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SaRivka Kohn

6 May 2019

This was the first time any of my children needed the starband cranial helmet. The staff there were very helpful and caring. I am so greatful that I was directed to them. I would definitely recommend their services to others. Now that we are done with the star band helmet, I have already recommended a friend to the center. The receptionist as well as Mitch made me feel really comfortable with the services that my son has received. More...


brenda weiss

6 February 2019

My exprience at cranial therapy was amazing.the staff was really nice and pleasent.they were very easy to deal with.my son had a very flat head and with this helmet it was able to be fixed within three months.Thank you


Jennifer Cotignola

6 January 2019

I've left a more detailed review on the Facebook page, but overall we've had a very positive experience with the staff at Cranial Therapy in Lakewood. Danielle is amazing and works diligently to make sure insurance paperwork is processed with all the I's dotted and the T's crossed. Without her persistence our son would not have gotten treatment.Mitch was also great to work with - he's gentle with the babies but very direct with the parent about the treatment process and what type of results and timeline you can expect. By the time of my son's second scan, after wearing the helmet for 5 weeks, Mitch predicted he would be completed by December and he was. Our situation was unique as we had a 2 month wait due to insurance issues and my son didn't get fit until he was 6 months old. So we were able to try repositioning to correct his positional plagiocephaly for two months. Although there was some improvement, we actually saw more improvement within 2 weeks of him wearing the helmet than we ever saw during the 2 months of repositioning. I was initially skeptical about the helmet and thought it was a weird over prescribed fad, but it truly made a difference right before my eyes. Only the helmet corrected my son's uneven ear placement and fully evened out the front of his head. If you are on the fence, I strongly urge you to at least talk to your pediatrician and go for your free assessment. We have no regrets! More...


Frayda Gerson

6 November 2018

From the first call until we were up to the point of taking the helmet off we had a great experience. Daniella, Mitch, Lydia and Renee all made the experience as pleasent as it can be. They were so helpful throughout the whole process. Mitch was extremely patient with my baby each time he had to take a scan or anything that scared my baby he distracted him and knew exactly how to calm him down and get it done. When we started the process my baby’s head was almost completely flat and now it looks just like the average baby’s head. All in all we are so happy we went through with this and so happy we had a place like this one to go to. More...


Mimi Kalish

18 April 2018

I had a great experience at Cranial Therapy Centers. Lydia is an amazing physical therapist. The office staff are friendly and helpful.


Allen Czermak

25 December 2017

Very warm atmosphere and really helpful staff right here in Lakewood, NJ

Thanks for your help!