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C Goode

30 October 2016

Craig photographed both our wedding ceremony and our reception at Woodlands Hotel which were on separate days. He promised so much, to be an expert of the venue because he had done so many weddings there, to provide over 600 photos to choose from, 2 photographers, photos to be available online within 3 days. We got none of this, just a series of excuses. 1 photographer, approx 150 photos of<span id="moreReview672485" class="hide"> which 25 were of our magician. Photos finally after about 2 weeks after much pestering. No candid shots of our guests at all. We had 120 guests at our day reception, from the photos he took you'd think we had about 20. He even deleted some of the family photos we specifically requested, these were never recovered. Would highly recommend every other supplier we used, but certainly not Craig Garside Photography.</span> More...

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