat Mitzvah who jumped for joy when she magically received her Chai gift. I truly cherish these moments and many more I've had since becoming a magician.

Well, I initially thought is was to make money. But it has morphed into my desire to have these extraordinary, unique, touching, and truly magical moments with wonderful people who invite me into their lives. The brief time I spend with them have created fantastic, lifelong memories for me and them.

I believe clients should choose me because every show I perform is unique. That's because I try to tailor my MAGIC to be relevant to their special occasion/event. By keeping set lists and scripts of every show I perform, I can insure your magic experience is unlike any before it. Authentic, creative MAGIC at a reasonable price.