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We work with Men and Women seeking to bring balance back into their lives through an holistic and empathetic approach focussing on Mindset, Lifestyle, Nutrition and Movement.

We use Reiki and Energy Healing to re-balance the body’s energy systems, Animal Flow and Functional Movement to improve body awareness and connectivity, Functional Strength Training with kettlebells, suspension trainers etc and traditional free weights and a Plant Based Nutrition approach to ensure maximum nutrient density in the diet.


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What is Holistic Training? Well holistic refers to the ‘Whole’ or ‘the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.’ By taking an holistic approach to training both for myself and my clients, I focus on not just the body but the mind, emotions, lifestyle, nutrition and flow of energy throughout the body.

During a Reiki session the practitioner moves around the body and places their hands on or over the various energy points and chakras of the body, channelling the Reiki energy into the patient, where it flows to the area of the body that needs unblocking or healing the most.

Animal Flow is a structured movement practise that uses mainly quadruped (on all fours) animal type movements, to move the body through multiple planes, it dynamically stretches the body and fascia (tissue that surrounds the muscles), engages core control and stabilises the joints, plus it is loads of fun.

Plant Eating Principles is a simple but thorough nutritional approach to plant based eating and the essential principles. This is included with all Cover Fitness Coaching packages as standard.