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Courtney Conley Reviews

Courtney Conley Reviews

Review of Courtney Conley by Amanda Lilly
5 14/03/2018 Amanda Lilly

We attend a convention at Rupp Arena and the convention center. This was the first year in Rupp and with that came a lot of extra security, including bag checks / metal detectors. This was good except for it made the wait to get into the door way longer.

However, overall the faculty is clean (including the bathrooms) and the staff members are friendly and helpful. There is even a food court and several shops. I don't have any complaints with the building itself.

Fun fact, the building is tall enough for a 30 foot Stay Puft to be inside lol!

Review of Courtney Conley by Joshua Caldwell
4 13/03/2018 Joshua Caldwell

Rupp arena was crawling with weirdos when I was there. There were people painted blue and pink and green and at least 10 batmen. Also, there was a plethora of young ladies that didn't check the weather forecast before they came out, because it was definitely not underwear weather when we were there. Also, the honest to god Chuck Norris was there. The real one. And you could even verify his existence yourself for the low low price of $95 and you got a signature souvenier for that same low price.

Review of Courtney Conley by Freddie Murphy
4 08/03/2018 Freddie Murphy

This venue was easy to get in and out of. It is spacious with tons of seating. It has a shopping center attached. However, with that said, the shops would not be the reason I would visit this place. It would either be because of an event or the food court on the lower level of the mall. With that said, it is still a nice place in a good location.

Review of Courtney Conley by Alan Chumbley
5 02/03/2018 Alan Chumbley

Very large, very well maintained venue for concerts and sporting events. Went to see a basketball game here and was really impressed by the size and amount of seating. The place was remarkably clean (even the toilets). Staff was really good at keeping everyone organized and moving, so getting in and out was very quick. I don't drive...but based on what I saw, the parking here could be an issue so you might want to arrive early to arrange that.

Review of Courtney Conley by Kelle Marie Farris
5 18/02/2018 Kelle Marie Farris

Not only am I a Wildcats fan, I love seeing concerts at Rupp Arena. This venue doesn't have a bad seat in the house. Even the cheap seats offer a great view. Parking is super close so minimal walking to the door. Lots of food and drink venders offer up great variety. Lexington is a small town so your chances of getting lost are slim. GO CATS!

Review of Courtney Conley by Amy Christopher
3 04/02/2018 Amy Christopher

Lexington center has a decent amount of conference rooms but no seating available outside the conference rooms. Tough on guests as a parent to a younger conference goer. Also needs more food choices and ample parking. Appreciated the skywalk over to Victorian square but signage was a little confusing.

Review of Courtney Conley by Karen Sparks
4 03/02/2018 Karen Sparks

Reptile expo. Very enjoyable to see all the animals, but was very crowded. I guess that was good for their business. I saw a lot of snakes, lizards and frogs getting new families.😀

Review of Courtney Conley by Cyle Hardymon
5 23/01/2018 Cyle Hardymon

Love this arena! We are from Ohio but our heart is in Kentucky and Lexington is the most amazing city. It's really full of life and the arena is right in the heart of it all. The place is easy to navigate and signs are well placed. The security is tight but not to invasive and the workers seem to love what they do! Love going to UK games here!

Review of Courtney Conley by Cathie Mullins
5 07/01/2018 Cathie Mullins

If you are in Lexington and the Cats are in town I strongly recommend that you see a game. It is an amazing venue that is easy to navigate, even for a handicapped person, which is unusual. Lots of stores and a nice food court as well, and plenty of parking nearby.

Review of Courtney Conley by Tina Rowe
5 03/01/2018 Tina Rowe

Absolutely amazing if you manage to find parking and get in the lower arena! Last year we sat in the upper arena bleachers. It was miserable! Some woman and I use that term loosely sat on us and was blowing her nose or burping the entire time.
This year section 29 row N seats 1 and 2 and man were they the best!!! Can't wait to go back!!! 2 hours earlier to park and lower arena only!!!

Review of Courtney Conley by Latosha Pence
4 22/12/2017 Latosha Pence

It was pretty nice and comforting. You just have to watch out for rude, redneck, Bible thumping people that tend to snub their nose at anything that can possibly be different from what they call normal. So, basically if you are gay-or different... it's a flip of a coin when knowing what to expect. You could get a smile. You could get a frown. Either way, I wouldn't let it get me down. You've got a lot of people traveling from out of these small biases, (everyone knows each other) towns. There are not a lot of big cities in KY, very few in fact.

Review of Courtney Conley by Curt Davis
3 20/12/2017 Curt Davis

Nice hotel, however the shuttle was down so my crew was transported by taxi. Upon arrival at the hotel as the driver presented the fare for payment, the male night clerk very rudly informed the driver that he was only to receive 20 (Which was 3.50 short of the fare),and he could take it or not get anything. When the Captain from my crew went to speak up for the driver, we were informed that if we wanted to get involved that he could deny our rooms, and we could go to Hilton. I have never felt so disrespected at a hotel EVER. The only they get 3 stars is for the rooms, and things to do in the area. The customer service needs some work.

Review of Courtney Conley by Stephanie Pace
4 06/12/2017 Stephanie Pace

Iconic arena filled with history. It’s a place to view a basketball game and home to the wildcats and BBN. While you can view other events like concerts it’s known for the basketball. Fans usually fill the seats to be quite packed of 20,000+. Seats are in the lower section while in the upper section is bench style seats. It was recently renovated and I really like what they’ve done. The old speakers hanging above in the middle of the arena is now a big four sided screen. Some new lights and paint were also added along with a new basketball court.

Review of Courtney Conley by Anthony Banks
5 Anthony Banks

First game I went to was Saturday that place was rocking!

Review of Courtney Conley by James Sizemore
2 James Sizemore

Love going to the games but the student section should be along the baseline instead of underneath the basket. I've been to way smaller arenas for ball games that are twice as loud. Something needs to be done or UK needs to relocate. The old season ticket holders who are there for a social event ruin the experience for everyone else.

Review of Courtney Conley by Heather Walton
5 Heather Walton

Rupp Arena is my non-church church. I literally go there to worship my Wildcats, and Rupp is an amazing place of worship. The new upgrades are sleek and powerful. The energy in that Arena – there is nothing like it! Cheers to 40 years!

Review of Courtney Conley by Patricia Adamson
5 Patricia Adamson

Was my first UK game. Had a great experience

Review of Courtney Conley by Jared Anderson
5 Jared Anderson

I love Rupp Arena! It's a nice place to be and also fun for the whole family! Great workers, great food, and a great place to hang out at any advent they have!

Review of Courtney Conley by Leanna Lockwood Gipson
5 Leanna Lockwood Gipson

Love, love, love Rupp����

Review of Courtney Conley by Blake Wagner
4 Blake Wagner

I miss the b ball museum and Barnem and Bailey and hockey

Review of Courtney Conley by Sarah Liam Byrum
5 Sarah Liam Byrum

It was awesome to be able to see the inside of Rupp Arena again. As a U.K. Fan I am grateful to be able to attend a couple of games every season. I wish the tickets I received were for 3 people instead of 2 so I could also take my little boy and someone else. It's alright though. He will eventually be able to have the Rupp Arena and Kentucky Basketball experience I want him to have.

Review of Courtney Conley by Adam Hancock
4 Adam Hancock

We loved it. Can’t wait to go back

Review of Courtney Conley by Stacey Farrell
3 Stacey Farrell

As a season ticket holder I've been attending for several years & have been watching the progress on the upgrades. Have been pleasantly surprised......until our 1st "exhibition" game last night. Very frustrated that from our regular season seats we were unable to see the stat board. Also in lower arena under the overhangs the lights flashing directly in our eyes is VERY bright & was absolute sensory overload. As well, the TV upgrade is FANTASTIC, but it would be great if you could get the video & especially the audio synced!!!! Breaks my heart not giving you 5 stars, but I think there are some pretty significant kinks to be worked out!!

Review of Courtney Conley by Kendall Faught
5 Kendall Faught

The arena looks great with the new scoreboards. The pregame intro is second to none in college basketball. See the Facebook post of last night's game on our Facebook page;
Adventures with Penny.

Review of Courtney Conley by Stephanie Howard
5 Stephanie Howard

The atmosphere here is amazing!!! I am a huge CATS fan and just walking in here gives ya chills!! Have seen a few concerts here too that were awesome but Rupp is C A T S all the way!! Go Big Blue!!!

Review of Courtney Conley by Lucian Maurice Nichols
5 Lucian Maurice Nichols

That's a great and beautiful facility filled with Blue all over.

Review of Courtney Conley by Jason Baker
5 Jason Baker

I like that Rupp Arena does not have boxes. Everyone is in the same room.

I am upper level end zone row F and the big screen has improved the value and enjoyment of my seats. Stat boards on the corners are a little hard to read from my position. Maybe font adjustments would help.

I am so "over" checkerboard anything.

The sound system is impressive and more bass. You can feel it. Wasn't too loud, either.

I don't think the dusty rafters had been painted in my lifetime. Now they are blue and white. Very nice!

Nice new LED lighting improved the floor view. Floor looks bigger.

Backboards and shot clocks look new. You can see thru shot clocks. Better visibility.

Retired jerseys look rearranged. They look better.

Big "K" for cheerleaders. Don't like checkerboard, and they still have a tough time keeping it up...

New scoreboard is awesome!

Review of Courtney Conley by Alexandra Duly
5 Alexandra Duly

I attended the Foo Fighters concert yesterday 5/1/18. I am hard of hearing and usually sit where I can see a sign language interpreter. My boyfriend purchased the tickets and didn’t know how to purchase them near an interpreter. I wanted to thank Kendrick for the tremendous effort to find an area that I could view the sign language interpreter. It SERIOUSLY made my evening. Without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this awesome concert. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Kendrick!

Review of Courtney Conley by Curt Taylor
1 Curt Taylor

Went to the Miranda Lambert show last night, what a mess.... The show was awesome, the venue sucks... Your security outside at the smoking section was rude as hell, they were more worried about moving people away from the building, when there was multiple near domestic assaults going on out there.... Parking is very difficult also....

Review of Courtney Conley by Matt Owens
2 Matt Owens

How can a university with one of the top ranked basketball programs in the country still have so many bleacher seats. Not to mention no escalators. Time to come into the 1990's UK. Treat your loyal fans right. #timetoupgrade.

Review of Courtney Conley by Ashley Norton Gary
3 Ashley Norton Gary

Artists are always amazing but why can’t Rupp turn on the Jumbotron for concerts? We saw Miranda Lambert and Foo Fighters- both amazing performers but we couldn’t see much from our seats with the Jumbotron being off. Why waste such a huge investment?

Review of Courtney Conley by Cheri Isbell
5 Cheri Isbell

First time going here. Went to the Foo Fighters show. The venue is Great! The Security is fantastic! Especially Big Sexy! They all took Great care of us! This was better than any other venues we've been to! Thanks for everything! You guys Rocked!!!

Review of Courtney Conley by Ryan Huber
2 Ryan Huber

Staff careless as hell, and dumb to boot. Not worth getting into specifics of the multiple meaningless hassles and dipshittery. Would not recommend going to a concert here if you can avoid it, Dave Grohl is a beast though

Courtney Conley

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